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Your good gathering and good dispersing, let me lose so miserably

Time: May 13, 2018 12:00:01 Raven headlines I want to contribute

Your good gather good scatter, let me lose so miserably

I'm sorry that I have failed to love you; A good gather good scattered, let once deep feelings become empty talk.

Is it that I have no intention, or you did not enter the play, we have forgotten all kinds of things, give up the feelings between us, only a light hearted good get together good scattered.

In fact, I really didn't expect that we couldn't get to the end

Originally thought that fate is fate, since meet can walk together

Originally thought the emotion is a kind of tacit understanding, does not need me to say you also can understand

Originally thought we will not be lost, but still can not reach the end of happiness

In fact, I really did not expect that the so-called love is just self deception

It's true that we had a good time, but we didn't know what each other wanted

Indeed, we do not understand love, but at least we can learn to face it

Indeed, I didn't see your heart, but I always did

In fact, I really did not expect that the so-called distance is so far away from us

Far away, I try my best to drive forward, but can not pull the silent you

Far away, you say you are tired, you say you want to retreat

Far away, wasted our time, and love

In fact, I really did not think that freedom is more important than happiness

I always feel that one's freedom inevitably feels lonely

I always feel that two people's happiness must be more abundant

I just feel that you just yearn for happiness without me

In fact, I really didn't expect, love a person will be very tired

Tired to, I began to doubt our encounter, is right or wrong

Tired, because of love you lost the qualification of happiness

Tired to feel that I should not try to love you

In fact, I really didn't expect that the worst outcome you had expected

It turns out that unequal pay is the beginning of the emotional crisis

It turns out that you just don't want to respond to my feelings

Originally, you did not want to accompany me to the end

In fact, I really did not expect, good get together good scattered is you give the end

No matter how unforgettable I met, I couldn't resist the forgetting of time

No matter how affectionate you pay, you can't resist the heartless indifference

No matter how long the oath is, it's not worth a good gathering and good dispersing

I lost so miserably because of your good words

one I really lost. I lost miserably. Poetry

two I lost a lot in the contest

three A disastrous basketball match

four Your sentence has a long way to go, let me see all the people walking tea cool

five Your words let me remember your first composition

six If we can't make it back, let's get together

seven An unforgettable sentence composition

eight Life is worth losing

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