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Take children to other people's home, these etiquette education is indispensable

Time: July 22, 2018 08:01:23 Raven headlines I want to contribute

Take children to other people's home, these etiquette education is indispensable

Every new year and festival, parents will take their children to visit relatives and friends, this time to test the child's usual tutoring. So what kind of hospitality etiquette should parents teach their children? What kind of behavior will children be praised when they go to relatives and friends' homes? May as well go to discuss it, I hope to inspire you!

 Take children to other people's home, these etiquette education is indispensable

01. Take the initiative to say hello

If you take your child to a family or friend's house, you must teach the child to learn how to say hello. Only in this way can you let your family and friends feel your enthusiasm, and when you see the host, you can't say a word, which will be very impolite. Parents need to teach their children how to use address properly. For example: uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, brother, sister and so on. Greeting people needs to use a kind address, so as to make people feel close.

02. Don't rob others' toys

The child is still young, and he must want to play when he sees a funny toy. However, he needs to restrain himself in other people's house. If he sees the master's toy as fun, he can't grab it. In this way, it is easy to be unhappy with the master's child. Therefore, parents must educate the child not to rob other's toys, and to play, he must be allowed by the toy owner. This is also a reflection of the child's personal upbringing.

03. Parents can only accept other people's food with their consent, and they should be polite and thank you

When the host invites us to eat fruits or snacks, we need to let the children know how to be polite. We can only take things with the consent of their parents and say thank you. Don't let the children take things directly when they see them.

Pay attention to hygiene

Pay attention to health is no matter where you need to do, to other people's home is essential. Parents need to educate their children to form a good habit of paying attention to hygiene, and let children know that people who don't care about hygiene are annoying. Parents themselves should lead by example, pay attention to hygiene and set a good example for their children.

Learn to share fun

When parents take their children to other people's homes, children need to teach their children to learn to share fun. If they have fun, they need to share them with everyone. If they have fun games, they can also organize everyone to play together. In this way, the children can get along with the children of the host family more harmoniously.

06. Don't lose your temper

When taking children to other people's homes, we should educate them not to lose their temper at will. After all, this is not the home and we can't do it at will. If you have any grievances, you can tell your parents and let them find a way to solve them instead of getting angry. This is also a kind of impolite behavior.

Return the property to its original owner

If children play with other people's toys in other people's homes, they need to educate them to return to their original owners. Children can't take away their toys if they feel like it. You can tell your parents what you like, and let them buy them for themselves instead of robbing others' love. If you can't show your reluctance, ask the host to give them away. This will let the children have unpleasant emotions, parents must explain to the children.

Parents need to educate their children in time and let them develop good habits from childhood. Be a good child with good manners, general knowledge and etiquette. Such a child will be praised and loved by everyone.

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