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Because I love you, I have no temper

Time: 12:00:08, March 11, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

Because I love you, I have no temper

The most painful thing in life

It's not that I have no temper, but I cherish it

Because I love you, so I have no temper

Sometimes, I'd like to step back

It's not because I'm weak

It's because I care too much

Sometimes, I'm willing to accommodate you

It's not because I have no temper

It's because I'm emotional

The one who loves to speak is suddenly silent

Mostly because he felt cold

Love to tease suddenly did not smile

Mostly because he was really sad

Love to disturb you suddenly disappeared

Mostly because he really wanted to go

  If there are not thousands of reluctant

Who can contain you again and again

Be tolerant of your mistakes

It's not how generous he is

It's that he's holding back his heart

Force yourself to forgive

  The most terrible thing is not a fight

It's silence after a fight

The strongest thing is not to let go

It's about tolerating each other's mistakes

The most sad thing is not heartlessness

It doesn't care about hurting people invisible

No one can't be separated from others

It's not the wrong one who apologizes

I care. It's OK to let one step

Not much love, only care about their own feelings

If you love each other, you will take into account other people's thoughts

  Love, should listen to each other more

Know what he wants

Love, should care more

Try not to do anything that hurts her

If you cherish more in your feelings

There will be less regrets in life

Long life

Find someone you like

More important than anything

  Some meet, it is better to miss

It's better not to see for a long time

I didn't understand sadness before

I think crying is the saddest

I learned later

Sadness is when you look at his head and you smile

You will be gentle, you will be soft

But I know better than ever

You can't be close to the person in front of you any more

  Everyone who makes a commitment

At first, I thought I would abide by it

The problem is

They don't know what their commitment means

Someone who says I've been waiting for you for 10 years

I don't know how long 10 years are

People who say I love you forever

I don't know how long it will always be

  The hardest thing to say is to greet you at first sight

And say goodbye to you when you want to leave

Love you, so I pulled out the thorn

One day, you finally decide to leave

Leave me in a mess

And at that time, I can only sigh that things are different

Slowly pick up what pride of self-esteem

  Because I love you, I have no temper

But I want you to know how to cherish

Because I love you, I have no temper

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