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Do parents pay attention to 10 dangerous habits that affect children's academic performance?

Time: 16:00:01, October 8, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

Do parents pay attention to 10 dangerous habits that affect children's academic performance?

Education is a long-term undertaking.

It is also a process of interaction among teachers, parents and children.

Many teachers and parents think that the reason why their children's grades can't be improved is that they are too stupid and don't study hard.

However, they did not observe their learning process carefully, and did not find some bad habits that are not conducive to learning.

There are no stupid students, only bad methods. If children use the wrong method, they will learn worse and worse.

The following are some common bad habits, parents and teachers should pay attention to.

Study with one mind and two purposes

One mind and two uses is a big taboo in learning. No matter what you do, if you can't concentrate, you can't achieve the effect.

However, the problem is widespread in children.

In class, I often stray, either attracted by other students' attention, or easily affected by the outside world, unable to participate in the whole process.

When studying at home, it is easier to be distracted, either to play or to find snacks to eat. After learning for a few minutes, one has to play for half an hour.

This kind of learning is obviously inefficient and disperses energy, which is not conducive to children's involvement in learning. In the long run, children's learning energy is greatly reduced.

Do homework carelessly

Today, with the slogan of "reducing students' burden", both children and parents do not attach much importance to the importance of homework.

Some parents even feel that doing homework is just a waste of time. They will encourage their children not to do homework.

This is the misunderstanding. Doing homework is a process of reviewing the old and learning the new. The knowledge learned in the classroom can only be consolidated and absorbed in practice.

If the teacher arranges the right amount and the reasonable homework, can help the student to absorb the knowledge better.

If parents can help their children with homework, they can help them solve various problems.

Homework is absolutely not a child's business. Teachers, parents and children should participate in this process.

Over dependence on parents

Many parents love their children's homework time is too long, too much energy, so they will directly help children do homework, check errors and help correct.

If parents insist on over intervening in their children's homework process, they will become dependent on their parents and feel that they can complete their homework only by relying on their parents, so they will not work hard.

Especially when doing homework mistakes, if the parents help to correct, then the children do not know where they did wrong, the next time the same mistake.

Homework not only requires the intervention and interaction of parents and teachers, but also cultivates children's independence and the ability to solve problems and difficulties independently.

There is no plan for learning

For children, learning is a long-term thing. It is not as simple as finishing a few books. It runs through the growth process of children.

Therefore, in order to make children's academic performance good, we must first let them love learning. To make children love learning, the key is to let them understand what kind of thing learning is.

In a school year, set a short-term goal, let the child work hard to achieve the goal.

In a school period, help children sort out the growth path, so that children can see their own obvious progress.

In the process of growing up, learning is the most important thing to accompany children. Only when they love learning can they devote themselves to learning.

Can't summarize

Almost all teachers emphasize the importance of "wrong question book", but almost all children reject making "wrong question book" because they think it is very complicated and troublesome.

It is not a simple copying, but a process of learning again.

Clear their unfamiliar knowledge points, timely check and make up for omissions, record down to avoid making mistakes again, after a period of time, you can find your knowledge weakness, and focus on breakthrough.

No matter work, or study, induction is a skill that we must master.

Be impetuous in doing things

Children's academic performance is reflected in their daily life.

Children with good grades are more considerate and comprehensive in handling things. In the eyes of anyone, they are reliable and trustworthy.

Some of them are self abased and some are self willed. They are more likely to be emotional and show the characteristics of being playful and unwilling to learn. Therefore, they need timely guidance from their parents.

We must not take tough measures to educate children. Only when the parents really understand the children and can help them solve the difficulties, can we change their attitude towards learning.

Don't ask what you don't know

When some children encounter problems in the learning process, they often entangle themselves, or simply throw aside, but will not take the initiative to ask questions.

One is because of inferiority complex, afraid to be laughed at by others, Mao foot effort to solve their own.

Second, because he is not interested in learning, he is not interested in learning, even if he encounters difficulties.

Parents and teachers should accurately distinguish the two situations, guide their children to ask questions according to the actual situation, and must emphasize the importance of active questioning many times, so that children can subconsciously change themselves.

The notes are too flowery

Most teachers do Study Students take notes. Some children are too lazy to take notes, while others take everything. This is actually a wrong way to take notes.

For children who are too lazy to remember, teachers and parents should emphasize the importance many times. It is better to use the examples of students around them to influence the children.

For children who record too much, teachers must turn around in time and spend too much time on notes. As a result, they can't listen attentively and understand the knowledge points in time, so they can't keep up with the progress.

Another kind of situation is that the notes are too flowery and too many colors. When reviewing, they can't find the key points, instead, they waste more time.

You can't combine work with rest

Many parents and teachers have instilled in their children such a concept: besides learning, learning is learning. This is not right.

Children's energy and state is limited, once they have been tired, mental state can not keep up with, it is necessary to timely rest, in order to restore the best learning state.

Rest, is to supplement energy and physical strength, but also to prepare for the next study.

If you break down your body because of your study, it's more than worth the loss. It's better to relax properly and learn to get twice the result with half the effort.

I don't like to use my brain

Learning needs subjective initiative. Forced learning and numb learning are mostly ineffective.

Many children don't think that they are learning. They are only supposed to complete the tasks assigned by their parents and teachers. In the process, they show obvious dependence and seldom use their brains.

Most of the learning without using the brain, numbness and aimlessness is ineffective learning.

Once again, active learning is efficient learning.

Learning is not a primary school or a secondary school, but a lifelong career.

To help children develop good learning habits, they can find the most suitable learning method for themselves, and make continuous progress through learning.

This is a long-term process. I hope all parents, teachers and children can encourage each other.

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