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In men's eyes, these three kinds of women are the most difficult to follow

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In men's eyes, these three kinds of women are the most difficult to follow

Those girls who are hard to catch up with are not unwilling to believe in love, not unwilling to love seriously. Maybe they are just afraid of love, tired of love, and used to love themselves.

 In men's eyes, these three kinds of women are the most difficult to follow


Women with independent thoughts are the hardest to follow

Yu Feihong is an actor I like very much. She has created many classic screen images.

Now in her 40s, she is still single. 'marriage and non marriage are just forms, 'she said.

She thinks that "a lot of people get married for others to see. I'm not so anxious to choose to say that I have to have a real marriage at what age.

She said: I have never played myself, and I don't need to be myself. I am who I am and what I am.

She is admirable for her elegance and ease. She encouraged the younger generation to have their own way of life and independent thinking and personality.

Don't just sit in one place and watch the sky. Don't be controlled by others. Don't put yourself in chains. Don't be a copy of anyone else.

Before that, Peng Yuyan and Shu Qi had a film called "the winner is the king."

Shu Qi plays a 35 year old leftover woman in the play. Other people think that she is good at everything, but she is not married.

Faced with her parents' urging for marriage, she said that she always felt that everything could be achieved. Only feelings can't work hard.

The world, the vast sea of people, who to accompany you struggle? Many gold leftover women either have economic independence or spiritual independence.

Whether there is love or not, they will not force. And this kind of woman is the hardest to follow.


The woman who has been hurt and has a story is the hardest to follow

Jin Yong said, love does not know where to rise, go deep, hate does not end, a smile and die.

A person in this life will always meet a love but not the person, and then you end up.

For girls, how terrible is it to love the wrong person? The person you love wrongly can make your faith collapse and doubt life.

In a variety show, he Jie once confessed with tears: I will never get married again.

She said that when two people are together because of love, they have been happy and happy, which is true.

But in the end, break up, but become a state of life and death, this feeling is very terrible, has deviated from the original intention of love.

There is a kind of girl, they don't make love, they don't drink and smoke. Willing to pay for the other half, love as the other side as all.

Cruelly, when they experience betrayal, they will no longer believe in love. It's not that you don't love, you don't dare to love.

It's easy to start a relationship, just like two people like each other, but to end a relationship, you have to exhaust all your internal power and your whole heart will be hollowed out.

Every time after a hard love break-up, will become the reason to defeat the heart.

Sometimes, a song, a movie, or a street, will inadvertently remind you of that sad past.

Love, hurt, and pain.

This taste, really do not want to try again. Do you still think she's easy to chase?


Women who are not confident and insecure are the hardest to catch up with

According to the novel queen Joanne, the lack of security is the most common gynecological disease in the world.

You yearn for beautiful love, but you are afraid that you are not worthy of such a beautiful emotion. Even you don't like yourself so much, how can others like it?

Life, often meet such girls, heterosexual fate is very good, but only here.

Girls are born with a lack of security, especially when boys can't solve problems in time.

It's easy for a girl to turn to the direction of "he doesn't love me" and "he doesn't really like me". The final result is nothing more than a sentence "we are not suitable".

Sentimental girls, we can say that they are "Lin Daiyu" type girls, not that their bodies are like Lin Daiyu, but they think too much about love affairs.

For example, love will not let themselves hurt, this person is worth to love and other issues.

These girls are typically insecure, and it's hard for them to really accept the arrival of love.

Yu Feihong once said: as long as you are rich enough in your spiritual world, everything is not a problem. If you get together for a living, the silence of two people is more sad than the loneliness of one person.

Wish every girl's pain someone to understand, also wish you to pursue to the person in the dream as soon as possible!

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