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Company business plan

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About the company's business plan (selected 5)

With the rapid development of society, business plan is more and more important to us. It is the "knock on brick" for entrepreneurs to knock on the door of investors. So do you really know how to make a business plan? The following is a small compilation of the company's business plan (selected 5), hoping to help you.

 About the company's business plan (selected 5)

Business plan 1

I. project name, legal form and address

1. Enterprise Name: Shijiazhuang

2. Business items: Liangpi, roujiamo, caijiamo, porridge, soybean milk, etc;

3. Legal form: individual businesses;

4. Business address: next to Guoguang supermarket in Ganzhou City

II. Project feasibility analysis report

1. Market evaluation:

The Shijiazhuang we operate is mainly for people in Ganzhou City. Guoguang supermarket is the largest supermarket in Ganzhou City, with the largest flow of people and a stable source of customers. None of them are operated alone with Liangpi, roujiamo, caijiamo, porridge and soybean milk. The products have unique Shaanxi local flavor, good taste and low price. Therefore, as long as we keep the current price and constantly improve our service quality, this project has room for long-term development.

3、 Fund situation

1. Capital status:

A. start up expenses: enterprise certificate fee, capital verification fee, house transfer fee, etc.: 5000 yuan;

B. investment in fixed assets: stove, freezer, kitchen supplies, disinfection cabinet, air conditioning, tables and chairs, tableware, decoration, etc.: 30000 yuan;

C. working capital investment: personnel salary, rent, management fee, sanitation fee, water and electricity fee, insurance premium, raw materials, etc.: 50000 yuan.

The total demand for funds: 85000 yuan.

2. Self owned funds: 45000 yuan, mainly used for start-up expenses and investment in fixed assets.

4、 Purpose of loan

Because our store is rented, we check out once a month, which occupies our working capital. At present, we don't have enough money to start our business. Liquidity is in short supply, and the government wants to solve the problem of 40000 yuan through small amount guarantee loan.

5、 Profit plan

1. Sales and cost statistics:

Sales revenue and cost from November 20XX to October 20XX unit: 10000 yuan

2. Profit plan: unit: 10000 yuan

6、 Repayment plan

According to the analysis of the sales and cost plan and the profit plan, the enterprise can realize a profit of nearly 140000 yuan in the current year, which will be used to repay the bank loan three years later.

7、 Risk assessment

Our products are exclusive, stable income, fixed source of customers, zero risk investment, convenient for long-term operation. As long as we have confidence, the economic benefits of our enterprises will be on a new level year by year.

Business plan 2

(1) basic marketing strategies

Relying on the new and mature community, taking the model store as the leader, and aiming at helping the laid-off and unemployed to start their own businesses or reemployment, we will strive to become a brand chain franchise company in the children's play rental industry in Guangzhou within three years. First of all, set up "Xiaoan children's toy rental model store"

(1) address selection: Jinbi Garden community as a model store. The occupancy rate of the community has reached 80%, and more than 8000 families have been occupied. There is only one small toy store in the district to rent electric toys, and the operation effect is good.

(2) layout positioning of the model store: it is located between the supermarket, kindergarten and playground. It should ensure that the toys are placed on the shelf and clear at a glance. Enough space should be reserved for children to play on the scene.

(3) the positioning of goods in the store is divided into three types:

(1) take the example of business plan of infant toy company (baby carriage, crib and Walker)

(2) children's toys (large-scale, remote control, sports, learning, assembly, music, etc.)


(4) placement of signs in the exhibition hall: the service convention, compensation form, member registration form and business introduction instructions are placed behind the cash register, and the remote control is placed in the maintenance department.

(5) strictly implement the plan of "professional disinfection room for rental goods": in order to let customers know that the products they rent are clean and high-quality, the disinfection room should be established in the store, and the expired items should be maintained and disinfected before they can be used again.

(6) sales mode: take "toy rental membership system" as action mode: take the form of annual card, annual card is 200 yuan / piece.

(7) strengthen publicity in the early stage: since toy rental is a new thing and the model store has just opened, the focus of early marketing is to open a toy rental shop for all parents of 0-12 children in the model area.

