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Idioms (stereotyped phrases or short sentences in Chinese)


Idioms (Chengyu, idioms) are part of the stereotyped phrases or short sentences in Chinese characters. Idioms are a major feature of Chinese traditional culture. They have a fixed structure and a fixed statement. They express a certain meaning. They are used as a whole in sentences and bear the components of subject, object and attribute. A large part of idioms are inherited from ancient times. They are different from modern Chinese in terms of words. They represent a story or allusion.


one Idiom features

Structural fixity: the components and structural forms of idioms are fixed, and morphemes cannot be changed or increased or decreased at will. For example, "cold lips and teeth" can not be replaced by "cold teeth with dead lips", "cold teeth with dead lips" and "cold teeth without teeth";, It can not be added as "there is no ink in the chest". In addition, the word order in idioms is fixed and cannot be changed at will. For example, we can't change the word "from the source to the source" to "remove the pulse and the dragon"¡° The "meritorious service" should not be changed into "meritorious service". More > >

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  • Eight idioms describing beautiful scenery 2021-02-20

    Idioms describing beautiful scenery 1 [Luan Yin Feng sang] Luan Feng Ming and Xiang He. It is a metaphor for beautiful music[ It describes a beautiful voice[ Juntian Guangle] refers to the music in the sky. After describing the beautiful and majestic music[ It describes the beautiful thoughts and gorgeous words[ Full of beads

  • Explanation and idiom story of fearless in the face of danger 2021-01-06

    Explanation and idiom story 1: "who says the heart of an inch of grass, the report of the three Chunhui." As long as I mention the song of wandering children written by Meng Jiao, I will remember that my mother has helped me again and again, just like the warm sunshine, which has always warmed my heart. On Mother's day, I also want to thank my mother. This

  • Idioms describing the weather of observation 2020-12-30

    Introduction: how many weather idioms do you collect? Share them with you. What are the beautiful sentences about describing the weather? The following are the weather idioms which describe observation. Let's have a look! The north wind is whistling, the fire trees and the silver flowers

  • Idioms that can speak 2020-11-29

    There are many idioms in our life, which need us to describe well. The following is a small compilation for you to sort out about the idioms can speak, welcome to read. Eloquent, eloquent, witty, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent

  • Idioms to describe depressed mood 2020-11-29

    Depression means emotional, emotional depression, inner depression and other mental states. Xiaobian finishing refers to the depressed mood idioms, welcome to learn about it¡¾ Can't hold back: suppress, endure. I can't help being impatient¡¾ Cover beauty and promote evil. To cover up, suppress, and publicize

  • An idiom to describe happiness 2020-06-17

    Happy Idiom 11. Talking and laughing: talking and laughing, high interest. Talking happily and wittily. 2. Everyone is happy: everyone is happy and satisfied. 3. Drunken: describes drinking to a happy time. 4. I don't know how to be happy. 5. You are not happy: you are worried about

  • Idioms to describe the cold weather 2020-06-07

    Cold weather idioms 11, snow abuse Fengtao: abuse: tyranny; Glutton: greedy. It's windy and snowy again. It's very cold. 2. It's hard in the cold; Crack the cold: describe the cold weather, the ground is frozen. 3. The weather is very cold. 4. Frozen hands and feet: describe the sky

  • Idioms to describe sadness 2020-06-07

    1. Mourning: death; Examination: Father; åş: mother. As sad as a dead parent. 2. Heartbroken: absolutely: exhausted. Sorrow and sorrow are at their utmost. 3. Heartbreaking: describe the extreme sadness. 4. Cry like rain: tears like rain. I'm so sad. 5. Hold your head and cry

  • Idioms for eating fast 2020-06-06

    The idiom used to describe eating fast 11. Eat and drink: to gobble up. 2. Whole: whole. Swallow the whole jujube, do not chew, do not distinguish the taste. Metaphors do not analyze things. 3. Eat: eat: stir cheek, namely eat big chew. Have a good meal. 4¡¢...

  • Idioms to describe many commodities 2020-06-06

    1. Variety: Color: variety. Various types, all kinds of styles. 2. Multifarious: originally refers to the five element array and the eight gate array. This is the formation of two ancient tactics that changed a lot. Metaphors are varied or varied. 3. Dazzled: refers to many things, the eyes can not see. 4. Accumulation of gold and jade: accumulation of gold and jade. Shape

  • An idiom used to describe an echo 2020-06-06

    Echo with one's voice: one's voice corresponds to one's voice. I don't have my own opinion. I will follow what others say. 2. Go along with the voice: you don't have your own opinion. You can say what others say. See "echoing". 3. Dogs barking: metaphor echoed. 4. Water for water

