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How to minimize the harm to children when giving up marriage?

Time: March 25, 2019 18:05:53 Raven headlines I want to contribute

How to minimize the harm to children when giving up marriage?

Divorce is nothing new now. So are stars. If you're unhappy, you get divorced; Cheating, divorce; Feelings fade, divorce. You are separated and liberated. Have you ever thought about children?

 How to minimize the harm to children when giving up marriage?

Some time ago, the divorce dispute between He Jie and he Ziming was boiling. Their divorce has not come to an end. Recently, when the divorce case opened, he Jie and Su Yan showed up. We are all concerned about who the children belong to and whether the man really leaves the house.

This also confirms a sentence: how much love at the beginning, how heartless now. They only care about their own ideas, but ignore the children. The dramatic change of this marriage makes both parties and their children face a new dilemma. If this dilemma is not properly adjusted, it will not only affect both parties, but also hurt the children's psychology.

Maybe some people will say that divorce is a matter for two people. If it is not for having a child, how can you endure it all the time? But have you ever thought about whether your child is willing to bear such internal grievances?

Some people have done a simple survey. For a sensible teenager, it is certain that they don't want their parents to divorce. However, if one parent states that he or she is unhappy with the other, the children will slowly accept the choice of separating them.

So, after divorce, how to minimize the harm to children?

1 Try to be honest with the children as soon as possible

If you cry, don't deny it when your child asks you, just admit it. Crying is not something to be seen, evil, or wrong, nor something that only the weak can do. Everyone will have a moment to cry, and even when all emotions reach a certain level, tears will flow out.

If you conceal TA, this kind of white concealment is a kind of lie and deception, which will cause a kind of confusion to the child, and will not play a positive guiding role.

2 No matter what happens, parents' love for their children will not change

It's better for both parties to release the news of your divorce to the children, skip the bad details, and tell the children sincerely and succinctly: "it's hard for parents to get along with each other, so we think it's better not to live together, but we are still your parents, and we will love you as much."

Parents can't make progress. It's hurt for their children to leave each other. If they can't agree to give their children more love after they leave, it's really a matter of character.

3 Never blame the pain on the other person or the child

No matter what emotion or pain you have, you should understand that this is your life, your responsibility, and the consequences of your own decisions. Never blame the other side in front of the child, let alone say that these problems are the children's fault, or caused by the child, even if it is joking.

You can say to your child:

Everyone will have troubles and disappointments. I am in such a situation now.

There are some things that I don't agree with your parents, which is also a normal phenomenon, because no two people can agree on everything.

4 Don't let children join the "struggle" between the two sides

Don't speak ill of the other party in front of the child, do not argue about his upbringing in front of the child, and do not force the child to choose his position. For example, don't ask your child, "do you think it's dad's fault or mom's fault?". Especially women, after divorce, don't vent the hatred of their ex husband on their children, and don't prevent them from seeing their father.

5 Try to keep your child's regular life

When you hear about your parents' divorce, your child may be most interested in specific things. Where will I live? Do I need to change schools? Who will take me to swimming class? After the divorce, try to keep the children's routine life as much as possible.

After leaving parents should always remember that freedom is not unlimited. Don't forget children when they are free. If you don't maintain the relationship with children, who will maintain it? In other words, you have become indifferent because of the long-term separation, but this must not be your original intention in the beginning?

In short, the child is innocent, please do not bring the emotional entanglement between adults to the child, and give the child a happy childhood.

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