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The beauty of a woman is not in her youth, but in her soul

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The beauty of a woman is not in her youth, but in her soul

Women are like flowers, beautiful and fragrant. Women are born with the most beautiful things, always do not forget to show their own beauty to others, the world is beautiful because of women.

 The beauty of a woman is not in her youth, but in her soul

No slave in the world

There may be too many temptations, too much indifference, too much busyness and too much desolation in the world of mortals. One should walk through the years with sober mind and leisurely steps.

Especially for a woman, if she has too many desires, her demands will also increase. Especially her lover, she will become the focus of all hopes, and her marriage will bear corresponding pressure.

   Don't let yourself become the slave of material life, don't be tempted by too many things.

Be calm and work hard.

Even if it is not very successful, grow up together with the people who love themselves, and go through the ups and downs of life, I think such a life is also happy.

Beauty is a kind of cultivation

Women's tolerance is a kind of cultivation, which is promoted through thousands of times of patience.

Tolerant women everywhere show a kind of calm and fraternal beauty, as if the deep valley Youjian swaying with the wind in the grass, that only a thin leaf, a bit of stretch, have memories of the light years and tell.

Women's tolerance but not indulgence, tolerance is more love, is often the best motivation for men.

It can let men understand their responsibilities, just a word of gratitude, or a heart with a sharp eyes, can make women's tolerance into family warmth.

If a woman is tolerant, her family will become peaceful and happy.

  More tolerance, tolerant women are the most beautiful, and tolerant beauty can withstand the baptism of the vicissitudes of time.

If a woman wants to love music, who said "music is a woman's open lover". When nostalgic, put on a piece of Richard's piano music, "memories of childhood" flowed quietly like a trickle, and the laughter of his childhood partners sounded in his ears.

Starlit night, melancholy Saxophone hit, filled the whole window, so that the endless night becomes so intoxicated.

When feeling like water, listen to a Schubert Serenade.

Sad, taste a product of "Liangzhu", let the music tell the beautiful love story through the ages.

   For women, the book lies in the heart, temperament and verve.

Reading women, the heart has strings, even if walking alone, is not lonely and lonely, there are qingfengmingyue invitation, with flowers and white clouds accompanied by reading women.

   There is a light in the heart, which can hold the peaceful harbor of mind.

Go too fast, wait for the soul

If we go too fast, we have to stop and wait for the soul to follow.

It is said that this is a famous saying of Indy women. Women should give their soul a time to practice meditation, such as reading books. As the saying goes, there is poetry and calligraphy in the belly. Do yoga, balance your mind, cultivate one's self-cultivation, or find a time to be alone

Years pass quietly in the fingers, unknowingly, the merciless years will eventually fade.

This is a natural law that no one can resist. If a woman has a tolerant and peaceful attitude, her face will be wrinkled with years, as long as she cares about cultivating her own temperament;

Then the demeanor of doing everything is unforgettable for a long time. On the contrary, it will become mellow and mellow in the polishing of years. This is the life that the frost of years precipitates on women's faces.

   Women's beauty lies not only in their youth, but also in their beautiful hearts. The nourishment of their hearts makes women reflect the charm of personality because of their personality.

The beauty of a woman is not in her youth, but in her soul

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