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Why should children learn self-discipline?

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Why should children learn self-discipline?

There is a popular saying on the Internet before: I can't control how much I remember (I can't control myself). Although it's a joke caused by dialect, it's a kind of performance that can't be controlled by myself.

 Why should children learn self-discipline?

I know it's time to go to bed. Why do I still brush my cell phone at two or three o'clock in the morning; Knowing it's junk food, why can't I help eating it; Knowing that smoking is bad for your health, why do I still smoke

Yes, both adults and children, we know we have to do a lot of things, but why can't we always control ourselves?

   This is the issue of self-discipline.

There are many parents will complain: children do homework, must have adults watch, eat, sleep, school have to urge, a careless they play. These behaviors are lack of self-control.

   Why should children learn self-discipline?

Shakespeare said: bad habits will hinder you to become famous, profitable and enjoyable at any time.

Good behavior can affect a child's life. To develop these habits, we should start with self-discipline.

Someone has done a "marshmallow experiment" before: let 4-year-old children stay in the room and tell them that marshmallows can be eaten at any time, but if the experimenter comes back to eat, you can get more marshmallows.

At the beginning of the experiment, some children ate it immediately; Some hold on for a while, but in the end they can't hold back; Some children continue to use singing, talking to themselves to divert attention, adhere to the end, get more marshmallows.

After the experiment, we found that the children who could stick to it were better and more popular than other children.

Everyone has inertia, especially children. It's their nature to want to play all the time, but it's not to say that we have to let them grow up. Self discipline is not innate and needs to be cultivated by parents.

   1. The root of children's self-discipline lies in their parents

Learning self-discipline is a very important milestone in the process of children's growth. It is difficult for parents who are not self disciplined to educate their children. For example, he told his children to obey the traffic order when he ran a red light without permission; I'm always late for work, but I force my children to get up on time

Parents are the children's first teachers. When they were young, the children's favorite imitators were also their own parents. They were a mirror of children's learning. Therefore, parents should set an example and set an example for themselves.

   2. Making reasonable family rules

When a child is young, it is not easy to control himself. At this time, he needs "heteronomy" from his parents.

At this time, parents can make relevant rules for their children. For example, if a child wants to play with an iPad, it can be done at a specified time. When the time comes, they can only put it down to do other things. If the child doesn't listen, parents should not give up easily.

To make children understand that everyone's behavior must be within certain rules and boundaries.

   3. Help children recognize and manage time

When children have a certain understanding of time, it is necessary to cultivate their sense of self-discipline in time.

How can we make children self-discipline in time? It can teach them to follow their time schedule and reshape their self-discipline. If children can finish a task on time, they should be encouraged and praised appropriately. If they can't finish it on time, they should be punished appropriately to teach them the importance of punctuality.

For example, when a child does something he is not willing to do, let the child give him a completion time and tell him to finish it within the specified time, and then the remaining time can be freely controlled.

Stimulate children's enthusiasm and initiative, cultivate good time management ability.

Self discipline can not only help children develop good habits, but also an essential quality for success. Children who know self-discipline can create their own wonderful life.

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