  • The idiom describes a learned idiom 2020-06-06

    To describe a learned idiom 11. To speak one's words becomes an article. The description is very learned. 2. To be polite means to have knowledge and understand etiquette. 3. Never tired of learning: tired: satisfied. I always feel dissatisfied with my study. Describe a situation where you will not be bored with learning. 4. Respect the virtuous: Courtesy: treat each other with courtesy and respect. The scholar

  • Idioms to describe people 2020-06-06

    The idiom used to describe a person is that he has a deep thought and a broad mind. 2. Thick eyebrows and big eyes: (1) the description of a person's eyebrows and eyes is clear and heroic£¨ 2) He looks rough and bold. 3. Momentum is like a galloping horse: its momentum is as fierce as a galloping horse. 4. Zhu Yan Hefa: describe the old man's health. 5. Plot

  • Idioms describing people's quality 2020-06-05

    1. The old saying is that a man of noble morality can undertake great tasks. 2. Loyalty: be loyal and honest, and act with justice. 3. Mediocre: outstanding: beautiful. Especially outstanding among ordinary people. 4. Famous at home and abroad: Chi: communication. Reputation spreads far and wide. 5. Magnanimous: holding a broad chest to people

  • Idioms for studying hard 2020-06-04

    Wooden police pillow: it's easy to wake up when you sleep with a log as a pillow, and you won't be lazy. Describe pushing yourself, being diligent and unremitting. Holding ice in winter and holding fire in summer. 2. Diligent: diligent: diligent, not slack. To work or study hard and never tire

  • Idioms describing perseverance 2020-06-04

    A stone can be pierced by dripping water from a mountain. As long as there is determination and perseverance, things can succeed. 2. Dripping wears the stone: the water drips continuously, which can break through the stone. As long as there is perseverance and continuous efforts, things will be successful. 3. Perseverance: firmness: firmness

  • Idioms used to describe loud voices 2020-06-04

    There are lots of voices: Ding: ancient cooking utensil; Boiling: boiling. The noise of a crowd is like boiling a pot. 2. Ru Lei Guan Er: also known as "Ru Lei Guan Er". ¢Ù Describe loud (referring to sounds). ¢Ú People have a great reputation. 3. Drum: playing

  • Idioms to describe cars 2020-06-04

    Carrying capacity: loading: loading. With the car, with the volume. It's not surprising that there are a lot of them. 2. Traffic: cars like water, horses like dragon. It describes a busy scene with lots of cars and horses. 3. Continuous flow: describe pedestrians, cars and horses coming and going, one after another. 4...

  • Idioms to describe pain 2020-05-09

    Everyone will experience pain. There are many kinds of pain. The following is a collection of idioms to describe pain. Welcome to read for reference. Sweet as a shepherd: shepherd's purse: beet. Although the tea is bitter, but compared with the inner pain, it feels as sweet as shepherd's purse. After metaphor

  • Explanation of idioms with broken heart 2020-04-16

    [Pinyin] g ¨¡ n ch ¨¢ ng c ¨´ n du ¨¤ In 346 A.D., Huan Wen, a general of the Jin Dynasty, led his troops to the Yangtze River to attack the kingdom of Shu. When the ship entered the Three Gorges, he would catch a little ape and put it on the boat. When the mother ape saw it, she was so anxious that she ran along the coast, despairing herself and following the fleet for more than 100 times

  • On the idiom Jielong and its explanation 2020-04-09

    The idiom Jielong_ Nothingness_ No trace_ Shadow and shadow_ The people's Republic of China_ National color and natural fragrance_ Sweet and fragrant_ The corpse is broken to pieces_ Fair weather_ Waves and scales_ Scale comparison_ Biwu can seal off Hu_ The end of the road_ Hard to part with_ Divide the stars and divide the two_ Two feet field

  • Idioms with scattered characters and their explanations 2020-04-09

    The basic explanation of San ¨¤ n] To separate by aggregation: dispersion. Dissolution. Laxity. fall scattered. be lost. Escape. 2. Distribution: distribution. Sporadic (f ¨¡)¡£ the heavenly maids scatter blossoms. 3. Diversion: relaxation. Depression (M ¨¨ n)¡£ 4. Dismissal: he didn't do a good job and let the hotel go

  • What are the idioms and explanations with reduplication 2020-04-09

    The idiom with reduplicated words: Chongyan diezhang, duiyangzhai, shanduiyangguan, yongshuiduqiao, chongsanyangguan, jianluan, xiajianduiyangwu [di] ¨¦ chu ¨¢ ng ji ¨¤ w ¨±] A bed on the bed, a house on the house

  • The explanation of idioms with "he" 2020-04-09

    It's not easy to talk about ¨¢ n h ¨¦ r ¨® ng y ¨¬]¡¶ According to the biography of Dongfang Shuo in the book of Han Dynasty, "the king of Wu said," you can talk about it, but I will enjoy it. " The teacher said, "Yu Xi! How can it be easy to talk about? " It means to talk about how easy (i.e. not easy) to talk (to the monarch). After

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