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 Reading 600 books a year is criticized. Girl, how beautiful you look at reading!

Time: 10:00:01, October 16, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

 Reading 600 books a year is criticized. Girl, how beautiful you look at reading!


  Reading 600 books a year is criticized. Girl, how beautiful you look at reading!

How does a girl who reads 600 books a year do it

Recently, Ding Anqi, a graduate student of Shandong University, became popular on campus because of her love of reading. She was called "library girl" by teachers and classmates.

She reads eight hours a day on average, and reads more than 600 books a year. "Reading has become a habit of her life. If I don't read a book for a day, I will panic and I can't sleep," she said.

In addition to reading professional books, he will also be involved in history, philosophy and other disciplines.

She said that diversified reading is very important. When reading, it's like having a spiritual dialogue with them and enjoying the process of a thick book getting thinner and thinner.

She likes the writing style of modern and contemporary writers such as Yan Geling and Yu Hua, and thinks that the style of writing close to life can arouse the thinking of life.

Through constant reading, her academic performance has also made obvious progress. Due to her excellent results, she was recommended to Shandong University for postgraduate study.

Talking about why she likes and can persist in reading, she said that influenced by family education since childhood, reading has become a habit.

How she can achieve 600 books a year, all of which comes from love and persistence!

In the face of Ding Anqi, netizens quarreled, and many netizens praised her, "the girl who loves reading is the most beautiful".

However, some netizens said that reading so many books a year was "of little use", and some netizens believed that "reading in quality is not in quantity".


It's not that reading is useless, but that you are useless

Despite the positive energy of the above news cases, there are still a large number of netizens refuting Ding Anqi: reading is useless.

However, reading is useful and useless, and onlookers are not qualified to be arbitrary.

There are usually two kinds of people who think that reading is useless

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A kind of people who say reading is useless usually doesn't like reading and wants to sleep when they see it. Therefore, they certainly scoff at the books they dislike.

The other is that they do have ink in their heads and read a lot of books. But in today's society, the realization of knowledge is a trend. If you can't realize the knowledge you have learned successfully, you will feel that reading is useless.

Qu Xiaoqiao and Dr Zhao, who envy others in Ode to joy, break up because of Andy's "Lady Macbeth", which vividly describes the importance of reading.

There's no other difference. Maybe it's just a parallel world.

Everyone wants different things, but no matter what kind of person you want to be and what kind of things you want to do, you should learn knowledge and enrich yourself to build the first step.

You think reading is useless. Maybe it's useless for you to benefit from it. Just like many people say that college students are not worth money and it's useless to go to college. And these people are either those who haven't been to college or they are people who have nothing to do when they come out of college.

But can we deny the importance of university to one's growth? Of course not!

People who think reading is useful can always benefit from books!


The biggest difference between reading and not reading

There was a topic on Weibo before: "what's the difference between reading and not reading?" The video with the topic is a dialogue between Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in the romance of the Three Kingdoms.

In order to show his loyalty to Liu Bei, Guan Yu's words are very precise and sincere. Zhang Fei in the side, only one sentence Lines It's the same to me.

The comments of netizens are also very penetrating

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  Mountain pig in shichenxi Cave: there are few books to use. If you don't read, you can only say: I am the same

Zhang Fei: he is also a hero of Liangshan. Why is he so excellent

OSAS: it's not a coincidence, isn't it? It's not a coincidence, is it? It's the same with me

Mianyang Normal University: it's easy without culture!

@ wild crispy wild crisp: the loss of culture

Sanmao said: "when you read too many books, your appearance will naturally change. In many cases, you may think that many books you have read have become a thing of the past and will not be remembered any more. In fact, they are still in the potential temperament, in the speech and in the mind. Of course, they may also be exposed in life and words."

In fact, the books you have read have already melted into your bones and blood. As long as a touch point is reached, it will gush out.

There is no difference between people who exercise and those who don't exercise every other day, but there is a huge difference in their physical and mental states after decades.

Reading is the same, accumulated over time, the end of a world of difference.

When we compare the differences in life between those who read and those who do not read, we find that:

Those who have no habit of reading have a limited world. People who have read books can stand higher and see farther.

Moreover, compared with people who read books, people who don't read books tend to have more difficulties when they want to go further. Reading makes people wise, reading gives people strength!


Why do you want to read? Dong Qing and Bai Yansong say so

Dong Qing, who became popular again because of the poetry conference, once said frankly that her father had asked her to recite ancient poems and copy idioms since she could read. As early as she was in middle school, she had already started to read famous books and other books.

She is full of poetic and scholarly spirit. Many people describe her as a beauty in her bones, not in her skin.

Dong Qing said that until now, she still insists on reading. Not reading is like not taking a bath.

Bai Yansong, a CCTV celebrity, once said:

After reading for a long time, you will believe something and have a heart of awe. With awe, you will know what is the best, I can do it, and know what is bad and insurmountable.

Reading makes people understand, while reading gives people awe.

In the three of us, Mr. Yang Jiang once described the reading scene of their family as follows:

"Yuanyuan sits on a high bench and learns from us. We bought a large volume of Tennyson's complete works for Yuanyuan to learn from. She took a pencil and spread out a big tree in front of her. She looked at it like a lamb and scrawled on the book. She was very good

Reading is to become a person who has the temperature, understands the sentiment and can think.

In today's fragmented reading, it is easy to acquire knowledge. But paper books give us not only knowledge, but also temperament, and the aroma of books is a person's most noble temperament.

Never read a book for a long time, and it should be accompanied by books for life. I hope you can read more books in your spare time.

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