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Is the child inattentive in class? Teach parents four solutions, the earlier you correct the score, the better

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Is the child inattentive in class? Teach parents four solutions, the earlier you correct the score, the better

Recently, I heard a mother's complaint: the head teacher said that the children's attention was not focused in class, they looked around in class and harassed other children, which made the teacher furious.

She said with a sad face that the child had this problem not only at school, but also at home.

When I do my homework, I don't want to do it well. I play with my pen and cut my eraser. When I eat, I have to shout to urge me to be quick. I'm very impatient to do things slowly.

Most of the children's learning problems are a variety of small problems that extend from inattention.

No matter what kind of small problems, once the children "contaminated", parents will be broken heart for children's learning problems.

Good concentration is a strong guarantee for children to learn in the future, but many children lack this ability in real life.

In fact, concentration is not born, it needs to be cultivated.

In order to let the child finish his "work" calmly, as parents, what can we do to help children develop their concentration?


Quantitative learning

In daily learning, children are easy to form loose or strict learning habits.

At the primary school stage, parents should help their children develop the good habit of regular and quantitative learning.

Good habits can make children's study twice with half the effort. Therefore, parents should make good plans with their children as soon as possible.

When making learning plan, we should fully consider children's current learning situation, thinking habits, physical quality, school curriculum progress, evaluation requirements and so on.

Then in the prescribed time to develop a certain learning tasks, fixed time and quantitative learning habits can let children learn to do more work and rest.

Parents should check the plan regularly, so as to urge the children to steadily advance the learning progress according to the plan.


cultivate this interest

To protect children's interests is the best cultivation of "concentration".

Concentration is an important ability in children's learning process, which requires parents' patience and good environment.

If you look closely, you'll find that when a child is interested in something, the time to focus is much higher than the reference value.

If a child is not interested in something, his attention drops significantly, or even doesn't pay attention at all.

So, a child's concentration also depends on interest.

As parents, they all hope that their children can calm down to study, listen carefully, work attentively and live an efficient life.

But more and more impetuous emotions affect children and parents, so that this focus is not easy to maintain and cultivate.

Therefore, no matter when the child is concentrating on doing something he likes, parents should not disturb him, because in the future, you will see a joy brought by children's concentration.


Read aloud

Practice has proved that if parents and children can patiently read the text aloud, adhere to half a year, children's attention problems can be solved to a certain extent.

How to read it? This is what parents want to know.

1. Make a detailed plan of reading aloud with your child. Be sure to have a sense of ceremony. Make your child realize that you're paying attention to it.

2. Choose 15 minutes to get up in the morning, you can get up a little earlier with your child. It can also be done after the children finish their homework after school.

3. Read aloud with the children. Let the children read it first, and the parents read it again. Point out the "imperfect" parts and put forward rectification suggestions.

4. It is better for parents and children to recite the text every day, supervise each other and check each other.

Reading the text can not only help children concentrate, but also help them improve chinese The basis of English learning, so that the performance has been improved.


Create environment

Create a family learning environment conducive to concentration.

Children's desk, can only put books and other corresponding learning supplies, not toys, food; Stationery should be concise.

Children like pencil boxes with bright colors, beautiful patterns and various functions. The simpler the function, the better.

Pencils and erasers should also be simple in shape and single in function, so as to avoid children playing with them as toys.

Children's study should also be tidy up concise and lively, young toys should be put away, do not put in conspicuous places.

When children are learning, there should be no TV, telephone and other sound interference.

Parents also try not to get in and out of their children's study and disturb them loudly.

In addition, indoor light is also a link that is easy to be ignored. Soft and moderate light helps children to focus their attention and create a quiet and clean environment for children.

There are many ways to cultivate children's concentration, and the specific implementation methods are also different.

According to their children's personality, parents can take appropriate and effective methods to train and cultivate their children's concentration in a planned and purposeful way.

As long as we adopt the scientific method and attitude, we can get good results.

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