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What are the reasons for slow homework?

Time: 12:00:01, October 18, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

What are the reasons for slow homework?

Sometimes, it's not too much homework assigned by the teacher, but the children do it too slowly.

A few days ago, I chatted with my friends and found that she seemed to be haggard recently. After careful inquiry, she found out that it was due to working in the daytime and going home at night to accompany her children to stay up late to do homework.

Originally thought that is the child homework, can not finish, so will let the parents accompany stay up late.

But my friend said: It's not that there is too much homework, but that the children do it too slowly.

I believe that most parents will encounter the problem of children's slow homework.

We can't urge the children to do it quickly, because they are easy to make mistakes and lose the fundamental significance of doing homework and thinking about problems;

Can only accompany the child to write slowly into the night, coax the child to hypnotize himself.

   In fact, parents should correct the problem of slow homework in time, rather than allow it to develop, otherwise it will easily lead to procrastination.

When it comes to correcting this problem, first of all, wool comes from sheep, so we should First find out the reason why homework is slow, in order to better suit the case, so that the disease can be cured.

Here are five common reasons why children do homework slowly. What kind of children do you belong to?


Can't distinguish between primary and secondary

Xiaoyu is a third grade primary school student, usually just study, other things are done by his parents.

Every time it comes to homework, always I don't know which homework book is, which subject should I write first. Sometimes I don't even know which page the homework is on.

Often write homework, to toss more than half an hour to sort out what homework to do, how to do.

Xiaoyu is a member of The arrangement of homework is poor Because of their parents' usual too much help, they do not have the ability to take the initiative to sort out their own affairs, and there may be some missing small problems.

One of the reasons why homework is so slow is Xiao Yu There is no clear learning method, do not know how to plan their own learning.

In the face of this situation, parents should Cultivate children's ability to arrange their own things Instead of being bothered or feeling that the child's ability is insufficient, and everything is arranged for the child clearly, so that the child's own ability can not be exercised.


Like to do things that have nothing to do with homework

Children are lively and active. When they do their homework, they always like it Play with the small objects around you It's either a rubber or a pencil. Sometimes I like to scribble on my homework book. Attention is always I can't concentrate on homework

In fact, the child's performance is obvious Lack of concentration Because she is lively and active, she is always attracted by some interesting things around her.

What parents can do is:

1. Provide a quiet learning environment for children, so that she is not disturbed by the external environment;

2. Try to make the children's desk clean and tidy, do not put things unrelated to learning, to avoid children's distraction;

3. Targeted training of children's attention, so that children can be able to focus on one thing for a period of time.


Learning difficulties

Xiao Long is a good child in the eyes of his parents. He doesn't have to worry about his parents when he does his homework. But the only thing that he lacks is that he is always a good boy Like to go back and forth on the same question for a long time Waste most of the time, often finish a problem to spend more than 10 minutes.

For this reason, homework time will always be several times more than other children.

This phenomenon of Bruce Lee can be understood as that he is afraid of doing wrong, so he needs to spend more time on a problem, but it also indirectly reflects that Bruce Lee's Poor learning foundation If you are not sure or give the answer to the question at the first time, you need to think it over and over again, and you may eventually write it down.

For Bruce Lee, a child who can't do his homework for a long time, the best way is of course Consolidate children's knowledge and ability And he should be told that once he encounters a problem that he can't do, he can mark it first and skip it first, instead of being stuck there all the time.


Rubber syndrome

Some children see a little bit unclean in the homework book every time they do their homework. They also have to erase and rewrite a word that is crooked or not good-looking. In this way, the time to write homework naturally extended a lot.

It seems that the child seems to be a little obsessive-compulsive disorder or cleanliness addiction, in fact, it is not, the child is suffering from typical "Rubber syndrome" She may be born to be a perfectionist child, but it's more because of what her parents usually give overpressure As a result, she Fear of making mistakes , even do not allow themselves to have a little mistake, and even the cleanliness of the homework book, do not allow themselves to make mistakes.

In the face of this situation, what parents need to do is to help their children release the pressure, and from the daily life, do not magnify the mistakes made by their children.

When children do homework, appropriate rewards should be given, such as guiding children to write once. If they do well, there will be rewards. This will help to change the habit of children relying on rubber. Of course, parents can also take away their children's erasers when necessary.


No sense of time

Xiao Wei is a sophomore in primary school. He is at home every night He needs his parents to remind him to write trade Remind him when to do something. Once his parents forget to remind him, he will not remember what to do when.

Xiao Wei is a typical one Children with no sense of time , will not manage their own learning time.

To get rid of Xiao Wei's problem of slow homework due to his lack of time concept, parents should do the following three points:

1. You can set one or several alarm clocks for your child. When the alarm clock rings, you should do what you want to do, so that the child can finish what should be done in the limited time.

2. Let the children regard homework as an exam. If the child can finish the homework within the specified time, parents can give appropriate reward.

3. Make a learning schedule for children, or let them plan by themselves, which is helpful to cultivate children's sense of time.

There are many reasons for children's slow homework. Only by finding the right reasons can we suit the remedy to the case and help children to get rid of the bad habit of slow homework.

   Parents should adopt the way of persuasion to let their children correct slowly, instead of yelling at them in the side, so as to increase their psychological burden.

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