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Homesickness is a way to return home without end

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Homesickness is a way to return home without end

A spring festival transportation can make you feel the heavy homesickness deeply in a population migration. You travel day and night, just want to cover the wind and rain for the people you love, so that they are not worried.

 Homesickness is a way to return home without end

Any wanderer who leaves his hometown has the same feeling. No matter how beautiful a city is, after the enthusiasm, you still feel that the morning flowers and birds of your hometown make you more happy. Countless times I want to be in the arms of big cities, but I can't let go of the warmth of my hometown. Yes, the moon is the hometown circle, people are hometown relatives. It's the same for everyone!

What is nostalgia

Nostalgia is my backpack

To a place where I can be brilliant

Want to open arms to embrace the ideal of life

I want to go everywhere with my feet

Want to dress up and walk confidently on the streets of big cities

Want to really have their own light

But in the dead of night or plan to go home to accompany parents

กก Homesickness is forever cut in your left and right atrium

Homesickness is wishing the years to be quiet and the parents not old

กก What is nostalgia

Look at the college students who forget to eat and sleep

Look at the elite who work overtime in the dead of night

Look at the office worker who is in a hurry and wolfing down his breakfast

Look at the sweaty migrant workers in the scorching sun

Look at the stranger waiting at the station in winter

Look at the people who are sleeping on the ground and going home the next day

Homesickness is to work hard and have the courage to meet Jiang Dongfu

กกกก Homesickness is to go home to celebrate the new year

Homesickness is wandering in a foreign country, the heart in the hometown

What is nostalgia

Childhood, yearning for distance

Want to go far, fly high, want to touch the light

When I grow up, I can't avoid the love between children and girls

In order to live, we should join hands and go in and make a living

In adulthood, I suddenly realize that life is short, and regret and regret appear in turn

The armor used to be, grow up, parents in

Today's weakness is, have grown up, parents white hair sideburns cream

Nostalgia is the most important thing to know when you are an adult

Homesickness is that a good man is ambitious and sometimes he can't get together with his parents

However, people's life, after all, has its own mission

Be kind-hearted, and pretend to be your hometown to realize your ideal

Become the armor of parents and melt homesickness into the soul

Let nostalgia be your driving force

Meet the clarion of the times, to realize your value

Nostalgia is not a thousand knots

Nostalgia will be your soul

Help you scenery infinite good, forever hometown people

[homesickness is a way to go home without end]

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