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Reflections on childhood

Model essays on childhood reading (21 articles in general)

After reading a famous book carefully, you must have a lot of experience worth sharing. At this time, you need to seriously think about how to write after reading. So do you really know how to write the afterthoughts? The following is a small collection of "childhood" after reading model articles (general 21), welcome to read, I hope you can like.

 Model essays on childhood reading (21 articles in general)

Reflections on childhood 1

Childhood is an autobiographical novel written by Gorky.

Gorky spent his childhood in a family full of cruelty and hatred. He lost his father when he was four years old. He followed his mother and grandmother to his grandfather's house, but he was often beaten by his violent grandfather. But the kind grandmother was there to protect him. As a young man, he realized the pain and ugliness of the human world too early, and his little soul suffered a lot of blows. Gorky's childhood was dark. Compared with him, our childhood is sunny and colorful. At home, I was taken care of by my father and mother; In school, there are teachers' cordial instruction and friends' sincere love. But Gorky did not abandon himself, but worked hard to become a useful person to the society.

Gorky's "childhood" is an inspirational novel, it let me know to cherish the present happy life, and with a positive attitude to study hard, grow up in the tempering, and become a talent in the struggle.

Reflections on childhood 2

When I read, I feel the same as Gorky wrote: a thick, colorful, strange and indescribable life began at an amazing speed.

The deepest feeling is in the second chapter. Two uncles of aliosha fight for the property, leaving a brand mark on his young mind. He was scared to jump onto the Kang stove. From this, we can infer the fierce "war" between his two uncles.

"Good things" loving science is one of my favorite characters. Although everyone discriminated against him at that time, and even the kind-hearted grandmother could not accept him, he still became good friends with aleissa, but in the end, he could not escape the "censorship" of the dark society at that time and left miserably. So that aliosa said, "you're all assholes.".

In fact, everyone has his own childhood. Memories of childhood muddleheaded, there is always a long-term concern in the heart, but the dream of the old shadow because of the passage of time gradually sparse, and the desire to stay in the heart is stronger and stronger. Perhaps one day, my full of vision into passion, began to look back on childhood, it will be a very wonderful thing. So, as Gorky said, "I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about the suffocating little world (if it's me, it's a colorful box full of candy)ˇ° Gorky also said: "the fine quality of the people, their wisdom and creative spirit, can arouse us an indestructible hope that a bright and humane life will be born again."ˇ°

If we go deeper into childhood, there will be differences between rationality and sensibility. Their perspectives are different, and the reasons for reading them are also different: rational people will read a double-sided blade, which is inserted into the chest of Russian grassroots citizens from both positive and evil sides; The perceptual will read a mirror, and they will find their own shadow in the book. But in any case, "childhood" will wash readers to corrode, greedy souls.

Suffocating world, suffering childhood.

Reflections on childhood 3

"Childhood" is the first part of the autobiographical trilogy of grade two in senior high school. When I finished reading this book, my eyes were moist. I realized how hard life was in the old times.

"Childhood" tells the story of the protagonist Alisha's death from childhood and living in his grandfather's home. That is the life of aliosa in his childhood. There is no ordinary family in his family. There are not many people who care about him. Only his grandmother is the only one who really loves and cares for him.

In this paper, there are several times of fighting for property, which reflects the deficiencies and defects of the ruling system of the old society. The society described in the article is in sharp contrast to our present society. There are many descriptions in the article, which make me understand a lot of profound truth between the lines.

After reading this book, I think of myself. His childhood is so carefree and free, but aliosa's childhood is so hard, with little happiness.

We are now in the era of peace. We will not be as complicated as the social background of the old times. We do not want to cheat on the weak. After his mother died, aliosa had fallen in love with reading. After unremitting efforts, he finally became a great and famous writer in the world.

Now we have become the treasure of our family. We don't have to worry about the number of people who care about us, but only her grandmother really cares about him. Moreover, now we have such good learning conditions and excellent learning environment, but I still regard learning as my enemy.

