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90% of the parents don't know the four wrong review methods for the exam!

Time: 08:00:01, October 14, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

90% of the parents don't know the four wrong review methods for the exam!

Learning to a certain stage, there will be examinations, a variety of unit tests, monthly tests, mid-term examinations and so on will follow.

 90% of the parents don't know the four wrong review methods for the exam!

Before the examination must do a comprehensive review, only review in place, to consolidate the knowledge learned, then can give a good score.

   What review methods and habits are there when reviewing? Is it wrong?

   01. Ignore basic questions and only do difficult problems

Perhaps many parents think that children need to do more difficult problems when reviewing, which is conducive to the rapid improvement of children's performance.

Therefore, many parents arrange a lot of problems for their children when they review, so that they can specialize in these problems.

In fact, in the examination, 70% are basic questions, 20% are medium questions, and only 10% are difficult problems.

There is really no need to do a lot of exercises for the 10% of the problems. Even if the problems are done correctly, but the basic problems are not well done, it will only take care of one and lose the other.

And a lot of practice problems will affect the child's self-confidence, so that children have doubts about their learning ability.

Slowly will only eliminate the enthusiasm of children to learn, spend a lot of time and energy, but finally can not get good grades, this must be more than the loss.

   02. Blindly fighting fatigue, not focusing on efficiency

Do you have to fight against the clock to study?

In fact, such blindly play fatigue war, do not pay attention to the efficiency of the review are doing useless work.

Maybe after staying up all night to study, I'm not as efficient as those who concentrate on studying for two hours.

Children in learning when fighting fatigue, which is likely to make the child into physical and mental fatigue, but also make the child's thinking is not clear.

For primary and secondary school students, it is not proper to stay up late to review before the exam.

The pressure of examination is so big, if we don't review well, accumulate experience.

Just rely on their own temporary cramming is not able to get good grades, stay up late will only make the children lack of sleep, affect the on-the-spot play, is definitely more harm than good.

In fact, when guiding children to review, parents should pay attention to guide children to combine work and rest, relax and relax, reasonably arrange review subjects and time, so that the brain can get appropriate rest and keep its thinking active, so as to achieve better review effect.

   03. Falling into the sea tactics, the gains outweigh the losses

Before the exam, do more questions, more practice is really helpful to consolidate the knowledge learned.

But it is not that the more questions you do, the better. If you fall into the sea of questions, you may lose more than you gain in the end.

Many parents mistakenly think that children must do more review questions, self-test questions, simulation questions and so on before the examination.

All day long, people are dazzled and dazzled, but the effect is not satisfactory.

We should know that the examination questions are not fixed. We will not cover all the knowledge points just by doing the questions. Compared with the sea fighting skills, it is more important to have the ability to draw inferences from one instance.

When doing a problem, you must choose the right exercises and find out some rules for setting questions.

Secondly, it is necessary to establish a set of wrong questions, sort out the wrong questions in a book, and review the knowledge points involved in the wrong questions in time.

Finally, do a good reflection and summary in time to find out where their shortcomings lie, so as to achieve a thorough understanding.

   04. Be all inclusive and strive for perfection

Every parent wants their children to be the first in science, but it's not realistic.

So for students, whether from the overall point of view, or from the perspective of a single subject. It's impossible to cover everything.

The examination is not only limited by the overall limit, but also by the time limit. It is impossible to involve all the knowledge points.

Therefore, each student needs to distinguish between the primary and secondary, do not avoid heavy review, this will only let themselves into a dead end.

Parents should urge their children to consolidate and master the existing knowledge, and on this basis, let the children understand and learn the bad knowledge they have.

Do not blindly in the review stage to focus on their own weak subjects and exercises, do not go to learn too much new content.

When preparing for the exam, pay attention to the review of key knowledge, distinguish the primary and secondary, the review effect will be better.

   What better review methods can help children get good grades?

   Based on basic knowledge

In the review, or should be based on basic knowledge.

Only when we have laid a good foundation can we achieve good results.

For many students, it is difficult to do difficult questions, so it is very important to ensure that simple problems are done correctly.

When reviewing, we should make clear what we have learned and what basic knowledge we need to master.

   Analyze the usual homework and examination papers

It's normal that everyone makes mistakes.

But since the title is wrong, it shows that our knowledge in this area is not very solid.

When we review at ordinary times, we can put more energy on the problems that are easy to make mistakes.

Look at your usual mistakes, figure out how you are wrong, and then avoid making the same mistakes next time.

   Ask more questions

Review when there will be many problems, through more questions can solve their own problems, the results will go up.

Practice has proved that those students with good grades are people who like to ask questions.

   Pay attention to examination mentality

Examination is one of the ways to test our usual learning achievements.

It is worth encouraging to do well in the exam and should continue to work hard in the future.

If you don't do well in the exam, find out the reason and continue to work hard in the next stage. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

You know, if you don't have a good exam, you just have to do your best.

As long as you work hard to do, constantly adjust their review methods, I believe you will have harvest.

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