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Children with these three behaviors are the performance of high intelligence quotient, but parents treat them as "problems"

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Children with these three behaviors are the performance of high intelligence quotient, but parents treat them as "problems"

Many parents say that their children are too naughty, chattering all day long.

 Children with these three behaviors are the performance of high intelligence quotient, but parents treat them as "problems"

In fact, these characteristics of a child may indicate that he has a high IQ.

Parents need to do a good job of guidance, rather than blindly think that the child is mischievous, think it is a bad problem, mercilessly erase.

What behaviors of children imply that they have a high IQ? The following points, parents can be compared to their own children to analyze.


I like to talk to myself

Self talk is not only the thinking tool of children, but also the sound expression of their thinking.

The phenomenon of children's self talk is the embodiment of their social experience accumulation.

Foreign scholars have found that the most social children talk to themselves most.

Intelligent children talk to themselves earlier than other children when they solve problems independently.

Therefore, parents can actively guide their children to think and chat with their children more often.

Teach your child common sense anytime, anywhere: what this is, what that is and what it does.

These can provide material for your child's self talk.

Parents can also appropriately ask some simple questions so that children can try to think and answer by themselves.

Parents do not have to insist on whether the answer is correct or not. They should encourage their children to divergent thinking and innovative thinking.

There is no so-called right and wrong, as long as the child is reasonable.

When children can overcome difficulties on their own, they should also be encouraged.

Only in this way can they better develop to internal language and create more favorable conditions for learning independent thinking.


I like to get to the bottom of the matter

Being inquisitive is a positive expression of children's striving to know new things.

They have a strong interest in things they haven't seen before.

But because their cognition is very limited, they can only get help by asking.

In real life, many parents tend to ignore their children's questions, even dislike them as annoying and scold them rudely.

In this way, the child did not dare to ask again, lost the curiosity and enthusiasm for everything around him.

For the children who like to know everything, they are usually good at thinking and have insight into things.

This is a good opportunity to expand children's knowledge and enrich their minds, which we should take seriously.

A child likes to ask questions, in fact, is to tap his potential, if the parents do not give support and guidance, then this potential will gradually disappear.

Therefore, parents must encourage their children to ask questions, praise the children who like to ask questions, so that children can grow up happily in the root of problems.


Imitate adult speech

It is not difficult to find that in daily life, children always secretly imitate the behavior or behavior of adults.

Sometimes they would hide behind the door and learn to speak like their parents. Sometimes they would imitate the speech of animated characters in movies.

Children who like to imitate are more lively and lovely, have more sense of humor, and seem to have better memory ability.

Parents are the first teachers of their children. They learn many things by imitating their parents.

Parents can give their children as much as possible to imitate their own. Opportunities, and consciously will children imitate, take a small mirror to ask children to smile in the mirror, make faces and so on.

Children will have a lot of fun. When they see themselves in the mirror, their curiosity will soar.

They are eager to know why they have the same self. They laugh, the people in the mirror laugh, and the people in the mirror stick out their tongues.

Through these imitation actions, we can promote the development of children's thinking, improve their ability of thinking, and contribute to the development of brain intelligence.

Imitation requires children to constantly challenge themselves, according to their own thinking and practical ability, which means that children are constantly using their own brain.

In the process of imitation, children get happiness and satisfaction. These are the reasons why children who are good at imitating become more and more intelligent.


In the process of children's growth, they need affirmation from all aspects including their parents.

The affirmation of seeking truth from facts is like a lamp, shining on the road of children's life and making them more confident.

Parents should have understood that every child has his own creativity.

Children respond to what they encounter, and every child tries to shape themselves.

In fact, these may seem to be some "bad problems" in children, but they may imply something unusual about children.

If parents can discover some characteristics of their children at a very young age and give them good guidance, the future of these children will be immeasurable.

[children with these three behaviors are high IQ performance, but parents treat them as "problems"

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