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It's really important to have children with positive energy!

Time: 14:00:01, October 18, 2018 Raven headlines I want to contribute

It's really important to have children with positive energy!

   Positive energy means positive energy, positive energy.

 It's really important to have children with positive energy!

It was originally a concept of physics, and then extended to all the motivation and feelings that give people upward and hope, promote people to pursue constantly, and make life become perfect and happy.

Positive energy is a positive force for society.

Those good, positive good qualities are classified as positive energy.

An environment full of positive energy has positive significance for children's growth.

Children growing up in an environment full of positive energy have sound personality and good quality.

They are positive and optimistic and can always see the good side of the world;

They strive to be enterprising, have a clear goal, and constantly strive for its realization;

They have beautiful dreams and are willing to work hard to realize them;

They are good natured and always willing to help others when they can.



With a cane in hand, people with positive energy will eat from the tip first, and the sweeter they eat, the more they eat, the more happy their life prospects will be;

People with negative energy start from the root, and the more they eat, the less they feel that their future in life will be dim.

Walk under the stars at night and look up at the sky.

Negative energy people say, "the brighter the stars, the darker the night."

People with positive energy say, "the darker the night, the brighter the stars."

    They both walked into the rose garden at the same time. The negative energy person said, "this is a bad place. There are thorns under every flower here."

People with positive energy say, "it's a good place. There are flowers on every thorn bush here."

Once a year to celebrate the birthday, the positive energy people said: "ah, live another year, life is really wonderful."

People with negative energy say, "well, another year is missing, and life is boring."

People with negative energy only know how to complain, while those with positive energy often feel grateful.

   Cai Zhizhong, a Taiwanese cartoonist, said: "if you take oranges as a metaphor for life, one kind of orange is big and sour, the other is small and sweet. Some people complain about the acid when they get the big ones, and complain about the small ones when they get the sweet ones. When I get a little orange, I'll be glad it's sweet. When I get a sour orange, I'll thank it for being big

When you have Cai Zhizhong's outlook on life, you will become a person with genuine positive energy.

   Life is not only a journey of hardship, but also a journey of happiness. It is a journey of hardship and happiness. The key lies not in the objective circumstances, but in one's mood.

People with positive energy, like the sun, shine where bright, negative energy people, like the moon, the first 15 different.

   Ideas determine our lives. What kind of ideas we have, we have what kind of future.



There are twins with different personalities.

My brother is a pessimist, but my brother is a optimist.

Parents want their personality to be balanced, so they prepare different gifts for their birthday.

My brother is a brand new bicycle, and my brother's is a box of stinking horse manure.

My brother opened his gift first, and he cried when he saw the bicycle.

"I can't ride a bicycle! And it's snowing so hard outside

The younger brother also opened his gift, and the room was filled with the smell of horse manure.

The younger brother cheered: "tell me quickly, where did you hide the horse?"

Life is not only a journey of hardship, but also a journey of happiness. It is a journey of hardship and happiness. The key lies not in the objective circumstances, but in one's mood.

As long as there is spring in one's heart, there is sunshine everywhere;

If a person's mind is covered with thick dust, even in the sunny spring, do not want to understand the fragrance of birds and flowers.

   For a person full of positive energy, even if the sky is raining, his heart is sunny.

   For a person full of negative energy, even if the sky is sunny, his heart is still full of dark clouds.



   Scientists believe that humans are the only animals that can accept cues.

Positive suggestion will have a good impact on people's emotional and physiological conditions, making people feel happy and strive for improvement;

Negative hints can make people unconsciously be shrouded in the haze and lose their fighting spirit.

When you are full of positive energy, you will be much happier.

Children's world is pure white, and the way they know the world is learned from the people around them.

The people around us are beautiful, and the world children realize is beautiful;

The people around are ugly, and the world that children realize is ugly.

What children are good at is imitation, and the people they are in touch with are the objects they imitate.

With happy people, children learn to be optimistic;

With the people who hurt the spring and the autumn, children learn to be pessimistic;

With loving people, children learn to be kind;

With cold people, children learn to be indifferent;

With positive people, children learn positive energy.

There is a news: there is a dormitory in the Middle School of Hunan Normal University. All six boys are admitted to Tsinghua University.

It's not that they are gifted.

In the first year of high school, they set up a dormitory meeting, in the dormitory to create a good learning atmosphere.

They communicate with each other, learn from each other and encourage each other.

Finally, they were admitted to Tsinghua University.

I think the luckiest thing about them in high school is that they met each other and achieved each other.

The circle of friends that children come into contact with greatly influences what kind of people they will become in the future.

Meng's mother moved three times, and finally chose to live near the Academy, so that Mencius grew up in the scholarly atmosphere, and finally became a generation of Asian saints.

If Mencius didn't choose to move, Mencius might not be the Mencius in history.

   With different people, there will be a different life.


American educator Michael Thompson once said: Small groups are like the highway of childhood.

   Our children are wrapped up and have to be in line with the mainstream.

   If your child's school classmates are moving at 55 miles per hour, your child can keep a safe speed. If other kids are 75 miles an hour, it's hard for your child to stay 55 years old, and it's socially dangerous.

   So he had to speed up and never stop by the side of the road.

In fact, the children's circle of friends is like this, he always keeps pace with his friends.

Friends run, he runs.

Friends are stagnant, so is he.

A friend walks on the crooked road, unconsciously, he also steps on the crooked road.

The excellence of a child depends largely on his friends.

As the educator suhomlinsky said, What kind of person a child today will become in the future depends on how he spent his childhood, who leads the way in his childhood, and what things from the world around him enter his mind and heart.

   Therefore, how parents choose people who are in close contact with their children is how to choose the future.

So it's really important to have children with positive energy!

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