(8) media hype: Toy rental is a new thing, which is of great interview value to many news media. Therefore, after the model store is opened, it is necessary to contact the local media to arouse media interest, so as to achieve our local sensational effect.

(2) establishment of chain stores

Based on the principle of market demand and the operation status of model stores, the chain franchise stores are developed step by step and stage by stage. To all the chain franchise stores adhere to the "Five" unified management mode, and strive to share toys for all franchise stores.

Business plan 3

Only the business plan with detailed content, rich data, complete system and exquisite binding can attract investors.

market prospect

According to the data of the national macro survey, the marriage cost of each new couple in rural areas is between 20000 and 100000 yuan, and that in cities is about 80000-250000 yuan. Wedding consumption alone accounts for 1 / 5-1 / 6 of the total cost. From taking a picture of two people and having a wedding banquet with relatives and friends at the beginning of marriage, to taking a complete set of wedding photography and participating in the celebrations organized by professional wedding companies, we can see that the concept of Chinese wedding has changed a lot. Moreover, more than half of the new couples will choose auspicious days on May 1, 10.1, new year's day and Spring Festival, which is bound to form a wedding peak. The increase in the number of people who get married has made the wedding business more and more popular. On the eve of the National Day in 2002, the orders of wedding companies in Beijing, Shanghai and other places were full, which made it difficult to resist. If you can provide quality service, you will get a piece of the cake of wedding service.

Profit analysis

Nowadays, all kinds of strange marriage ceremony forms are frequently seen in various media, and are also accepted and recognized by more and more young people. Marriage is undoubtedly a great joy in life, but it is a headache to run a wedding ceremony. In order to make the wedding ceremony grand, lively and decent, it is necessary to run around. Therefore, in the eyes of many new couples and their families, it is time-consuming and hard-working to prepare for a wedding. How to spend less money can also make the wedding brilliant, has become the biggest wish of the organizers. Now more and more people hand over the wedding ceremony to the wedding company.

Investment conditions

The business scope of wedding celebration mainly focuses on the service on the wedding day, including wedding day selection, wedding ceremony, photography, wedding dress and make-up, venue layout, wedding car rental, flower band, wedding banquet organization, as well as business etiquette celebration, commercial performance, opening ceremony, proposal planning, anniversary celebration, ribbon cutting ceremony, commencement ceremony, property opening, etc.

The scale of a wedding service company can be large or small. It can rent a 50 square meter front room, install an office phone, one or two assistants, a few desks, and a working capital of 100000 yuan.

Benefit analysis

Wedding service content is different, the charge is also different. Take flowers and make-up with the least charge as an example: the price of corsage and head flower in flower shop is more than 100 yuan, while wedding company only offers more than 100 yuan for head flower; The general beauty salon, pan tou make-up charges about 200 yuan, while the wedding company's lowest quotation is 300 yuan, which is enough to show the high income. The division of labor in the industry is detailed, and the service scope is expanded: for example, proposal planning, wedding planning, venue layout, MC, wedding supplies, photography, image design, make-up, color printing, clothing accessories, etc. are the profit points of the wedding industry. In addition, more than half of the new couples will choose auspicious days on May 1, 10.1, new year's day and Spring Festival, which is bound to form a peak period of marriage. The increase in the number of married people has promoted the growing popularity of wedding business. Especially on the eve of national day every year, wedding companies in Beijing, Shanghai and other places are full of orders, which makes it hard to resist. If you can provide high-quality service, you will get a piece of the cake of wedding service.

Business plan 4

Chapter one preface

With the development of the domestic economy, the advertising industry is also constantly improving and expanding. The focus of our advertising company is the innovation of business and management methods, which is the difference of contacting advertising companies. First of all, our advertising company not only provides advertising services to the market, but also provides a platform for Lingling college students who are interested in advertising industry to practice and operate. We put the contact with advertising companies into commercial operation, but we don't take how much profit as the sole purpose of starting a business. To get something in social practice is our real pursuit.

