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So it's safe, Acacia flooding

Time: 12:00:01, February 21, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

So it's safe, Acacia flooding

Prosperous fall to do, alone with the fence, looking through the autumn, only waiting for the day of return, so come safe, you can be well?

- inscription

  It's cold in the first month, and flowers are all over the sky. Picturesque mountains and rivers, like flowers and beauties, looking at you by the fence, so you are safe.

Flowers in the wind, fragrance flow. The picture shows him a beautiful scene in spring river yesterday. He is the man in the flower. He is nostalgic for the colorful butterflies, and the orioles sing and the swallows dancing. Slightly drunk, do not read room guests, temples white haggard difficult to make up.

Silent, the window lattice mottled with sandalwood, since his year, once gone thousands of miles, the two rivers spring no longer worry about, the old wall is dilapidated, the deep path of the deserted garden is closed with firewood door, Spring and winter snow drowned the residual figure, and the past such as the clouds scattered in the fleeting years, has not been the same.

The candle shadow of the balcony is deep. The rose with scattered branches and leaves contains deep expectation. The cup tea full of flower fragrance emits a strong tea fragrance. Yi people look forward to the gesture, more than the worried peony pistil, national color, elegant. You are no longer whispering in the dark, you pursue a song of his youth.

  So it's all right. You're in your heart. Read you again open heart door, comfort me once do not feel extended feelings, such as yesterday reappearance, looking for your shadow, will not let everything disturb your heart. No matter how affectionate the confession must be hidden, who can understand that one day will not overturn yesterday's oath.

There are many fleeting years, but we all forget to pour the rock of body and mind. Every time I sing with you and see the scenery in front of me, I hear the tender and delicate laughter. The scenery is seen through, and the cool temperature of my heart rises suddenly. You sing happily, and there is your laughter everywhere.

  Do not dare to plot time flashy, I just want three cups of turbid wine and several books. Spring dawn dream come, on the windowsill, see you leisurely cross step to come, skirt fluttering, natural and easy.

Far away river boat bagpipes, twilight shadow left a fishing boat late singing, with the evening wind willow flute to you and my courtyard. Two clumps of autumn chrysanthemums, standing in the setting sun, quietly smile, fragrance overflowing, still see you holding hands to send me a cup of fragrant tea, stir between, tea fragrance overflowing.

It is common for people to get together and leave each other. Many people have no time to comfort them and have already left. Just to miss, to remember a back, a section of the past knot, buried in the bottom of my heart. You don't have to cry too much to miss, everything is like spring flowers and Autumn Moon, slowly will dust to the ground, why bother in the heart.

Even if everyone will forget because of time, or keep a memory. Always make their own heart feel warm, just like all the encounter in the world, are a long farewell reunion.

   No one has ever felt satisfied because of cherishing everything in front of him. All the frustration and even the final epiphany are due to a moment's loss, and then they begin to find that what is lost is beautiful.

One day, the off-line kite leaps across the broad blue sky, and the wind and rain bear a little sadness, so on the way back, I will do all kinds of helpless and emotion. Lonely geese wail, voice has tears, not all of the world who laugh from the late dusk. Time travel, turn around for three years, ethereal message, difficult to understand the good news, the time is white, the time of tears is full of cold good autumn.

  Therefore, I come to see that you are in tears and your eyes are whirling with tears.

There is no need to stay, should come or should go are the fate of the reason, no wonder the mind of the force. Since you go back, I was moved by the desolation in the room. The faint fragrance was gone. The flowers and trees in front of the window lattice had already withered. I did not dare to clean it, so as not to disturb you. After my thoughts, my dream began to be desolate.

   Spring dream is thin, guqin melodious, peach blossom spring rain moistens all things, a world left blank, with colorful colors, can you have looked at Guanhe River, Wanli Zhaozhao, rhythmic sound, goodbye to your skirt, fluttering, charming life.

Don't force those who should go but should not stay. You devote half your life's efforts and care in vain for your final deep attachment. The world is like wind, life is like a dream, who is not a passer-by in my eyes, like the ink, thick and shallow are light, a smile, meet by chance, do not ask where.

Waste half a lifetime of youth, can not solve the knot, honed thick cocoon, years of silent interference, can always let a dream sway shelved.

Let impermanence annotate the nickname of love. The new dawn always dispels yesterday's pessimism, and even blurs a person's shadow. I can't remember how many people misunderstood the sentimental memory?

  A long time of attached spring flowers and Autumn Moon, that look through the eyes of autumn moon has always pretended to be deep, the thickness of love contains a solid weight of heart, your weak figure has been corrupted in the body fluid of love.

So it's safe, maybe Acacia flooding, deep love into the bone, looking forward to your long return shadow like a dream. No increase, no decrease, full of thick moss.

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