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Outdoor activity planning scheme

Time: 08:19:29, May 3, 2018 Planning book I want to contribute

2018 outdoor activity planning scheme

Introduction: overcoming difficulties, overcoming obstacles and personal victory are not our ultimate goal. We attach importance to team cooperation. Let's take a look at the contents of the 2018 outdoor activity planning scheme sorted out by the small editor for you.

 2018 outdoor activity planning scheme

In order to make the hotel staff's birthday party more colorful, promote the communication between colleagues in various departments, enhance the collective cohesion and team spirit, and create a healthy and positive corporate culture atmosphere, the company plans to organize outdoor barbecue activities for employees who celebrate their birthdays on September and 10th on November 3, 20XX (Saturday). The specific plan is as follows:

   1、 Activity time:

November 31, 20XX

   2、 Venue:

XX Park barbecue

   3、 Number of participants:

Expected to be 18 (employees with birthday in September and October and representatives of relevant leaders)

   4、 Schedule:

1. Assembly time: 9:00

At 9:00 a.m. on November 3, 20XX, all participants gathered at the front door of the hotel.

9:15 bus to Shishan Park barbecue, the journey is expected to be 0.5 hours.

2. Barbecue time: 10:00-13:00

After arriving at the barbecue ground, they are divided into two groups for barbecue.

3. Outdoor expansion game time: 13:00-14:00

4. Free time: 14:00-16:00

During this period of time, you can have free activities here. You can see the scenery, play cards, and organize games by yourself

5. Organize to return to the hotel at 16:00

Gather at the main gate of Shishan park at 16:00, return to the hotel together, or return by yourself.

   5、 Material preparation:

(1) the items to be purchased include food; Fruits; Drinks; Ingredients; For tools, there are purchase orders under the comprehensive department, which are purchased by the purchasing team.

(2) barbecue ovens, barbecue wire, tables and chairs can be rented in the park barbecue site.

   6、 Total budget of activities:

1. Rental fee for barbecue site, tables and chairs: 100 yuan

2. Transportation fee: 100 yuan

3. Purchase cost of barbecue materials: 900 yuan

4. Prize for outdoor activities: 100 yuan. The total budget cost of this barbecue is 1200 yuan

   7、 Precautions

1. The activity is an outdoor sport. Participants are advised to wear light and loose clothes and sports shoes.

2. Strictly abide by the time regulations, arrive at the assembly point on time and count the number of people in time. Follow the arrangement of the person in charge.

3. Before departure, the mobile phones of all staff shall be fully charged, and the mobile phones shall be kept in the on state throughout the journey, so as to facilitate contact.

4. In case of any emergency during the period, timely report to the event organizer and do a good job in response.

5. Keep your belongings, especially mobile phones, wallets and other valuables.

6. Keep cool in autumn and pay attention to fire prevention; Pay attention to the safety of barbecue to avoid burn and scald.

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