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Touch the heart of love words, whisper to yourself

Time: 08:00:10, April 23, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

Touch the heart of love words, whisper to yourself

Love actually has a little secret. The longer you love, the more easily you get tired. Because there is no love, you can always keep your passion. You and I don't know where this kind of love is going.

   If love for a long time, no matter how strong love will become silent. It's not that I don't love you, but when the enthusiasm fades, I don't know what to support me to continue to love you. Is it the past? Or memories?

But the past can not bear to look back, a thought will be heartache. I'd rather live as numb as I am now, than mention the past with you.

   If we love for a long time, we can't help worrying about our future. Just afraid, we are predestined, will eventually disperse in a certain intersection; Just afraid, we can not grow old together, to achieve the original white head agreement.

A lifetime promise is so easy, but few people think about its feasibility. Life is really long, long will be in the story. People forget one by one.

   If love for a long time, may not expect to be with you all the time. Yes, I know it is extravagant, but I always yearn for it. Because you have given me so good hope, I will not give up easily.

But do not give up what can, if your heart is weak, if you do not want to love again, I can not force. Reluctant love, can not go to the end.

   If love for a long time, love to the bone also inevitable separation. How much love can stand the ordeal, but can not stand the test of time, in the day after day of wear, polish our enthusiasm, in fact, there is no end.

I'm not afraid of your changing heart, but I'm afraid you feel tired and don't want to love again. If I can save my love, what should I do if I don't want to put my heart into it?

   If I love you for a long time, you will become the story of my life. In fact, I have not loved anyone, so I love you for a lifetime. I thought that meeting you was the greatest luck in my life, so in order to please you, I spent all my strength, until now.

Until now, I love you have come to the end, do not know how to continue to force; Until today, I know that love for a long time will be tired, do not know where to go.

   If we love for a long time, we will inevitably recall the past. At that time, you were young and frivolous, full of enthusiasm, always my yearning; Now I, lost the only remaining enthusiasm, so will indulge in the past, numb themselves

I want to be the one who likes you at that time. My passion has not been swept away by time. My youth and beauty have not been worn away by years. At least I still have strength and strength to love you.

   If love for a long time, accidentally burned my world. After you left, all the people I saw have become your appearance. All the stories I heard left your traces. In my story, I really can't do without you.

Thank you for appearing in my world, brilliant part of my life, now you want to go, I will not stay, only silently collect memories.

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