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"Ballad of the desert": missing for a moment is missing for a lifetime

Time: 12:00:03, May 8, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

"Ballad of the desert": missing for a moment is missing for a lifetime

Tonghua's short fiction series is preferred to read, whether it is "startling step by step", "song in the cloud" or "Ballad in the desert", these three novels have also been adapted into TV series. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about the desert ballad, which is starred by Liu Shishi, Hu Ge and Peng Yuyan. The desert ballad is about a series of emotional stories about the girl Yujin (Jinyu) who grew up in the wolves and got out of the desert because of a coup of Huns, and had a series of entanglements with young general Huo Qubing and Confucian Merchant Meng Ximo.

Tonghua's novel "Ballad in the desert" is set in the Western Han Dynasty. It not only shows us an emotional entanglement, but also shows us a treacherous and unpredictable political whirlpool. Now let's review the plot of desert ballad!

   zero 1. Yujin, a girl raised by wolves

Yujin was originally abandoned by her parents and raised by wolves. When he was seven years old, he met Hun Danyu, and was adopted by his Han teacher.

A few years later, a civil strife of Xiongnu changed Yujin's life. The Han father who raised her was killed. So Yujin wanted to go back to Chang'an, where her father was longing. Because of some reasons, Yujin still went back to the wolves she grew up in and didn't go to Chang'an.

Several years later, Yu Jin, as a wolf girl in the desert, met Meng Ximo, a Confucian businessman who was called Jiuye. In addition, when Huo Qubing and his comrades in arms meet bandits in the desert, it is Yujin who takes the wolves to save them and leads them out of the desert. The encounter with Meng Jiu and Huo Qubing makes Yujin's heart rise again to think of Chang'an. Therefore, Yujin came to Chang'an under the name of Jinyu.

  02. Jinyu falls in love with the gentle Meng Jiu, but Meng Jiu refuses her

When Jin Yu came to Chang'an, she began to look for a job to support herself, but she was not willing to employ her. Finally, she had to apply for a job in luoyufang, a singing and dancing workshop. At first, the boss of luoyufang was interested in Jinyu's beauty and wanted to use her as a tool. However, with her own intelligence, Jinyu managed luoyufang in an orderly way, and finally became the owner of luoyufang.

During this period, Jinyu fell in love with the gentle Meng Jiu, a disabled man with a family blood feud. Jinyu doesn't mind Meng Jiu's disability. When Jinyu and Meng Jiu confess, Meng Jiu's heart is happy, but Meng Jiu can't accept it. Meng Jiu doesn't want Jinyu to be with a disabled person all his life.

Jinyu thinks Meng Jiu doesn't like her, so she decides to return to the desert. Huo Qubing, who has already fallen in love with Jinyu, follows Jinyu's side.

  03. Jinyu is deeply moved by Huo Qubing. Maybe this is love

Jinyu and Huo Qubing lived and died on the battlefield. After several times of life and death, Jinyu was deeply moved by Huo Qubing and depended on him alone and hopelessly. But at this time, Jinyu's love for Huo Qubing is far less than her deep love for Meng Jiu, even if Jinyu agrees to marry Huo Qubing under brother Lang's eyes.

In what circumstances does Jinyu really fall in love with Huo Qubing? In the novel, they two in Chang'an before the three most wonderful performances: first kiss, run for life, Cuju.

Under such circumstances, Jinyu falls in love with Huo Qubing deeply, and Jiuye has no chance.

   04. Missing for a moment is missing for a lifetime

Back in Chang'an, Jin Yu and Huo Qubing have been destined for life. However, Li Yan, who had been in love with Jin Yu, became the emperor's favorite concubine with her secret. However, in order to get rid of Wei's power control and let her son become the crown prince, Li Yan persecuted Jin Yu who knew her secret. At this time, Jinyu is in danger, Zhihong, and Huo Qubing is also unfortunately plotted and poisoned at the border. Meng Jiu can only use his body to test poison, leading to his lifelong disability, and nine ye in order not to let his beloved woman sad, had to leave a note to leave.

In the end of the novel, Huo Qubing and Jinyu pretend to be dead and escape, and they return to the desert with their children, while Jiuye leaves alone.

Jiuye loves Jinyu deeply. In order not to make Jinyu sad, he can even sacrifice his life to save his rival. Clearly is such a deep love, but because of their own inferiority, because do not want to delay Jinyu, can only endure all the feelings, smile away.

Meng Jiu and Jinyu are missed for a moment or a lifetime. If Meng Jiu had accepted Jin Yu's confession at that time, would it have resulted in a different outcome? Can you live happily with Jinyu?

The most regretful thing in Tonghua's desert ballad is the love between Jinyu and Jiuye, and the most satisfactory one is the love between Jinyu and Huo Qubing. There is love and hurt in this novel. Their story is almost fairy tale, but it is reasonable.

[ballad of the desert: a moment's miss is a lifetime's Miss]

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