Secondly, we plan to form contact advertising companies in partnership with other large and medium-sized advertising companies in Hunan, so as to share the benefits and risks. We will sign a long-term recommendation contract with our partner advertising company. What kind of talents does the partnership need and what kind of skills does the partner need? On this basis, the partnership helps us to focus on training students' quality and ability in contact with advertising agency operation, so that our students' quality and ability can meet the requirements of the partnership advertising company. This training process we will be able to complete the training in the school stage, students can directly work in the partnership advertising company after graduation.

Contact with the development strategy of advertising companies, on the one hand, enhances our technical strength and creates conditions for the realization of market benefits; On the other hand, the company's market behavior can enrich the school's teaching resources, and its social effects will improve the popularity of our school to a certain extent, thus forming a good interaction and promoting the development of relevant disciplines in Lingling University.

We will continue to strive to forge ahead, to contact advertising companies to create a representative of Lingling college students entrepreneurial achievements window image.

Chapter II Company Description

(1) company name

Lingling University contacts advertising company

(2) nature of the company

Set production, agency, planning, creativity, investigation, consulting as one of the media joint venture advertising company.

(III) company purpose

To help customers to obtain economic and social benefits as their duty, the company aims to establish the best communication channel between customers and the market through the company's scientific, professional and sincere services, and make the most economic planning and design for the limited funds of customers, so that customers can achieve the best communication effect with the lowest advertising cost.

(4) company objectives

To create a window image representing the entrepreneurial achievements of Lingling university students.

(5) entrepreneurship concept

Contact advertising companies are currently in the stage of investigation and research and start-up, but we have reached a consensus that at the beginning, we should actively explore the development mode and direction, take a road with its own characteristics, through effective capital operation, implement various ways to unite or merge other small companies, and form a strong advertising group in the local area. From the beginning to attract small customers, we should establish a good long-term cooperative partnership with customers with a pragmatic attitude of striving for perfection, gradually expand our own experience and reputation, and divide our "sphere of influence" bit by bit.

We will strive to integrate meticulous professionalism into every detail, analyze the trends and trends of advertising development through various channels, and provide scientific and professional services for each of our customers from the perspective of audience and market research. Only keep forging ahead and surpassing ourselves is the key to the development of advertising companies.

(5) Company Services

1. Professional advertising service

- provide detailed and accurate industry consulting services for our customers, including data survey data, analysis and conclusion. So as to make the investment of customers more scientific and reasonable, all-round communication with consumers.

- establish internal research institutions, gradually create their own theoretical framework and knowledge system, and establish their own cultural connotation.

- become a strategic partner with the media, and act as an agent and completely buy out a large amount of advertising space and time in the media, and let us promote and sell advertising media to advertisers in one direction.

2. Personalized business services

It is the first company in Yongzhou City to have the business of planning and creating wedding atmosphere for wedding.

- to provide customers with opening, festival, real estate exhibition and sales, product promotion, planning of large-scale activities, as well as the necessary large-scale balloon, inflatable arch, cartoon people and other publicity tools necessary for the activities.

Contact the etiquette Miss for the event.

3. Provide accurate and scientific market research for customers

-- we do not have to run around, we provide customers with perfect effect measurement service

4. Others

-- user benefits: we have advantages in business cost due to our own characteristics. Can reduce the advertising budget required by customers to the minimum, to achieve real quality and low price.

Chapter 3 market analysis

(1) market description

Advertising industry is an emerging industry in China. In 20XX, there were 57434 advertising companies in China. In recent years, the number of companies has been increasing, the turnover and employees have been expanding, and the growth rate is considerable. In 20XX, the national advertising business volume exceeded 100 billion yuan. According to experts' prediction, China's GDP will grow by no less than 7% in 2004, which will reach more than 12.5 trillion yuan, and the national advertising business volume will be about 110 billion yuan. China's advertising market is expected to become one of the three major global advertising markets in the next decade or so. However, compared with the annual turnover figures of foreign large advertising groups disclosed by the American advertising authority, the gap is very large. There is still a big gap in the economy and advertising between the western region and the eastern region, which will not change greatly in a short period of time.

