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There is a beauty which is not good-looking

Time: 14:00:01, March 12, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

There is a beauty which is not good-looking

There are some words that others won't say to you. You should learn to chat with yourself. We are all trying to become better, but in this world, there is no perfect person, and there is nothing that can not be faulted. We should say to ourselves, dear, OK, even if there is a beautiful beauty, we also understand the meaning of life.

You can't always be nice

How fast, good and economical to rush forward, offend a lot of people and do a lot of wrong things

You're not very mature either

I always feel that I'm big and big. I don't care about it. I don't care about it

Hello, girl

You should get along well with others and fight with yourself

I want to do a job I like

Hard working, kind and forgetful

The best way to feed yourself and your family is to benefit your friends

Learn to paint a beautiful look of your own

We should gradually improve the taste of clothes

What suits you is the best

To read books in different fields

You've been impatient

But when you meet someone who is interested, you need to do some research

Go to places where people have simple smiles or meet people with bitter tears

Bring hope from one place to another

Like music, like photography and movies

You have to be right. It's very strong

To touch and learn and create

You can't play music, chess, calligraphy and painting anyway


Learn to dance a tango

To sing a thorn bird well

There should be a new yearning and curiosity about ghosts and snakes

Shy, beautiful to approach

Don't stay like it

No one can fulfill all his dreams at the most beautiful age

You have to work on it all day long

Until I was 90

You're so dignified and perfect you're going to die

Now, please open a beautiful flower that is not very beautiful

You wait and see

Don't be afraid and desperate

There is a beauty that is not very beautiful

one Waiting for a late blooming flower

two Life is an invincible flower

three Waiting for a snowflake to bloom

four Waiting for a late blooming flower prose

five A blooming flower of civilization

six Set my home composition

seven A little tree

eight If you are in full bloom

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