Aliosa's life was hard, but literature brought him hope. It was he who fought for himself and made himself successful. We should also learn from aliosa, change our destiny with our own actions, and become a useful talent.

Reflections on childhood 4

Childhood is a colorful River, childhood is a colorful road, childhood is a shining bridge, childhood is a beautiful world. How wonderful childhood is! Everyone has a childhood. Everyone's childhood is different. Everyone has experienced it. There is happiness and happiness. Childhood is wonderful. Childhood is full of sunshine and worth remembering. However, aliosa's childhood is very tragic.

Recently, I read Gorky's book "childhood", which vividly depicts the tragic childhood of the hero aliosa. His parents died, but his grandfather was very irritable. Only his grandmother loved him. My grandfather didn't like him very much, and his two uncles hated him even more. In such a bad environment, aliosa came. In fact, the archetype of aliosa is Gorky himself. Gorky describes his childhood by the character aliosa. This made me deeply realize the ugliness of people at that time. Gorky's childhood is so miserable compared with us now!

How happy we are, spoiled by our parents. Every day, I sit in the spacious and bright classroom and listen to the teacher; There are big fish and meat waiting for us to taste at home; What we want, we have what reason not to study hard.

I can't help but think about myself. I'm also 11 years old. In those years, Gao Leji has already embarked on the road of making a living independently. No matter what I do, I still need my parents to help me. Recalling the military training when I was just a junior high school student, my clothes could not be cleaned, and everything was in a mess. How can I compare with aliosa!

In this book, I admire the kind-hearted grandmother. She is broad-minded. She is like a bright lamp, which lights aliosa's lonely heart. Her grandmother's love for aliosa gives him a strong and unyielding character and makes him feel his existence. If everyone in our world can care about others and help others, there will be quarrels, fights and other events? This also reminds me of a text we have learned, that is, if we can take heart to heart in our life, we will have respect for the elderly and care for children, which will make people more tolerant and understanding.

After reading the book "childhood", not only let me cherish this beautiful childhood, but also let me know how to behave and do things.

Reflections on childhood 5

Close the last page of the book, the past like a film, in my mind, suddenly look back, my childhood, boring

Gorky's childhood is full of endless darkness, cruelty, terror, selfishness and greed. From the perspective of modern people, it can be said that Gorky has no actual material childhood, or even "no" childhood at all. But in my opinion, Gorky has a childhood, and his childhood is more meaningful than any of us! In his childhood, although he could not do what he wanted, could not spend money like land, could not live a carefree life. But it is just in this way that Gorky saw a different world from ordinary people and established different life goals for ordinary people!

In today's society, we can neither enjoy happiness nor grow up in the tempering of life like Gorky. We are like a helpless fish, day after day in the boundless sea of topics. As a successful model, Ganluo is loved by later parents. Almost all parents hope that their children can follow the footsteps of Ganluo, hoping that they will grow old and glorify their ancestors. Our society is a society without childlike innocence and childlike interest. There are no crystal clear fairy tales here. There is no romance and aestheticism, no poetic and interesting!

Our life is monotonous and boring. From morning till night, we only know how to learn. The colorful dream in my heart began to dim gradually, and my infinite yearning for the future gradually faded, and the flower season just started also turned grey. Childhood is distorted in our eyes. Our so-called "childhood" is the material satisfaction of game machines, KFC and Adidas. We often sit by the window, looking up at the stars, holding chin in both hands, counting our loneliness again and again.

"Everyone's childhood may not be like fairy tales, but at least it should be like childhood". Unfortunately, our childhood is neither fairy tale nor childhood.

We are a group of children without childhood!

