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How many small things have you done to go home for the new year and be filial to your parents?

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How many small things have you done to go home for the new year and be filial to your parents?

When we go home during the Spring Festival, don't go back home late at night. The more we grow up, the less time we spend with our parents. We should leave more time for our family in the past few days. Filial piety to parents is not necessarily to spend a lot of money, big action, some simple little things, more warm mom and Dad!

 How many small things have you done to go home for the new year and be filial to your parents?

   Give mom and dad a hug

When we want to show our love to our parents, give them a hug, which is warmer than a thousand words.

   I always boast about my parents

Boasting about mom's food and dad's clothes will make parents happy and confident.

   Have a good chat

Don't refuse the feelings that your parents want to share with you. Listen to your parents tell you about the trivial things in your family.

   Red envelopes for parents on Chinese New Year

When we grow up with income, we can send a red envelope to our parents, so that they can feel the joy and pride of their children's success.

   Keep a little pet

When children are not at home, a lovely little animal is also their. A spiritual sustenance.

   Cook a meal by hand

Go home on holiday, personally cook a table for parents, help cook New Year's Eve dinner, let them taste the craft of children.

   Buy a set of cosmetics for mom

Mom is also a woman and loves beauty. People will become bright and cheerful after make-up. Buy a set of cosmetics for your mother!

   Buy a pair of sneakers

A pair of comfortable sports shoes can make parents walk more comfortable and encourage them to go out for a walk.

   Take a walk together

Going home for a walk with parents during the Spring Festival, walking in the familiar alleys and paths, and recalling the past life, not only is beneficial to health, but also makes them feel the love from their children.

   Choose a suitable bedding

Parents on the age, sleep is not good, a set of high-quality bedding can improve their sleep quality.

   Buy some red wine home

Red wine contains polyphenols, to prevent cancer and anti-aging has a great role, Spring Festival home to drink a cup is also a good choice.

   Ask your parents more nonsense

Some words seem meaningless, but they can express concern, such as asking them what they usually eat for three meals and where they often go to play

   Accompany my parents to the vegetable market

It's very warm for the family to go to the vegetable market when they go home in the Spring Festival. They can choose fresh vegetables together and listen to their parents' tips on choosing various vegetables, fruits and seafood.

   Put down the phone and turn on the TV

Don't play with your mobile phone all the time. Watch her favorite TV series with your mother and watch the news with your father. It doesn't matter if you can't plug in. Just sit quietly and accompany them.

   Visit relatives and friends

During the Spring Festival, accompany parents to visit relatives and greet elders.

   Open up a small vegetable garden

In the balcony, yard, open up a small garden, buy some vegetable seeds home, and parents to enjoy the joy of labor.

   Look at old photos

Spring Festival, the family are reunited, together with their parents to look at the old photos of childhood, to regain the happy memories.

   do housework

After returning home, do housework, clean the room with my mother, and feel the long lost family atmosphere.

   Massage your parents

Spring Festival, we have nothing to do, can help parents massage, beat back, comb hair, cut nails can be.

   Shopping together

A family pushing their shopping carts, chatting about what to buy for dinner, and walking slowly through the supermarket shelves, it was really warm and explosive!

   Take your parents for a physical examination

Regular physical examination can prevent diseases. Parents' physical resistance is constantly declining. We should pay attention to it.

   Change the things in your home that have security risks

It is rare to go home during the Spring Festival. We must check the hidden dangers at home, help them remove these hidden dangers, and give parents a safe living environment.

   Avoid conflict

The Spring Festival holiday time is not long, we should try our best to follow the wishes of our parents, do not conflict with them, leave happy memories.

   Take a picture of the whole family

Spring Festival people are all together, take a family photo, record this happy moment.

When you go home in the new year's festival, do you find that your parents have lost their eyes, their ears are back, and their legs and feet are becoming more and more unsophisticated?

As you grow up, your parents grow older.

This Spring Festival, do more for parents, more accompany them

Parents are always the people who love us most in the world. If you want to raise your son, you can't live with such regret!

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