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What happened to the kid who lost at the starting line? The answer is surprising

Time: 16:00:01, October 17, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

What happened to the kid who lost at the starting line? The answer is surprising

If you set a starting line for your child,

 What happened to the kid who lost at the starting line? The answer is surprising

Then their future has been limited.

"Extreme challenge" once launched such an activity.

Let all the students participating in the activity stand on the same starting line. The guests will ask questions one by one. Students whose answer is yes can go to the next line.

Participants asked six questions.

1. Have your parents received college education?

2. Have your parents ever hired a tutor for you?

3. Do they let you keep learning a specialty?

Have your parents ever taken you abroad?

Do your parents promise to send you to study abroad?

6. Have you always been the pride of your parents?

Finally, the students were all on different lines. At the command, they tried their best to run forward, but those who fell behind could not run into the stadium.

The people in the stadium are excited, while those outside the venue are frustrated and unwilling.

At this time, sun Honglei said: "You are only 18 years old. You will have a long way to go and encounter many difficulties. Are you just blocked by a door?"

The students opened the door and finally arrived at the end.

Huang Bo summed it up as follows:

"The line you are on has nothing to do with your efforts."

"The backward children are not unable to surpass the leading ones. As long as they work hard, there is still a chance to win."


Correct understanding of winning and losing

What is winning or losing?

"Don't let your child lose at the starting line" is an educational concept that most parents regard as the truth. They spend money and put their mind to make their children have more advantages than other children.

Especially in recent years, life has been greatly improved, the level of consumption has increased, and parents have spent more manpower and material resources on education.

(gray font)

When the children are 3 years old, they have been enrolled in interest classes

When the children are 6 years old and have already enrolled in cram school

When the child is 12 years old, he has planned to study abroad

When the children were 15 years old, they had already bought them a car and a house

And those parents who "lose at the starting line" are so flustered that they want to beat their children with whips to make them aware of the cruelty of social competition.

A father in Guangxi, because his family was poor, knew that he could not give his children more things, only education could not be left behind.

When the child's grades dropped, he would beat and scold him, call him "coward" and "disgrace".

The children's class performance declined, he ran to school to let the teacher "finish class", do not affect his children.

But who could have thought that the children who have always been striving for success in the final college entrance examination only took part in three universities.

The father died of a heart attack that day.

The child, who was despised, jumped from a building in school two years later because he was lovelorn.

Left a lonely mother, and a completely broken home.

Parents' educational ideas have a great influence on their children.

Loose education can let children grow up freely; Narrow education concept will only force the children to the end.

For the definition of success, we can't be narrow-minded. It's not that high grades mean winning, and that poor starting points and poor grades mean that the child is "loser".

Parents should help their children establish the correct concept of success, that is - compare with themselves.

Compared with others, you can never catch up with others.

Only by comparing yourself with yourself can you know how much room you can make progress.


Develop the ability of concentration

Mark Twain said: as long as you focus on a certain cause, you will make achievements that even you are surprised at.

Concentration is absolutely the most essential basic quality for self-development and career development.

The poet focused on the word world, so he created a wonderful poetic art.

The painter focused on the color world, so he created the fire pure green works handed down from generation to generation.

Scientists focus on scientific research and innovation, so they promote the development of human civilization.

Therefore, success does not depend on the strength, but on how long we can persist.

Family relatives have a child, very active since childhood, parents and elders are unable to manage, is a headache.

I once observed this child, but unexpectedly found that she is not naturally active, but her surrounding environment makes her "quiet".

There are all kinds of sweets and snacks on the table, tea table and bookshelf.

The old people in the family like to tease the children and call them to play in front of them from time to time.

The room was a mess, with toys everywhere.

I suggest that this mother should open up a "private space" for her children, with single color, clean and tidy, no snacks and toys, so that the child can only carry out one learning task in such a place for a certain period of time.

Soon, the mother found that the child was particularly gifted in memorization. At the age of 5, she had already known hundreds of words.

What's more, as long as she calms down, she will write carefully, and the words will become more and more beautiful.

Education experts believe that it is better to cultivate children's concentration as soon as possible rather than spend a lot of money to enroll various interest classes and tutorial classes for children.

As an old saying goes, "a bookworm must be skilled in literature, and an art nerd must be skilled". Concentration is crucial to one's life, the key to success, and also to improve one's basic quality.


Be a role model for children

Every parent will think about what is the standard to measure their children's success.

Is it to cultivate children into learning machines, or to fully develop their personality?

Is it to let them regard achievement as the only criterion of success or failure, or to make them realize that there are more possibilities in life?

Take the first place, strive for the champion, get into a first-class university, enter a good company, and do a stable job?

Or do you fully respect your child's choices?

In fact, every road can be established. The key lies in what parents should do in the process?

Since their children entered the campus, most parents have shifted the responsibility of education to teachers

It is the teacher's responsibility that the children's grades have declined;

If a child is in trouble, the teacher is not in charge of it.

But on the one hand, it is impossible for teachers to take care of all children; Second, the identity of teachers determines that their discipline is limited.

Teachers cannot guarantee the good character of children;

Teachers cannot cultivate children's will;

Teachers can't cultivate children's good habits;

Teachers are unable to give children an interest in reading.

All these need parents to infiltrate into their lives to help their children gradually improve themselves.

Most importantly, parents should be role models for their children. Parents are the best starting line for children.

Parents are the mirror of children. What parents do will directly affect their children's behavior patterns.

As an old saying goes, "teaching by example is not as good as teaching by example, and teaching by example is not as good as teaching by environment". Only by setting a good example for children, can children grow up healthily.

Every child is the shadow of their parents.

Do yourself well, so that children become better.

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