Reflections on childhood 6

The afterglow of the morning glow reddened half of the sky. I leaned by the tree and chewed the words carefully. I couldn't help thinking about it. Childhood, a short and beautiful dream, should be the most beautiful time in life, which makes people remember and yearn for it. However, in Gorky's works, different times, different national boundaries, different families and people are performing a unique childhood life. Alexey, the hero of childhood, has experienced the bitterness and bitterness of the world since he was a child: his parents left him one after another, and his grandfather's family was filled with hatred and cruelty. He was forced to enter the society at the age of 11 and struggle in the world.

After reading this book, I don't think that Alexey's childhood is also like a tragedy, but I can't help but find that it is the ups and downs that have laid a firm foundation for his success and created his life. Like a cup of strong bitter coffee, although astringent, but with a little bit of sweet. Indeed, the long river, time is short, painful days are long, but the wind and rain baptism again and again, a journey along the mountains, leaving us a courage, a harvest.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I have been far away from that childlike years, and I am no longer the ignorant child in the past. But the past simplicity, the past laughter, the past lovely, the past everything, I can only feel that it is so kind. Although it is as plain as a cup of boiled water, it has overflowed the infinite growth years, It made up a fascinating childhood for me.

The past is always beautiful, regardless of luck or misfortune, after all, it has become a part of our life, the important thing is to treasure every happiness, record every harvest, steer the rudder and sail in the future, work hard, create rich fruits for the earth, and paint the blue sky with gorgeous clouds.

Reflections on childhood 7

Today, I read the book "childhood"ˇ¶ Childhood is the first part of Gorky's autobiographical novel trilogy. It describes that the protagonist aliosha was taken to his grandfather's home by his mother and grandmother after his father's death at the age of three. This is a typical Russian citizen family. My grandfather is a small Dyer, and he is on the verge of bankruptcy. He is short tempered, stubborn, greedy and selfish; The two uncles are also rude and selfish. They often quarrel and fight over the property, and the third generation is also badly affected. The novel reflects the life of Russia's bottom class citizens at the end of the 19th century.

"Childhood" is really a good book, he let me know a lot of knowledge, now our living conditions are so good, at that time the conditions are so bad, the protagonists can study hard, but we can't, so from now on, I should study hard and win honor for our country.

Reflections on childhood 8

Childhood is the first of Gorky's autobiographical Trilogy "childhood", "in the world" and "my university". It is a novel based on the author's own childhood experience. It is also an excellent work with the theme of expressing the growth of new people and portraying new charactersˇ¶ "Childhood" reflects the human weakness of the hopeful Russian people and castigates the despicable soul of ordinary citizens. In fact, the author does not stop at the criticism of backwardness, barbarism and ugliness, but also creates a group of characters who still adhere to their ideals in difficulties. Undoubtedly, the hero aliosa is a typical representative of this generation of new people, and his appearance has become a turning point.

In the book, aliosha's tragic experience makes me sigh: his father died at the age of three, his mother died at the age of eleven, and his grandfather went bankrupt. He had to go into society ahead of time. In his life, his grandfather and two uncles often tortured him mentally and hurt his grandmother, which made him deeply understand the darkness of society.

By contrast, how happy our life is! Most of our childhood is made up of cartoons, candy, toys and milk? When we were playing in the kindergarten, he watched his mother silently crying for his dead father; When we were studying in primary school, he had to go to the society ahead of time and feel the warmth and coldness of the world... No, I don't know. Compared with him, how happy we are!

Aliosa's childhood is tragic. Our childhood is happy. The stories in childhood will not be staged on us. However, there are so many left behind children around us, and their childhood is incomplete and unhappy. Let's cherish happiness and help the people around us. Let's join hands and look forward to the bright future!

Reflections on childhood 9

After reading the book "childhood", I felt that aliosa lived from 3 to 10 years old. I thought the world at that time was very dark, and the world was sleeping in selfishness, boredom and sin. Therefore, I thought Alisha was very poor, but his spirit can let us learn.

