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The child dawdles on his homework! Parents can do this!

Time: 12:00:09, March 24, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

The child dawdles on his homework! Parents can do this!

Accompany children to do homework is a history of blood and tears, the voice of parents, it is logical to board microblog hot search! Is it really so difficult to accompany children to do homework? If your child is always tardy in his homework, what should parents do?

 The child dawdles on his homework! Parents can do this!

   Make rules for children first

If you want your child to have good learning habits, you should set up rules for your child in advance! Set time for children, such as: what time to start to do homework every day, when to finish homework, if you can't finish writing, you can't write any more. Let the teacher punish the next day!

   Let the children taste the consequences of not finishing homework on time, develop the concept of time, and dare not make it again. It is worth noting that children's daily homework is different, parents should set time for their children according to the amount of homework.

Once the child has formed the habit of completing homework regularly, he will take the initiative to finish it within the specified time, and will not dally!

   Don't rush the children to do their homework immediately after school

Most parents have a wrong idea that children should finish their homework before they can play. This is not right. After a day of school, the child is also tired. It is not easy to wait until school is over and have a rest. However, the parents urge him to do his homework. At this time, they will have a sense of resistance.

Forced to be helpless, he can only be obedient in front of the desk, at this time the children linger, because they are tired, hard to concentrate, the more parents urge them, the more annoyed they are, the more they want to fight against you!

The right thing to do is, After school, let the child rest for a while, eat snacks or watch TV, let the child do all the things he wants to do, the premise is that there is time limit. As long as it's time to do homework, no matter whether the child has finished other things, let the child write the homework first!

   Keep your children company when they do their homework

If children have the habit of tardiness in homework, parents should supervise them in time. Children's.self-control is not high, the concept of time is not strong, no one's supervision, it is easy to be distracted, not focused.

   Parents can read books next to their children while they are doing their homework, and they can also create a learning atmosphere for their children so that they can enter the learning state better. It can also develop a child's ability to focus.

   Help children solve problems in time

In the process of homework, if children encounter problems that can not be solved, it will damage their confidence. If you don't know how to do it, you will abandon yourself, dally and don't want to face problems. In this case, the parents are still nearby to help the children answer the questions in time.

At the same time, encourage your child and tell him that he has done a great job. The correct problem encourages him more, and the wrong problem accompanies him to find a solution. In this way, the child's heart will be better, and will not be because composition It's too hard to give up.

As long as parents spare more time to accompany their children, I believe that children's bad habits can be corrected!

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