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How to make children finish homework efficiently? Parents must be clear about these tips!

Time: 08:00:33, October 16, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

How to make children finish homework efficiently? Parents must be clear about these tips!

Many parents will have such a worry - their children's homework is relatively slow and inefficient.

 How to make children finish homework efficiently? Parents must be clear about these tips!

In the face of children do not like to do homework, work procrastination, teach many times still can not, parents need to do a good job from the guidance.

In fact, as long as the parents use the right method, they can still let their children finish their homework efficiently.

   Provide a good environment for children

Children need a good environment for homework, a quiet and well lit position, a suitable desk and chair, a lamp that can protect children's eyesight

Parents should not speak loudly when their children are doing their homework. They should not let their children do their homework while listening to music, or playing while doing homework. In this way, the efficiency will be much lower.

Parents should not send fruit, pour water, or even play with mobile phones next to their children when they are learning, which is actually a kind of interference for children.

We've all heard of the story of "Mencius mother moving three times.".

Mencius' mother once moved three times in order to let the young Mencius accept the good social environment.

This story tells us that social environment has a great influence on children.

In fact, a good learning environment also plays a great role in children's learning and growth.

   02. Set regular study and rest time for children

Children's study time and work and rest time should be standardized. When to study and when to have a rest, parents should make relevant schedules.

Tell your child to do well according to this schedule, or you will be punished.

When the child slowly develop good learning habits, he will not think of playing in the learning time.

Because he knows this is not allowed behavior, only after finishing the homework, can play.

As the saying goes, "no rules, no square circle", the childhood stage is an important stage to develop good habits.

A person in childhood, developed a good diet, sleep, learning, hygiene and other habits, then will make him lifelong benefit.

   Don't stare at your children's homework

Many parents actually fall into such a misunderstanding. When their children do their homework, they will sit beside them and watch them until they finish their homework.

Once the child has made a little mistake, he can say it directly, for example: the word is wrong, the writing is wrong, the calculation is wrong

While helping the child wipe, he criticized the child "how do you do, such a simple problem is wrong", "said how many times, you just can't remember, angry me"!

In fact, when parents do homework, they always create a variety of tension and anxiety atmosphere for their children, and their interest in learning will gradually weaken.

The more parents talk, the more they scold. In fact, the more they listen, the more they can't change.

The best way is to let the child finish the homework by himself, and then take it to the parents for examination after he has finished it.

When the child is found to be doing something wrong, circle the problem areas and let the child find the problem himself.

In this way, the child consolidates the knowledge that he can't once again. If he can find out the problem, he should be encouraged. If he can't find the parent to point out again, he will have a deeper impression on these wrong questions.

   04. Reward for completing homework on time

Encourage children, will let children produce infinite forward power.

When the speed of children's homework is too slow, parents should be able to motivate their children to find the motivation to move forward.

Parents can calculate how long it will take for a child to complete a certain homework, and then tell the child that there is a corresponding reward for completing the homework within this time period.

In this way, the children will be more focused on the completion of homework, which is actually conducive to the cultivation of children's' concentration.

The reason why many children do their homework slowly is not because they can't do it, but because they are not attentive enough and always look around.

If children are given a goal, they will move towards this goal, and they will no longer look around and become more efficient.

   05、 Let the children do it by themselves

It's understandable that parents are nervous about their children's homework, but parents can't help their children with homework just because they are nervous.

Homework is the child's responsibility, it is best to let the child to complete their own homework independently, do not help the child finish it because he can't write.

Only when one chooses independently, feels the process and faces the results of the choice, can he be truly responsible.

Children do not do homework, is his choice, parents can try to leave him alone, that is his own business.

Only when he faces the consequences will he reflect and improve.

It is an independent process to finish homework and learn new knowledge independently.

As parents, children should not directly point out the mistakes in their homework, but let the children check them by themselves.

The homework was corrected, and the final score was 100, so what?

On the contrary, children will form dependence, and the result is counterproductive.

Therefore, we should cultivate their ability of independent self-examination.

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