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Weekend with children to do these six things, better than any interest class! Transfer to parents

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Weekend with children to do these six things, better than any interest classŁ¨ Transfer to parents)

What kind of parents, what kind of children. In the process of children's growth, parents are the first teachers.

 Weekend with children to do these six things, better than any interest classŁ¨ Transfer to parents)

Parents can't put all their hopes on the teacher and be a shopkeeper.

Instead of forcing them to attend the boring interest class, it is better to accompany them to grow up and teach them how to behave.

When the weekend comes, parents should not forget to do the following 6 things with their children no matter how busy they are.

ˇˇˇˇ 01. Take children to suburban travel

There are many friends who are parents and take their children to travel when they are free.

Their practice is also the practice of many parents, weekend can go to the suburbs barbecue, picnic, picking strawberries, mountain climbing and so on.

Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. Travel can make children feel different natural scenery and cultural customs.

Children can get to know themselves better during the journey.

Go to different places, meet different people, understand different cultures.

This is of great significance to the cultivation of children's pluralistic world outlook and values.

Children can be taken to travel far away during holidays. But the weekend is not long. Parents can take their children on a short trip to the suburbs.

Feel the environment far away from the city and feel the purity of nature.

ˇˇˇˇ 02. Reading some good books with children

A weekend, go to the library, will see a lot of parents with their children to read together!

It is the consensus of all parents to cultivate children's good habit of reading.

For younger children, parents can accompany them to read picture books.

Picture books are the "lubricant" of the family and the "adhesive" between parents and children.

Picture books are general, with less words and more pictures. It can teach children a kind of living habits and help them develop good living habits from childhood.

For the older children, parents can accompany them to read some story books, books of educational significance.

Reading can bring irreplaceable spiritual enlightenment and thought extension, so that readers can accumulate and thin hair in the road of life.

Childhood is the best time to cultivate children's reading ability. Children can develop good reading habits, which will be conducive to their lifelong development.

ˇˇˇˇ 03. Take the children to visit the Museum

Is taking children to the museum just to let them study?

This is not the case.

Learning is just one of the purposes. The most important thing is to feel the atmosphere of the museum.

Let them get edification in the museum and let the children experience the colorful, mysterious, remote and profound exhibits.

Museums are places to stimulate children's interest and inspiration, and children are more likely to be attracted by objects.

Many well-designed museums specially designed to stimulate children's interest have designed many small mechanisms to make it easier for children to understand.

Taking children to visit museums can also broaden their horizons and open their minds, which is also very helpful for learning.

In the process of taking their children to visit the museum, it is important to ask the children appropriate questions.

Asking questions can encourage children to think and make parent-child dialogue more in-depth, so that children can have something to say.

In addition, children should be taught to pay attention to the Exhibition etiquette when accompanying children to fully enjoy the museum culture palace.

For example, in the museum to keep quiet, orderly visit, not to run around, not to eat snacks, not to take photos and so on.

Children can be inspired by the experience.

ˇˇˇˇ 04. Teach children how to cook delicious food

Kitchen for children is full of magic, but many parents do not want to let their children into danger, prevent children from entering the kitchen, thus depriving children of the opportunity to grow up.

On weekends, the family stay together. Parents may as well let their children into the kitchen and teach them to cook delicious food.

Teach your child how to distinguish between spices and foods, and let them learn how to make a delicious meal.

Professor Steven Chu, a Chinese American scientist who won the Nobel Prize in physics, said:

"It's hard to imagine that children who can only read and can't even fry or boil eggs will know how to do experiments."

Therefore, parents should let their children participate in the simple work of washing vegetables, picking vegetables, beating eggs and so on.

In this way, children's labor skills will be improved, and children who often do things can stimulate creativity.

Moreover, cooking with children can enhance the relationship between parents and children and experience the warm time of parent-child relationship.

Learn to cook, children's independent ability and survival skills will also rapidly improve, do not rely on parents, children can not be hungry.

ˇˇˇˇ Do sports with children

Body is the capital of revolution, so parents should always let their children know the importance of sports.

At the weekend, parents can take their children to sports.

For example: mountain climbing, football, swimming, running and so on. In this exercise process, parents need to give their children positive guidance.

Let children not only exercise for the sake of sports, but also understand the real purpose and significance of sports.

Participating in sports activities with children can not only enhance the feelings between parents and children.

It can also stimulate children's interest in sports and develop their physical fitness in all aspects.

Love sports children's bone development is better, conducive to growth, but also conducive to physical fitness, reduce the risk of disease.

In addition, exercise also helps to enhance children's willpower and self-confidence.

Regular exercise can also help children improve their learning efficiency and promote their intellectual development.

ˇˇˇˇ 06. Take the children to see the elders

To cultivate children's filial piety, we must set an example if we want to teach them filial piety.

On weekends, I often accompany my children to visit the elders.

Even if it's just talking to them, brushing the dishes, beating their back

Every word and action of parents will affect their children, and they will imitate their parents.

Children will gradually plant the seeds of filial piety in their hearts. Such virtues will affect his life.

Taking children to visit their parents is also conducive to let children learn how to be grateful, and infiltrate gratitude education into their daily life.

The cultivation of gratitude is not overnight, it needs to be imperceptibly influenced.

Only by learning the required course of "gratitude" can a child truly become a kind person.

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