Yongzhou is the commodity distribution center in southern Hunan, adjacent to Guangdong and Guangxi, with active commodity trade and dense commercial network. There are more than 30 wholesale markets, more than 20000 commercial and catering service outlets and more than 40000 employees in the city. According to the second national survey of basic units in Yongzhou, there are 414 enterprises with more than 100 employees, accounting for 9.43%; There were 3974 units with less than 100 employees, accounting for 90.57%. Among them, enterprises with less than 30 employees accounted for 67.37% of all enterprises. It can be seen that the characteristics of private individual economy in Yongzhou are mainly small scale, large number and wide distribution. Most of the advertisers in Yongzhou are small and medium-sized enterprises or shop owners. The modern advertising industry in Yongzhou started late and developed rapidly. The advertising industry in Yongzhou will have a broader market prospect.

(2) target market

We divide the initial target market into three categories according to the regional characteristics: the inner market of Lingling University, the surrounding market of Lingling University, the market of Zhishan District of Yongzhou, and the long-term target market of Yongzhou, including the cold water beach market of Yongzhou.

The internal market of Lingling university is mainly manifested in the advertising demand of external publicity, the advertising demand of 33 student association activities, and the advertising demand of holding various activities and competitions in the college.

The main performance of the market around Lingling university is the advertising demand of the shops and facades in yangzitang street, especially the fast updating speed of the facades and shops near the college.

The main performance of the market in Zhishan District of Yongzhou is that the shopping malls or enterprises and institutions provide market research, public relations activities planning, advertising services needed for holding promotional activities, as well as the front advertisements, signboard making and outdoor advertisements of small shops.

Chapter IV operation of the company

(1) business of the company

The initial business content is divided into:

1. Market service: Market Research. Customer service.

2. Design and production: advertising graphic design. Shop sign making. Advertising spray painting. Product packaging design. Show production.

3. Enterprise consultation: provide advertising planning for customers. Public relations activities planning.

4. Advertising photography: Product photography. Industrial photography. Technology photography. Location shooting, etc.

5. Customer rental: large balloon, inflatable arch, cartoon man and other publicity tools for celebration activities.

The business after maturity also includes:

1. Launch digital advertising business and develop Internet advertising. In 2004, China's netizens will break through the 100 million people's Congress. It marks that the Internet based on new technology, as a new mainstream media, has entered the economy and life of ordinary Chinese people. It will continue to grow at a speed that we can't predict and has a bright future.

2. Vigorously promote and develop outdoor advertising. Introduce high-tech advertising production projects.

3. Wedding planning: wedding planning and creating wedding atmosphere.

(2) business strategy

1. Management of the company. Maintaining operational efficiency is the main management topic of a company. Managers need to improve management, integrate business systems, and emphasize comprehensive performance to improve operational efficiency.

2. Strengthen the company's image, improve its popularity and attract customers. At the same time, with the help of image promotion, enhance the market competitiveness. This is the basic direction of the strategy, so that consumers can have a sense of identity with convenience stores and improve their satisfaction.

3. Create regional advantages. The main strategy is to enlarge the relative scale of the region by regional management, to obtain a higher competitive position in the region, to seek survival space, to lay a foundation for profit, and then to expand the scope of business.

4. Be good at mining hidden profit growth points from investment equipment.

Cost accounting

As the saying goes, "no war without preparation". It can reduce the probability of accidents in the later operation by doing all the preparatory work well before investment. Any problems in the three links of capital, manpower and site will directly affect the development of the company. The investment is 91000 yuan. The company's personnel are selected from 10 to 12 through competition. Site area: more than 50 square meters.

Chapter V company management

(1) organizational structure

As the contact advertising company belongs to the intellectual industry whose knowledge is more important than capital, its establishment and development need to reasonably mobilize all aspects of the advantages of the entire Lingling university resources.

Management department - Lingling College: responsible for internal management, schedule allocation and development planning of the company.

Department of technology - Department of Journalism and communication and Department of Fine Arts: responsible for advertising graphic design, shop signboard production, advertising spray painting, product packaging design, display production.

Marketing department - Department of Chinese language, literature and news communication: responsible for the company's external advertising and image planning. Improve the company's reputation in the society. Market research, analysis and research.

