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"Hua Xu Yin": five sad and beautiful love stories, each of which is very cruel and distressing

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"Hua Xu Yin": five sad and beautiful love stories, each of which is very cruel and distressing

"Hua Xu Yin" is my favorite novel. I have read this novel for more than five times. Every time I read it, I was hurt by five feelings. Whether it is Jun Fu and Su Yu, song Ning and Shen An, Rong yuan and Ying Ge, Gong Yi Fei and Qing Jiu in Hua Xu Yin, or Murong an and Su Heng. Their beautiful love, let us see all the love and hate in the world! Let's start the journey of sadism together!

 "Hua Xu Yin": five sad and beautiful love stories, each of which is very cruel and distressing

   01. Ye Zhen (Jun Fu), the princess of Wei state, and Su Yu, the son of Chen state, have an unprecedented love story

If you exchange your life for a perfect fantasy in the past, do you agree?

Ye Zhen agreed, from then on she became Jun Fu.

Ye Zhen is a princess of the state of Wei. At the age of 15 or 16, she was saved by Su Yu, the son of Chen state, who was wandering in the lake under the pseudonym Muyan, and fell in love with Muyan from then on. However, the reality is cruel. On the day of the city breaking down, Ye Zhen died for his country and came back to life relying on shark beads. When she died, she was just Jun Yushan and Junfu.

When Junfu met Su Yu, the son of the state of Chen, two years later, he became more and more affectionate with Muyan after going through the wind and frost. However, he was accidentally injured by Mu Yan in the battle of stabbing Chen, and chijizhu was faced with disintegration, and Jun Fu's life was in imminent danger.

Junfu knows that he is going to disappear. In order to make Muyan live better, Junfu plays Huaxu and weaves an illusion of two people's happy ending for his lover. However, he is finally seen through by Moyan.

Good love is that you have me and I have you. If you want to be with you for the rest of your life, however, your fate is changeable. You also want to weave a happy ending for your lover.

Love a person to the depth, even if it is to pay their own lives is not at all. At the end of the story, Muyan finds a master of esoteric arts, who gives his 15 years of life to Junfu. From then on, Junfu has become a real living man.

Finally, fifteen years later, Junfu passed away. Muyan left the harem empty. Seven years later, he died of depression and was buried with Junfu.

The most moving love in the world is like this. When you are not born, you want to die in the same cave.

   02. Song Ning, a female general of the Li state, and Shen An, a general of the Jiang state, are all alive

When I read Hua Xu Yin song Ning Pian, I hated Shen An for the first time and pitied Shen An the second time. Shen An is just a poor man, a poor man who doesn't know how to love.

Song Ning is Princess Jingwu of Li state and the wife of Shen An, a great general of Jiangguo town. He had a son with Shen An, but unfortunately died. When Jiang and Li were at war, song Ning fell in love with Shen'an in the first World War. When Shen'an failed, song Ning saved him, but he didn't tell him his real name. But unexpectedly, the two countries had peace talks, and song Ning and Shen An got married.

However, Shen An mistakenly believes that song Ning, the woman who saved her life on the battlefield, was Liu Qiqi, and she was defeated by song Ning, thus leading to her lifelong regret.

When song Ning finally chose to die in the dream weaved by Junfu, I think that song Ning's love for Shen An has reached the extreme.

In the end, Junfu tells Shen An the truth with a piece of Huaxu. Only then does Shen An know that he has fallen in love with song Ning, and that he has always loved song Ning. Song Ning also loves him, but it is too late. Finally, Shen An died on the battlefield with song Ning's ashes.

Song Ning and Shen An's love is a tragedy, but because they are too stubborn.

   03. Rongyuan and Yingge, this life is with you

Yingge, a killer, is beautiful and moving. It was the sharpest knife in Rongfu. When she was confused, she fell in love with her benefactor Rongxun. She thought that she could accompany Rongxun in this way.

In the end, she can only finish her last task in despair, that is to replace Jinque and marry Hou Rongyuan of Zheng Guojing. Yingge gradually knew that Rongyuan was good to her in the process of getting along with Rongyuan. She really got true love. Finally, she lived with Rongyuan and slept in the same cave.

Since then, there will be no more 13 months in the world, and no more Yingge in the world.

This is the end of a sad and beautiful love story. Xiaobian thinks that this is the best ending. It is Yingge's last wish to accompany Rongyuan's life and death.

   04. Gongyifei and Qing Jiujiu, a moral and emotional struggle

Qing Jiujiu is the heroine of "Bai Zhong Xue" in "Hua Xu Yin", also known as gongyixun. In order to destroy Gongyi, the Qing family cheated Qing on wine and wine, which gongyifei abandoned for many years.

Qing Jiujiu came for revenge, but finally hurt gongyifei's heart. When the truth finally revealed, Qing Jiujiu died under the light arrow. After her death, Qing Jiujiu was reborn, turned into charm, and forgot the past. She came back under the guise of Gong Yifei's sister Gongyi, but Gong Yifei missed her again.

When Qing Jiujiu inadvertently recalled the past, he thought that gongyifei no longer loved her. So he finally destroyed his appearance and went to assassinate the enemy country instead of Gong Yifei. Finally, he was beaten to death and there was no more wine and wine in the world.

Qing Jiujiu loves gongyifei silently. She can do anything for gongyifei, and even don't want her own life for gongyifei. But even though he loved Gong Yifei deeply, he never showed his intention.

Love is that you don't have to know what I mean, I know I love you.

   05. Murong an and Su Heng only hope you and I are safe

Murong'an is the biological mother of Muyan Suyu, the hero in Hua Xu Yin. He is one of the most powerful esoteric masters in the east land, and is the charm of nature. She was beautiful in appearance and dressed in red.

Even if you don't understand the customs of the world, once you are in love, you will live forever.

Her love with Su Heng was not lost to anyone, but to his throne.

Su Heng was deeply in love with murong'an, but in love and the throne, he chose the throne, and he preferred the royal power.

However, after a prosperous life, Su Heng wanted Chang'an with murong'an, so he exchanged his life for a dream that murong'an was still alive.

Murong an and Su Heng's love, I read it is quite sad. When love and power are put in front, love is often lost to the ambition of men. And the most important thing in a woman's life is love, in order to love can give up everything.

A "Hua Xu Yin", let you and I taste the world's love and hate, let you and I for love and joy, but sad!

[Hua Xu Yin: five sad and beautiful love stories, each of which is very cruel and distressing]

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