From this book, I think grandma is very kind-hearted. Love all people, all the pain can not rest, her heart of benevolence light, love aleissa and Gorky very much. Grandma is a very labor loving person. She is optimistic and cheerful. She is good at singing and dancing. I think Gorky must be able to grow up well under the love of his grandmother. There is no one who loves and loves aliosa. Without her grandmother, aliosa's heart will not be warm. So in this article, grandma can't be without her.

Aliosa was forced to bear a cross by his two uncles and was crushed to death. This made grandma and Gorky very sad. His two uncles drank wine every day and beat aliosa every day. So aliosa's life is miserable!

I am very glad that I was not born in Gorky's time, otherwise I really don't understand whether I can survive? So we should cherish the perfect time at this moment, study hard, grow up and make contributions to the motherland!

Reflections on childhood 10

During the holiday, I read Gorky's childhood with my son. Gorky (1868-1936) was a proletarian writer of the former Soviet Union and the founder of socialist realism literature. He was born in poverty. He lost his father when he was young. When he was 11 years old, he was working in the society to make a living. He worked as a loader and Baker. Slums and docks became his "classroom of social university". He shared the same fate with the working people and personally experienced the cruel exploitation and oppression of capitalism. This has an important impact on the development of his thought and creation. Gorky assiduously taught himself cultural knowledge, and actively engaged in revolutionary activities to explore ways to transform realityˇ¶ Childhood, in the world and my university are called Gorky's autobiography trilogy. After reading this book, my heart can not calm down for a long time. Gorky's tragic and pitiful story deeply attracted me. This book truly reproduces the living conditions of the lower class people in Russia in the 18th century.

"Childhood" this book, mainly about aliosa's childhood suffering. Aleissa's childhood was spent in a typical Russian citizen's family. His grandfather's rudeness and selfishness, his two uncles' stupidity and malice, and even their children were not kind-hearted. Aliosa was abused in such a family. This made me deeply realize the ugliness of people at that time: greedy and cruel. They quarreled, fought, intrigued and even hurt other people's lives for personal interests.

In this dark family, there is kindness and justice. Grandmother gave aliosa the power of justice, let him see hope in the dark, she often told good stories to aliosa, in the invisible taught him the truth of life, so that aliosa in the bad environment did not catch bad habits, and not afraid of difficulties, strong and evil struggle. Aleissa's childhood was dark. Just like his family, there were so many cruel things around him that sometimes even he could not believe that such things would happen. Compared with aliosa, how happy the children are now, their childhood is brilliant; It is colorful; There is no worry and pain, but also carefree. There are so many children who don't even know what "beating" is, because many children have never experienced the taste of being beaten or whipped. In their opinion, it may be an unimaginable pain. Today's children are all grown up in the love of their parents, no one has entered the "world", of course, the street beggars needless to say, that is a very small number. Now, if we let an 11-year-old child wander alone in society, we don't know what will happen and whether they will have aleza's persistent and enterprising spirit.

"Childhood", let us learn to cherish, cherish what we have; Learn to be grateful for our harmonious society. Our present life is beautiful. We should have a good heart in the beautiful life; Be kind to everyone around you and be a kind, optimistic and compassionate person; Be considerate of others and care for the weak around you; Respect and care for our elders and understand them. We should meet their own happy life, should not be for some small things and grudged, to have a pure, tolerant heart, a beautiful way of life!

Reflections on childhood 11

Childhood is wonderful, childhood is happy, childhood is happy, childhood is worth recalling?? But Gorky's childhood was terrible and tragic.

Gorky lost his father when he was 3 years old. After that, he followed his mother and grandmother to a small dyeing house of his grandfather. From then on, the dark life came to Gorky.

Gorky also made friends with Ivan, a close friend. They talked about everything and formed a deep friendship. But the good times were not so good. Little Zigang was killed by two cruel uncles. Gorky lost his best friend.

As time went on, Gorky got to know the carpenter's "good things", but people thought that "good things" was a strange person who did nothing and wandered around. At first, their relationship was not very good, but then they became good friends.

