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A review of the good hearted giant

A review of the good hearted giant

A giant with a good heart reaction to a book or an article one

During the holiday, I read the good eye giant, which tells about the time when the wizard haunts, the good eye giant comes to the children's sleeping place. He put the old dream in a long trumpet, and quietly put it in through the exit and blew it gently. Unexpectedly, Sophie, the little girl, saw all this, so the good story began. The good-looking giant grabbed Sophie away and ran for the whole night. Finally, he came to the place where the map of the Royal Air Force was not marked. My God?

 A review of the good hearted giant

There are all kinds of terrible giants in the giant Kingdom, such as the giant eating human flesh, the giant chewing children, the giant crunching the bone, the giant holding the Han bag, the giant dripping the fat, the giant gnawing the girl, the giant eating the viscera, the giant drinking blood and the giant slaughtering. They all have a common hobby - cannibalism! The good-looking giant and Sophie went to London together, which made the queen have a nightmare. When she woke up the next day, Sophie told the queen the truth of the dream. The queen sent the head of the army and air force to arrest the giant. The plan of the good-looking giant finally succeeded. The giant was buried in the ground, and the whole country cheered.

Reading this book, let me understand a truth, to be kind and brave, to others more tolerance and understanding, can make people get along with each other more harmoniously.

Good minded giant

This holiday, I read a very interesting book, the famous British writer rold. Dahl's the giant with a good eye. Sophie, a little girl, is captured by a giant who dreams every day and is 24 feet tall. The conversation in the cave let Sophie know that he was an unparalleled good-natured giant, and only ate a kind of bad big nose melon. The other nine are tall, ferocious, bored in the daytime and grabbing people everywhere at night. Later, the good hearted giant and Sophie together, let the queen of England catch the bad giant

This book is full of thrills and thrills. Once, nine bad giants even threw the good-natured giants of their compatriots to and fro. When the ball kicked, poor Sophie turned dizzy in his pocket and nearly fell to the ground. When I read this, I was shaking with fear and my heart was in my throat.

This novel is not only thrilling, but also not making people laugh. The good hearted giant can read only by one dictionary, so funny language often appears. For example: huhuhuxiang means to sleep, and the helicopter is called leftover chicken. These interesting names make us laugh and feel his lovely humor.

What I admire even more is the spirit of the good-natured giant to emerge from the mud. In such a bad situation as giant Kingdom, he could keep a pure and kind heart, until finally, he did not revenge the nine bad giants.

The good hearted giant is kind and pure. No matter when and where, it can emit the light of gold. If everyone is like this, how wonderful the world would be.

Good minded giant

The good eyed giant is a classic by rold Dahl, and I like it very much.

The vivid and vivid writing of this book attracts readers. Let us be happy, nervous, afraid and worried with the characters in the story

This book is mainly about: Sophie in the "Wizard haunting time" saw the kind eyed giant to send good dreams to the children, the good eye giant took her to the giant country. There are all kinds of giants there: Cannibalism giant, child chewing giant, crunching bone giant, eating guts giant... They all love to eat people, except for the kind eye giant. Later, Sophie and the good eye giant finally defeated the cannibal giant through their own efforts and imprisoned them forever.

When I read the chapter "plan", I felt the wisdom, resourcefulness and bravery of the giant. He could think of using giant when the giant was sleeping. When I read: "we must stop them anyway!" "Put me back in your pocket! We went after them and warned everyone in Britain that they were coming I feel that Sophie is very brave. She is a little girl, but she is not afraid of the nine fierce and cruel man eating giants. She is very brave.

Cables and heavy chains bound their hands and feet, and he thought of taking them back to England by helicopter. And take the road bravely and do it bravely.

Because the giant has a good heart, willing to help others, help people who will be eaten by the giants, won the love of all people.

After reading this story, I admire the kind-hearted giant and the brave Sophie. I think: people should have a good heart, be a good person, not do bad things. And be resourceful and brave. We should give more happiness to others, like a good-natured giant, and feel happy for others. Be a dedicated and brave person!

Good minded giant

"The giant with a good heart" tells a story about a little girl named Sophie and a giant. One night, Sophie was taken to the cave by a giant. Because the giant was kind-hearted, Sophie and the giant soon became good friends.

