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What is the true love? These six constellations do not love second return!

Time: 16:00:01, June 23, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

What is the true love? These six constellations do not love second return!

Now is the era of mobile phones. Many people say that the speed of wechat information return is definitely a measure of whether the other party cares about you. If the person you like returns your message for a long time, he certainly doesn't love you. But some constellations do not love this routine~


Sagittarius is born to love freedom, that arrow shot out, you still want to let TA seconds back with your own words, is not really a joke?

Sagittarius people if free, may be a mobile phone, give you a message to reply. But as long as the party starts, crazy and fun, idiots only play with mobile phones!

For Sagittarians, mobile phones are the fetters of their search for freedom, so there won't be any Sagittarius who will send you a second message!


If you fall in love with a Gemini, don't expect him to return in seconds.

Because for Gemini, a day's brain empty time is not enough, their inner two small worlds have not finished arguing, where have time to return information with you?

So want Gemini second return, really want to see TA today's brain circuit to turn over


Capricorn people usually spend a lot of time talking to themselves, so they don't like to be disturbed by others. They often turn their mobile phones to silence. Because I don't often look at my cell phone, I don't know when I receive messages.

But if you really like 'people, second back is also possible, but if you are not interested in people, it may be reincarnation

So if you want the information of Capricorn, it depends on your position in TA's heart.


Taurus people are smart one by one. They are very clear about their own life planning. They don't think they need to spend their energy on another person all the time.

When Taurus uses a mobile phone, it either plays games or orders takeaway. Other times, it doesn't even know where the mobile phone is.

Except for the people you like, Taurus is almost too lazy to reply to other people's messages. What's the matter with Jinniu? Make a phone call, send out the wool information!


Aquarius people one by one so has the character, the second does not return completely depends on the mood.

TA has always been indifferent to other people's views and feelings, happy to return a message, not happy to turn off.

Can reply you to be good, still want second return, the request is a little high?


Libra is one of the most indecisive signs in the zodiac, so it's too hard for this master to give you a second message

Because they may be thinking about whether to answer your question, how to answer this question without offending you, whether you will have the following... And so on

Libra's own things are not straightened out, let alone with another person to say a thing clearly, that sentence in the input column back and forth is not determined!

This paper summarizes the six constellations that don't love the information in seconds, but do the constellations that you know around you are successful?

Welcome to leave us a message below~

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