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Can't endure long-distance love, because you ignored these nine points!

Time: 10:00:01, July 21, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

Can't endure long-distance love, because you ignored these nine points!

How to maintain a long distance relationship? This is the question that many long distance lovers want to know. Long distance love has different work and rest time differences. When you need each other, you can't see them. When you are miserable, you can only take care of yourself. It is because of these, destroyed one after another long-distance love. But if you can't easily change a long-distance relationship, embrace it. As long as you do the following nine points, long-distance love is not so difficult

   1. The biggest principle is mutual trust

Mutual trust is absolutely one of the most needed principles in long-distance relationships. This is not a kind of trust on the lips. This kind of trust is just like your bank account. You should always deposit it in it, and only when there is a problem can you withdraw it. Otherwise, it is overdraft trust.

In fact, long-distance love is really fragile. If you really intend to develop for a long time, you should quickly solve the problem of peach blossom behind you. If someone pursues you, you should report it. If someone wants to have an affair with you, you should also report it. Although the other party will feel uncomfortable for a while, but once you develop this habit, the other party will feel at ease and trust you.

   2. Girls can't die, boys can't be playful

Acting is the nature of girls. In fact, most girls will do it when they are in love. This is because they are more vulnerable to lack of security than boys when they are away from home. When a girl is in a long-distance relationship, she may even be afraid of it. Because the girl can't feel the other side's care and consideration, and always want to let the other party prove that he loves himself, so she often does. But if you do too much, the relationship will not last.

And boys must not be playful. Some boys and girls after long-distance love, they regard themselves as single, everywhere they say that they have no girlfriend, and they are ambiguous with others. This type of boyfriends don't break up and stay home for the Spring Festival?

   3. Both sides should have their own lives

Both boys and girls must keep their own life after long-distance love. The main thing here is about girls. In fact, long distance love is really a big test for girls, because they will be very nervous, anxious and afraid. After some girls fall in love, they concentrate on each other's body. They pay too much attention to what the other party is doing, whether they have meals on time and whether they are living well. When a girl becomes like this, although it can prove that she loves him very much, the fact shows that such a girl has no idea at all. This is a burden for boys, but also a kind of pressure, so it is not far from breaking up.

   4. Try not to convey negative emotions to the other party

Long distance love itself is far away, and the number of calls may only be once a day. If the other party answers the phone, it is your bad mood and complaint, as if the whole world owes you, which will make the other party feel very stressed. We can make fun of our unhappiness, but don't pass on negative emotions to each other every day. Solve your own affairs by yourself. Don't let the other party bear the pressure of two people.

   5. There is a common good plan

It's very important that two people have a good plan together. Only when we have a common goal can we keep pace.

   6. Learn to manage time, fill your spare time, don't let loneliness take advantage of it

In long-distance love, the time difference between two people is different. It is possible that when he is busy, you are still idle. When people are idle, they are always easy to think. So this time to learn time management, he has no time. When, you also find something to do, cultivate some hobbies, which will make you feel comfortable and pleasant.

   7. Don't have a cold war. Conflicts don't stay overnight

If you want to say what is the most emotional long-distance relationship, then I will answer the cold war. The cold war will really wear away a person's enthusiasm and joy of feelings. If you have something to say, if you have a quarrel tonight, you must solve it tonight. Don't leave it for the night. I believe that long-distance lovers have a lot of feelings about the cold war. Now that you know that the cold war is so destructive, why not take the initiative? Why do we have to have a stalemate?

   8. Learn to control disgust and praise each other frequently

Together for a long time, the two people's mode of getting along will gradually change, may not be said to hate each other, but talk more and more reckless, often poke into each other's pain, but still don't agree, this is very terrible. When two people get along, the most important thing is to keep fresh, which is very important. And always praise the other party, the other party in your heart how good, to say it let him know, don't be afraid to praise him often, he will float. Two people praise each other, and regard this as a habit, the more can make the relationship lasting.

   9. Don't make unnecessary sacrifices in the name of loving each other

There is nothing wrong with love itself. What is wrong is that you use the wrong way of love. Some people always make a big concession for love. For example, you like spicy food, he doesn't like spicy food, and then you give up spicy food for him. But the key is, give up the good habit of eating spicy food, you may not be happy. Why do you have to choose a stupid way when you can order spicy food, but he doesn't?

Long distance love is not easy, many couples can not endure long-distance love. There are many reasons for this, but most of the reasons are due to what you or he did not do well. I hope that long-distance lovers, put themselves in the place to think about, and cherish this hard won relationship. I hope you all can achieve good results in long-distance love!

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