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The child studies very seriously, but the score does not go up all the time? Maybe they made these four mistakes!

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The child studies very seriously, but the score does not go up all the time? Maybe they made these four mistakes!

There are many parents are very confused, their children spend a lot of time in learning, usually also very hard ah.

 The child studies very seriously, but the score does not go up all the time? Maybe they made these four mistakes!

But why can't I keep up with my grades?

It is true that there are such students who study hard every day and stay up late to brush up questions.

However, as soon as the examination is conducted, the results do not improve, but tend to decline.

What is the problem? Maybe the children made the following mistakes in the process of learning.


   Study hard is useless

   I've been doing useless work all the time

   The child has been working hard, but the effect is not obvious.

This is a painful problem for students, parents or teachers.

Ineffective learning is a big problem. Many parents don't know how to help their children solve it.

Children's efforts in learning are not directly proportional to the learning effect. If they are not solved for a long time, they will gradually lose confidence.

Once you lose interest in learning, it is easy to get tired of learning, which is not conducive to long-term development.

Most of them have no plan and no purpose in the learning process, so it is difficult to form their own knowledge system.

Many things are rote, used to mechanical memory, it is difficult to draw inferences from one instance.

If you don't have a thorough understanding of knowledge, how can you flexibly apply this knowledge?

   For such children, parents and teachers should start with learning methods.

Help children to correctly understand some of their own problems, and then start from the characteristics of the discipline with them to analyze the unique laws and characteristics of each discipline.

Guide children to focus on learning and help them to establish their own knowledge system.

Only by "living" all the knowledge, can we get rid of the learning habit of hard work and no effect.

   Children are advised to do the following:

Make a suitable study plan to make the learning objectives clear and visible, and the learning time can be followed by rules.

Master the method, make rational and efficient use of time learning, and strive to achieve the most efficient learning results in the shortest time.

Form a regular pattern, fix study time, combine work with rest, and get high reward.


   Weak foundation

   The foundation of learning is not solid

Many children do spend a lot of effort in their studies, but their academic achievements have not been improved.

   In the final analysis, the foundation of learning is relatively weak and the foundation of learning is not solid.

If the foundation of learning itself is relatively weak, then no matter how hard you try, it is difficult to catch up.

If only blindly blindly to learn, did not understand their own problems, then the results of course will not be better.

Therefore, please work hard to learn before you need to know what basic knowledge is weak.

What subjects are you unfamiliar with or resistant to.

What bad learning habits do you have and what problems do you have in your study.

First solve the problems one by one, and then start talking about efforts.

Never use study time to measure whether you are diligent.

   In fact, many parents fall into such a misunderstanding

The child sits at his desk all day long, so he is a studious child.

But sitting at a desk for a long time does not mean deep thinking, and it means that he has learned.

He may be writing meaninglessly. He may be repeating his mistakes over and over again.

He may also be in a daze, looking at his cell phone, chatting

Parents need to pay attention to whether their children are really diligent or pseudo diligent!

Parents and teachers need to let children learn to review the old knowledge.

   If you have a solid foundation, you can learn better.


   Disguise diligence

   Look at the answers while doing the questions

As soon as the children go home, they sit at their desks and try to do the questions. The parents must be very happy.

But have you noticed how the child does the problem?

It's thinking hard, pondering over and over, and being very focused, which means that we really enter into deep thinking.

But if he is scratching his ears, looking left and right, doing questions while looking at the answers, then the learning effect is certainly not good.

   If a student relies too much on the answers when doing the questions, it will not only help to improve their grades, but also make their grades decline.

Because while doing it and looking at the answers, they will be able to see the answers directly instead of taking the time to solve the problems.

In this way, although they know how to get the answer for a while, they will be baffled if they encounter such questions in the future.

To tell you the truth, such a test is a waste of time, not only has no effect on improving ability, but also does great harm to the examination.

When there is no answer to the exam, you will be flustered when you encounter a problem. You will not have any ideas at all. The test results are certainly not good.

   As a teacher or a parent, we should pay attention to observe whether the children copy the answers blindly, write mechanically for homework, and pursue the results wholeheartedly.

If this is the case, then we need to correctly guide children, constantly correct their mistakes, and realize how they should learn.

Pay attention to the process, not to a false result, really learn knowledge, this is the original intention of learning.


   Passive learning

   I can't put myself into it

Often parents will say, my child looks very smart, but it is a bit playful, tardy homework.

Only when someone urges him to study all the time can he learn. I put myself into study and achieved a little better.

   This is the passive learning of students, can not do the whole body into the study.

In fact, every student may become a top student.

The key point is whether you have good study habits.

Habit is a very powerful thing. If you persist in it over time, you will surely get results.

   As the saying goes: industry is good at diligence, waste in frolic, action in thinking, destroyed in following.

Good students can't succeed in one day, and poor students can't do it overnight.

If their children are a good sign, but their learning initiative is poor, then part of the reason is still attributed to teachers and parents.

   Their academic achievements are not good, and they have been discriminated against and criticized too much.

What learning brings to them is only pain, but also criticism from teachers and blame from parents.

Therefore, they don't like to take the initiative to learn, and they can't do it wholeheartedly. They feel that learning is a painful thing.

Therefore, the initiative of learning is getting worse and worse, so as to avoid learning.

There are few children who really don't want to learn, but there are too many external factors interfering with their poor self-control.

So gradually, they will lose confidence in learning and feel that they are poor in learning and can't learn anything.

Therefore, parents learn to create a good learning atmosphere for their children and encourage them to be interested in learning.

Reading with children, making handicrafts together and talking about learning things all the time can stimulate children's interest in learning.

In addition, it is also very important to set learning goals with children and cultivate their enthusiasm and initiative in learning.

In fact, the reason why poor children hate learning is because of the attitude of others.

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