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How to teach children who refuse to admit their mistakes and lie?

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How to teach children who refuse to admit their mistakes and lie?

Many parents will experience a difficult problem, that is, children do wrong, not only refuse to admit mistakes, but also learn to weave lies, trying to muddle through.

When he broke the vase, he put the blame on his pet;

Obviously, he stole the sugar, but he insisted that he was taken away by his partner.

If If a child succeeds in lying for the first time, there must be a second and a third time.

If the parents do not correct it in time, the children's mind will form such a cognition: If lying can get away with it, why tell the truth.

Rao Xueman once said in the hourglass: "The adult's world is full of cheating and dirty. I wish I would never grow up, not grow up."

Children are a blank sheet of paper. What makes them learn to lie and refuse to admit their mistakes?

Only when parents find out the reason, can they cure the child's lying problem.


Why children lie

  1. Fear of punishment

Most of the reasons for children's lying are to avoid punishment. The reason for this situation is often because parents have punished their children for a wrong thing, which makes the children have psychological shadow, and they are free to be punished for fear that the truth will be revealed.

2. Cover up embarrassment

Although the child is small, but also pay attention to face, afraid of no face, especially in front of their favorite parents.

Children love face, it may be because their parents have once laughed at their children because of one thing, which makes the children feel embarrassed and even have no face.

3. Lack of cognitive ability

Some children often lie unconsciously because they can't distinguish the difference between reality and imagination.

This kind of children are generally younger and have limited cognitive ability.


What if a child lies

Once the child lies, parents should not rush to blame and order the child to correct immediately.

The first thing parents need to do is to understand their children's lying behavior. It is not too late to teach them after finding out why they should lie.

No one is perfect, everyone will make mistakes, let alone children, so parents should allow children to make mistakes.

People grow up by making mistakes, There are no children in the world who do not make mistakes

   Parents should accept the process of their children's mistakes Children's growth is a process of learning to make mistakes and correct them gradually.


How to correct children's lying

1. Don't ask knowingly and give your child a chance to lie.

When you know that the vase was broken by the child, you deliberately ask who made it. This is to give the child a chance to lie, which belongs to the disguised "encouragement" of the child to lie.

2. Parents should set an example.

Parents are the first teachers of children, and parents are the first bridge for children to understand the world.

If parents lie, they are bound to be imitated by their children. Therefore, as parents, they should set an example for their children.

3. Encourage children to tell the truth.

   A child who lies is not afraid of what he or she is doing, or is afraid of his parents' behavior Because children know that telling the truth can be punished.

At this time, parents need to encourage their children to tell the truth. Parents can do this:

If the child admits a mistake, the parents will not scold and discuss with the child how to make up for the mistake. Help TA people correct their mistakes, instead of holding on to their mistakes.

Only in this way can children no longer be afraid to tell you what they really want.

   It's not terrible for children to lie. What's terrible is that their parents don't act or act in disorder Therefore, as a parent, you should know how to deal with the problem that children don't like to admit mistakes and like to lie.

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