Department of information - Department of economy, trade and management and Department of computer and Information Science: it is responsible for contacting the information sources outside the market and obtaining the advertising business information needed by contacting the company. And take the way of signing an agreement with the company to form a more stable company resources. The establishment of the company's website for the company's online business consulting services, remote communication, etc.

Finance Department - Department of economy, trade and management: responsible for the company's financial expenditure, revenue business, planning and establishing a sound financial system.

Training department - partner advertising company: responsible for the technical and business training of the company's internal personnel.

Photography Department - Xishan Photography Association of Lingling University: responsible for the company's advertising photography business.

Human resources department Lingling University: responsible for improving the personnel system of contacting advertising agencies. Train internal staff.

(2) human resources

Lingling university is a provincial full-time regular undergraduate college, which combines arts, law, science, engineering, history, economy, management, education and other disciplines. At present, there are 16 full-time undergraduate majors and 28 full-time specialized specialties, which have been enrolled in 25 provinces (autonomous regions). There are 6225 full-time students and more than 5000 adult education students, with sufficient human resources. The company selects the best among the students to ensure the quality of human resources.

(3) risk analysis

(4) rationality and realizability

Chapter VI Financial Analysis

(1) sources of funds

(2) scheme and return

(3) investment risk

(4) planned expenses

(V) company income

(6) financial statements

Chapter 7 entrepreneurial team

(1) brief introduction of entrepreneurial team

(2) statement of business plan

Business plan 5

1、 Take away shop

1. Our restaurant belongs to the takeaway catering service industry, and its name is "intimate takeout". It is a sole proprietorship enterprise. It mainly provides Chinese breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

2. Different from the general restaurants, our restaurant is characterized by integrating the special snacks of various counties and districts, and providing pollution-free, pollution-free, ecological and safe food to meet the needs of all kinds of customers.

3. The intimate takeout shop is located in the middle of Jinshui Road, Weinan City. It is positioned as a middle and low-grade takeout shop to meet the consumption needs of most customer groups.

2、 Market analysis

(1) the current situation of Weinan catering industry

According to the survey, Weinan's catering industry is mainly divided into: high-end hotels, high-end professional hotels, professional fast food restaurants, medium and low-grade restaurants and street snacks. In addition to KFC, McDonald's and other large fast food restaurants provide takeout service, other restaurants almost do not provide this service.

(2) analysis of market demand

1. The needs of social groups: first of all, white-collar workers, with the increase of work pressure and accelerated pace of life, their dining time is also constantly shortened, and convenient and high-quality takeout just helps them solve the problem of dining time; The second is the staff of shopping malls and commercial stores, especially those in shopping malls such as Weinan Shuangyuan commercial building and Huayue shopping mall. These shopping malls are basically private shops, no one changes shifts, in the value of the flow of people, they basically have no time to eat out, so affordable and delicious takeout is of course their best choice; Finally, there are the post-80s families in society. For them, most of them do not or do not like cooking. Moreover, they like to surf the Internet, watch TV and are reluctant to go out to eat. However, their wage level is not high, it is impossible to eat KFC, McDonald's and other fast food all day long, and our medium and low-grade takeout just meets their consumption needs.

2. Demand of students: the students are mainly college students and technical secondary school students. First of all, because they don't have much homework and free time, most people usually like to stay in the dormitory, either sleep, or surf the Internet or watch TV. Especially for boys, they often play games and forget to eat and sleep, and miss the meal time for visitors. What's more, many people are too hot in summer and cold in winter, so they don't want to go out of their dormitories to buy food. Our intimate takeout just meets their needs, so that they can enjoy the life of delicious food without going out of the dormitory. Secondly, for example, Weinan Normal University, Shaanxi Railway Vocational and technical college and other colleges and universities have more students from other places. After staying in Weinan for several years, they certainly hope to taste Weinan's special snacks. Now they can eat them without going out of their dormitories, and they are certainly willing to.

(3) analysis of competitors

Our restaurant is mainly surrounded by some traditional restaurants such as hotpot shops, although it will have an impact on our takeout shop, but the impact is not big. The main competitors are KFC, McDonald's and other large-scale fast food restaurants with takeaway service. Their brands are old, they have been established for a long time, the quality of fast food is excellent, the service quality is good, there are many loyal customers, but their food prices are relatively high.

