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Class teacher reminds: every day adhere to three things, children's language performance is sure to be good!

Time: 12:00:01, October 14, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

Class teacher reminds: every day adhere to three things, children's language performance is sure to be good!

On learning chinese Many parents will worry, this is really a difficult subject to get high marks.

 Class teacher reminds: every day adhere to three things, children's language performance is sure to be good!

If the children's language foundation is good, it is difficult to make a greater breakthrough.

Children's language is not good at all, no matter how to teach, they can't raise their scores, which is indeed a worrying thing.

I would like to remind parents that maybe our previous education direction is wrong, so it can't work.

If you want to improve your Chinese achievement, you must start from the test paper. As we all know, there are three kinds of questions which are the most difficult in Chinese examination paper

Ancient poetry recitation, reading comprehension and writing.

These three kinds of questions can be said to be the "three giants" with scores, and they are also "disaster areas" that are easy to lose points.

Every year, the top Chinese scholar in the college entrance examination will let us work hard on these three plates. But how can we learn to work?

The first thing to make clear is, Learning Chinese can't learn "skill", but learn "language sense"

What is language sense?

To put it in a complicated way, it is the ability to comprehend language and characters directly and quickly, which is an important part of Chinese level. It is a highly concentrated process of language analysis, understanding, experience and absorption.

In short, it is the ability to feel the language.

When language sense comes up, recitation will be faster, reading will be more smooth, and writing will be more thinking.

Only by developing and improving children's language sense ability can their language level be improved.


Read more and recite more

The importance of reading and reciting is self-evident.

Many parents around me attach great importance to education. When their children are three or four years old, they teach them to read and recite poems. They do not have to understand the general idea, but they must recite them.

There was a child, 6 years old, who was only in the first grade of primary school, but he had already recited the children's version of the "Three Hundred Tang Poems". He recited it in a generous and appropriate way, with the punctuation and rhythm in place.

This child has been exposed to the culture of ancient poetry since childhood, and is more interested in Chinese, and his score is obviously better than other children.

At present, his parents are going to teach him to read ancient poems. She said that teaching children to learn poetry should be divided into stages, first let them recite more, naturally have a sense of language, and then teach them the general idea and emotion, so that children can fall in love with ancient poetry.

I quite agree with this parent's education method. The sense of language learning should be started from childhood. Only when the foundation is laid can we ensure the future development.

Many experts in Chinese education believe that to evaluate a child's language level, we should first look at his language sense, because the language sense itself includes listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  Read more Only in this way can we feel the sense of rhythm and rhythm in the language and the semantic differences between different expressions.

   Multiple backs In fact, it is the process of memorizing the content. Only by storing knowledge in memory can we use it.

Many children find it difficult to recite, but the key is that they don't use the right method.

Memorizing ancient poems in early childhood depends on rote memorization.

We should recite on the basis of understanding, and the effect is better.

The best way to recite is to understand the meaning first, and then read it many times to form relevant pictures and general impressions in the mind, and to arouse Association and deepen memory during recitation.


write diary

Keeping a diary has been emphasized since childhood, so we also ask our children to keep a diary.

However, do you really know why children should keep diaries?

I used to teach a little girl, she used to love Chinese, her grades were good, but suddenly her grades fell down, and she even dropped out in class.

Chatting with her in private, she said frankly that she hated Chinese, didn't want to have class and did not want to do homework.

There are reasons for all the sudden changes. After a detailed understanding, I found that during this period of time, the little girl's mother has been forcing her daughter to keep a diary, one article a day, without interruption.

Maybe some people are curious, shouldn't a diary be written every day? Isn't it helpful to learn Chinese? Why did her grades go down?

As the saying goes, "If you want to be quick, you will not be able to reach the goal". If parents force them to keep a diary every day, they may lose their interest.

Because, not every day there is something to write ah, if the parents do not correctly guide, children will hate writing, and thus hate writing.

I think the best way is to write when you have something, and don't write if you don't. the most important thing is the guidance of teachers and parents.

For example, today's spring outing, children must have a lot of things to write, as long as we slightly stimulate and guide, children can write a full content diary.

What's more, today is just a weekend. If the children read an interesting book, parents can guide them to make excerpts or write a few simple book reviews.

In a word, as far as possible, let children find the fun of diary writing, love writing, so that diary can play a real role.


Reading classics

Parents are often advised to read more extra-curricular books for their children. I don't think so.

First of all, there are too many kinds of extracurricular books and their contents are too miscellaneous. We are not sure whether the quality is good or not.

Secondly, too much reading can not help children form knowledge system.

The best and most suitable extracurricular books for children must be classics.

The so-called classic works must be tested by history, and they are all recognized as good books for children to read.

Reading these books, children must be helpful, through a large number of reading, not only can enhance the sense of language, can accumulate writing materials, but also can learn real knowledge.

Calvino, a famous writer, said that classic works are "a self-sufficient universe", which can bring people valuable experience and profound culture.

Of course, classic works are not limited to literary masterpieces. They can be historical, social and humanistic.

Classic works cover all aspects. Parents and teachers want to help children broaden their horizons, master more knowledge and construct complete values, so they should let their children systematically carry out extracurricular reading.

In this way, you can avoid children because reading too miscellaneous, and do not know what to say.

Learning Chinese is a long process, there is no need to raise scores all at once, but as long as you have laid a good foundation since childhood, you will not have to worry about it in the future.

It is a habit to infiltrate learning Chinese into daily learning, which is also very beneficial to children's life.

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