"The giant with a good heart" is a fairy tale, written vividly and vividly, with ups and downs. When I read "Sophie and the good eye giant become good friends", I can't help but feel happy for Sophie. Can the giant's friends show their strength with the help of giant's magic power? I had this idea in my head. At that moment, I imagined that I could make friends with giants! When I read that "just at this moment, the blood drinking giant came in, he heard the good eye giant talking with people, he wanted to find Sophie and eat her." I wanted to beat the blood giant to the ground immediately. But I can't do anything about it. My anxious heart is at the mercy of the author. I read on uneasily, bit by bit, for fear that something might happen to Sophie. When I saw "Sophie felt the darkness in front of her, she had fallen into the mouth of the blood giant", my nerves were so nervous, I was so upset and angry. When I read that the good eye giant wittily made Sophie escape from the mouth of the blood giant, I took a long breath of relief and relaxed my nervous system. I hate all the cannibal giants, but I am more moved by the sincerity and kindness of the kind-hearted giant. There's a problem that bothers me all the time; Why do they eat people? Why don't they want to get along with us like the good eye giant? Of course, there are no giants in the world, but what worries me is that there are wars and killing in this world.

I finally finished reading this book the giant with a good heart. I was in a bad mood for a long time. I admire Sophie's wisdom and courage, and I also appreciate the kindness of the good eye giant. Through reading this work, I further understand; People should get along with nature peacefully, treat others kindly, and do nothing to hurt others. The ending of the work is; Sophie and the good eyed giant helped the queen to catch the evil man eating giant. Finally, Sophie and the good eye giant live happily in the palace. Justice overcomes evil.

Good hearted. Giant's impressions 5

Today, I read a book called the good heart giant. The book is about: one night, a little girl named Sophie couldn't sleep. Suddenly, she saw a tall and thin giant. The giant blew the contents of his bottle to Gucci's children's room on the trumpet. Sophie, the girl, screamed and hid for fear of being found by the giant. The giant saw it all at once. He grabbed Sophie in one hand and ran quickly to his cave.

When they arrived, the giant told him that they had come to the kingdom of giants and told her that there were so many terrible giants living here. For example: Cannibalism giant, meat oil didi Da giant, eat special visceral giant and so on. These giants all eat man beans, while Sophie meets the kind eyed giant. The good eye giant only eats the disgusting big nose melon, as well as the coke like SAIC cola. He doesn't want to eat human beans, while giant country only has disgusting big nose melon and SAIC cola. Good eye giant said: just in the bottle are all the dreams he captured. Then Sophie came up with an idea to catch them all and stop them from eating man beans. The good eye giant gave the queen the dream of a giant in the world.

Finally, the good eye giant and Sophie used their wisdom to catch the giants. Feed them big nose melon every day. This story tells us: people can't judge by their appearance, and good heart is beautiful. Moreover, justice can always defeat evil.

Good minded giant

Books are a good thing. Books can give us a lot of knowledge and learn more.

I recently read a book, which was written by rold Dahl, a famous British writer. You must want to read it very much. I will tell you about it now.

One night, Sophie, a little girl, couldn't sleep. She saw a tall, thin giant outside the window. He reached into a room through the window and blew the contents of a bottle he had taken with him to the Gucci children's bedroom through the trumpet. Sophie screamed and hid. The giant grabbed Sophie and ran back to his cave. The giant told her that she was now in the giant country. There were all kinds of terrible giants living in the giant country, and they all liked to eat human beans. He also told her that there was a dream in the bottle. The little girl asked him how to catch the dream. The good eye giant said that his ears could hear the smallest sound, and that the dream had a gentle vibration. He could hear it, so he used the dream net to catch the dream. He also said that he can only eat that kind of disgusting big nose melon, which is very big and thick. He hates big nosed melons. Later, he took out the downdraft coke and said that the downdraft coke was very good to drink, but the little girl said that the bubbles were not right. After drinking some, the kind-hearted giant went to dream hunting again. He met a lot of giants and played the game of throwing people. At last, he caught a good dream and a bad dream. He gave the bad dream to the cannibal giant, who was beaten. Later, he wrote labels in the bottle of dreams and showed some labels to the little girl. The giants went to England to eat pupils. Later, she gave the queen a dream. Finally, the queen sent soldiers to capture the giant. The kind-hearted giant fed the giants big nose melons every day.

The good eye giant not only protects human beans, but also brings good dreams to children who don't love sleeping. He is a kind and friendly giant. This book is very good-looking. If you want to know how good it is, just read it by yourself. You will be fascinated.

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