3、 Introduction to entrepreneurship concept

With the progress of science and technology, economic development, people's sense of survival crisis is becoming more and more serious. With the development of economy, people's living standard has been improved, but people's life pressure and work pressure have been increasing. With the progress of science and technology, all kinds of genetically modified foods and synthetic foods have appeared. The variety of food is more, but people can eat, dare to eat safe food is less and less.

In order to eliminate people's sense of survival crisis, reduce people's pressure, so that people can eat safe and delicious food. Our original intention is to provide people with pollution-free, pollution-free, natural raw materials made of food, and our take out packaging is iron, reusable pollution-free lunch box. At the same time, our convenient and high-quality take out service can help people solve the problem of short meal time caused by work pressure.

Our tenet is to provide customers with ecological, safe, convenient and high quality takeout service.

4、 Construction of entrepreneurial organization

Our store is in the initial stage, and its organizational structure mainly adopts the linear system. The specific structure is as follows:

Due to the limited capital and scale of the store, the establishment of the Department in the store is not perfect. At the same time, due to the problem of human resources, the marketing promotion activities and human resource management activities of the store are mainly completed by the general manager and the store manager.

5、 Market competition analysis

The following is a SWOT analysis of market competition

S: first of all, the food in our restaurant is mainly made of pollution-free and pollution-free raw materials, which meets the needs of modern customers for food consumption. Moreover, compared with the takeaway products of KFC and other fast food restaurants, the price is relatively low; Secondly, compared with other traditional hotels in Weinan, the takeaway service provided by our shop is more in line with the needs of modern customers; Finally, unlike western fast food restaurants, which mainly meet the needs of young people, the food provided by our restaurant is Chinese style, catering to people of all ages, with a wide coverage.

W: Although the food provided by our restaurant is good in quality and cheap in price, it is not well-known compared with other takeaway services due to its establishment, and there is no brand effect. Customers lack the sense of trust in our products.

O: with the improvement of people's living standards and the emergence of various food safety problems, people's requirements for food quality are higher and higher. At the same time, people are more inclined to buy pollution-free and pollution-free green food, which is a good opportunity for our store. Moreover, the shortening of people's dining time, the emergence of a large number of commercial staff and the influx of a large number of students provide opportunities for the development of takeout service.

T: although it seems that the future of takeout service is bright now, with the development of economy, the scale of catering industry is becoming larger and larger, and the popularity rate is higher and higher. People's dining will become more and more convenient, which will impact the development of takeout industry. At the same time, with the increasing number of takeout business opportunities, there will be more and more takeout service points, which will make our store more and more competitors.

6. STP analysis

(1) s (market segmentation)

1. Segmentation of geographical factors: Weinan is a small and medium-sized city, and it is located in the north. Among the consumer groups, there are many people living in the north. Moreover, the local population in Weinan and the floating population in surrounding cities are the main consumers. The food tastes are similar. The staple food is mainly pasta,

The dishes prefer vegetable dishes, which are slightly heavier, and the food provided by our intimate takeout just meets this demand.

2. Subdivision of population factors: with the development of urbanization, more and more urban population, mainly young people, mainly distributed in various business posts, schools and other places. And it is this group of people whose lifestyle and consumption style are different from those before. They advocate fashion, like freedom and pursue personality. At the same time, they are spoiled and lazy since childhood. Our intimate takeout just meets their needs.

3. Subdivision of psychological factors: with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for the quality of life are also constantly improving, at the same time, people's lifestyle is also constantly changing. In the past, people's pursuit was to eat full and eat well, and never considered whether they were healthy. But now, with the increasing incidence of various cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, people's pursuit has changed, and they pay more attention to health while eating full. In addition, with the emergence of various food safety problems, people are more inclined to ecological and safe green food, and our intimate takeout just catches this point and fills in this gap.

4. Behavior factor analysis: due to the increase of work pressure and the shortening of dining time, people are generally willing to buy affordable and convenient takeout. Moreover, with the emergence of a large number of post-80s families, more and more families tend to take out service, and these people are mainly concentrated in young people.

(2) target market selection

Through the analysis of our production capacity, human resources, financial ability and so on, as well as the analysis of the consumer market, our target market is mainly targeted at the young generation, who are mainly commercial staff, post-80s families and students. As our store is newly established, its human resources and financial capacity are relatively not very strong, which can not meet the consumption needs of all the market segments. In all consumer groups, the younger generation is the main consumer group. Therefore, our target market is positioned as the youth group.

(3) market positioning

In the market positioning of intimate takeout, the main choice is to choose the positioning.

Compared with the takeout service of KFC and McDonald's, we have just established the intimate takeout service, which has not formed a brand effect, and the customer's sense of trust is not strong. However, they mainly provide Western fast food, while our restaurant mainly provides Chinese food, which is more in line with the needs of Chinese consumers. At the same time, in such small and medium-sized cities as Weinan, people's wage level is generally not high, of course, the consumption level is also obvious. In addition, our target customers are youth groups, and their consumption level will be lower. Therefore, our products are mainly positioned for the middle and low-end market, once for the entry point, and then gradually expand.

7. 4P analysis

(1) products

1. Product features: as far as the product itself is concerned, the food in our restaurant is mainly made of non pollution, pollution-free and ecological safety raw materials. At the same time, our store provides takeout packaging using sterilized recyclable iron lunch boxes, no white pollution and no harm to human body. As far as product ordering methods are concerned, there are mainly telephone ordering, SMS ordering and network ordering, which are convenient and fast, and meet the consumption needs of modern people.

2. Product type: our specialty dishes are: Heyang Heichi mutton paste, Hancheng mutton saozi, Dali moon cake, Pucheng water basin mutton, Weinan Shichen steamed bun, xiajitiao in Linwei District, local specialties, special pasta, special porridge, rice and Guoba rice.

(2) price

In order to achieve the pricing target and consider the product characteristics, we adopt the accounting department to provide cost estimation, the sales team to provide customer information, and the kitchen department to provide production capacity information. According to the calculation, the meals in our restaurant are mainly set at low and medium price. The pasta is generally about 6 yuan, the meat staple food is about 10 yuan, and the two special dishes are determined according to the selected dishes, and the porridge is generally 1. It's 5 yuan, the mooncake is 1 yuan, and the dish is 1 yuan. 5 yuan, meat 4 yuan.

(3) promotion

1. Advertising: as our store is just starting up, the capital is not very abundant, and the cost of TV advertising and magazine publicity is a little high. We can choose Chinese business newspaper, Internet and flyers for publicity. When we carry out leaflet propaganda, we mainly aim at schools, shopping malls and other places where there are more young people.

2. Business promotion: our store mainly adopts three ways of business promotion. One is to apply for membership card for main customers, and you can enjoy membership treatment as long as you specify the membership card number when ordering meals. Second, the voucher is issued to ordinary customers, which can be used to offset part of the purchase money in the next consumption. Third, before going off duty every night, the unsold porridge and soybean milk are packaged and distributed to passers-by passing by our shop, so as to play a promotional role.

(4) channels

Our store mainly adopts the way of direct sales. Our raw materials are directly purchased by our purchasing staff, and there are special purchasing points, with guaranteed quality. The food is delivered directly by the delivery personnel of our shop, and at the same time, product promotion can also be carried out during the delivery process. In addition, telephone sales can also be carried out by special personnel.

8、 Human resource management

(1) restaurant management structure

The restaurant has a general manager to make decisions on major issues of the hotel; Store manager and cashier, responsible for the cashier and the daily affairs of the store; There are five chefs, three in store waiters, two purchasers, eight delivery personnel and one cleaning staff.

(2) recruitment plan

1. We will recruit five chefs, three in store waiters, eight takeout delivery personnel, two purchasing staff and one cleaning staff. At the same time, we will recruit poor college students to do part-time jobs.

2. Publish recruitment information. It mainly publishes information in newspapers and on the Internet. At the same time, it also publishes recruitment information by distributing leaflets and putting up posters outside shops.

3. Personnel selection. In the selection of personnel, the main target is the chef and delivery personnel. Chefs mainly test cooking skills and professional ethics, takeout personnel should mainly meet the conditions are proficient driving skills, familiar with the terrain of Weinan City.

(3) staff training

Our staff training is relatively simple, for chefs, their training task is to seriously study the practice of Weinan county characteristic snacks, constantly improve their cooking skills, but also to improve their professional ethics; For the distribution team and service personnel, it is mainly etiquette training. Their training objectives are always smiling at customers. When conflicts occur with customers, customers are always right. Distribution service should be comprehensive and thoughtful to satisfy customers.

(4) employee performance and incentive policy

Our store has clear rewards and punishments in management, and employees who are absent from work for no reason should be deducted from their wages. For chefs and service personnel can not implement performance pay, but for distribution personnel performance pay, the implementation of the bottom salary plus commission, commission is based on the amount of takeaway they send. Reward the outstanding employees in the work every month, and punish the employees who do not perform well.

9、 Financial and risk analysis

(1) financial analysis

1. The cost in the initial stage is mainly: the shop rent and decoration is 30000 yuan, the application for catering hygiene license is 1000 yuan, the purchase of kitchen utensils and takeout packaging is 15000 yuan, and the purchase of delivery vehicles is 25000 yuan.

2. The cost in the operation stage mainly includes: staff salary, material purchasing shop, shop rental fee, business tax, water and electricity, fuel fee and other expenses.

3. The sources of starting funds for restaurant opening: mainly including their own meager savings, subsidies from parents, relatives and friends, and loans obtained through the national preferential policies for college students' entrepreneurship.

4. Investment return analysis: according to the budget analysis and investigation, the market capacity can be preliminarily determined, and the daily total turnover can be roughly estimated to be about 2000 yuan, the rate of return is 30%, and the gross profit is 600 yuan. Therefore, the investment return period is about four months.

(2) risk analysis

The complex and changeable internal and external environment is pregnant with all kinds of risks all the time. Enterprises need to survive and develop. They must recognize the various risks they are facing in order to formulate correct management countermeasures, improve management and avoid risks. Now, the risk analysis of our takeaway shop is as follows:

1. External risks

With China's accession to the WTO, large foreign catering companies enter China, and brands enter the Chinese market quickly and more, which will bring great impact to Chinese catering industry. The competition in the catering industry is fierce, especially the fast food chains from abroad, such as KFC and McDonald's, occupy a large market share in China's fast food industry.

2. Internal governance risk

The catering industry is a relatively low-tech industry, but it needs strict governance to win the trust of consumers. For most of the restaurants run by themselves in China, the internal governance is loose and the quality of service staff is low. How to establish a modern enterprise system, improve the enterprise management mechanism, and strengthen the internal governance of the enterprise is related to the survival of the enterprise, Success and failure.

3. Market risk

The market is constantly changing, so we must consider the risk of the market. There are the following risks:

(1) in the development stage of the project, similar restaurants may be opened in the market at the same time.

(2) risks in the production stage of the project. If the project has been put into production but no marketable products have been produced, the project may not be able to pay the production costs and repay the debts.

(3) the risks in the production and operation stage of the project. The benefit after the project is put into operation depends on the sales volume and other performances of its products in the market. For this stage of the project, the biggest source of market risk is the competitive risk of the catering industry in the market. If the project is put into operation, it is likely to bring about a series of similar business projects, Thus, the competition pressure of the project is intensified.

4. Raw material resource risk

The raw materials of our restaurant are mainly fruits and vegetables, beans and fungi, including some meat. It is the most popular green and natural pollution-free food today. Especially, our restaurant is a health-care oriented restaurant. Therefore, professional knowledge and technical investment are needed in the selection of raw materials, which is conducive to the purchase of fresh, natural and pollution-free green food.

5. Countermeasures

(1) draw on advanced production technology and experience, and develop their own special food.

(2) strict management, regular training of staff and establishment of customer service report.

(3) strict project planning should be carried out in the project development stage to reduce the project risk.

(4) after entering the market, they should be familiar with the food market cycle and actively develop and update food.

(5) establish and maintain long-term cooperation with raw material suppliers to ensure the supply of raw materials.

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