Later, the matter was known by his grandfather and grandmother, "good thing" was still driven away by his grandfather, and he became a lonely person again. Gorky had another stepfather, very fierce. A few years later, his favorite grandmother passed away, and bad luck followed: his mother died. And he was driven out by his grandfather and made a living by picking up garbage.

We are now rich in food and clothing. Our parents will buy us whatever we want. Our family is also rich. We can't be compared with Gorky's miserable childhood at all. The different times make people's childhood have great differences: our childhood has plenty of sunshine and a happy atmosphere; But Gorky's childhood was full of darkness.

Childhood should be full of joy, childhood should be full of warmth everywhere, childhood should be a film worth recalling.

And Gorky's childhood has nothing to recall, except some noisy friendship??

This let me know, no matter what you want to fight for, others can not give you what you want, even if you give it, it is not the same as you imagine.

Reflections on childhood 12

Childhood is an autobiographical novel written by Gorky according to his childhood experience. It reveals the dark, cruel and inhumane life in the Russian desert. Gorky lived in such an environment since childhood, suffering from mental and physical torture and humiliation. But Gorky did not lose faith in life, but came here firmly.

Gorky's original name is Alexei maximovitch bishkov, and his second name is alexeia. He lost his father when he was young. He came to his grandfather's house with his mother and grandmother. It is not so much a home as a hell on earth. My grandfather was in charge of the housekeeping. He has a bad temper and takes money as his life. The protagonist Alisa is often beaten for making mistakes. The two uncles often fight over their property. Women in the family have no status and can be scolded and vented by their husbands. All this has left a shadow on Alesha's young heart. Since then, Alisa left her grandfather's home and embarked on the journey of society alone. He fought in many places and suffered a lot of humiliation in the battle, but he survived. This should be because he always relies on his strong spirit and the belief that he does not yield to difficulties.

Now, we really don't know what good our blessing is. We don't worry about food and clothes. But xiaoliaosha was not full of food and clothing, and was beaten and humiliated. These tragic scenes make me think: what if we lived in the era of Russian czar? Do we think that's not where people live at all?

The times are advancing, but people are becoming more and more cowardly. When they encounter difficulties, they want to retreat, escape or take a shortcut. Turgenev said: "to get happiness, we must first learn to bear hardships."

Reflections on childhood 13

In fact, childhood is the most beautiful for most people, the most innocent and innocent time, leaving the most precious memories, and Gorky's childhood can hardly bear to see.

After reading "childhood", the first feeling is sympathy for the unfortunate people who have similar childhood experience in Russia. As purgatory of childhood, so that children early taste, taste all the world. Yes, there is fear of the future; Yes, there is hatred for social revenge. But Gorky, who is strong, brave and kind, grows up in adversity. Through sincere words, he purifies his heart polluted by ugly society and saves Russian society.

In childhood, the father who died early, the cruel, mercenary grandfather, two cruel and insolent uncles, the vicious Uncle Peter and the cruel and violent stepfather are the epitome of Russia's dark and ugly society. In addition to these tragedies, we also see some kind-hearted, kind-hearted people who have been devastated by evil forces, kind-hearted grandmother, mother who pursues freedom of marriage, smart and capable "xiaocifeng", Gregory, who is blind but still down-to-earth, loves learning and yearns for knowledge, These two different parts of people exist in Gorky's childhood. More or less has an impact, let him grow up in such a dark family, become a rare wisdom in the miserable society.

"One side of soil and water, one side of people, one kind of environment, one side of people." people are affected by the environment, but sometimes affect the environment. Environment can change people, and people's actions also affect the environment. No matter how difficult we are in, we should be strong, never give up, and let humanity shine.

Reflections on childhood 14

Childhood is a colorful River, childhood is a colorful road, childhood is a shining bridge, childhood is a beautiful world. How perfect childhood is, but Gorky's childhood is extremely miserable.

The book "childhood" tells us once again the living conditions of the Russian lower class people in the 1870s and 1980s. Gorky spent his childhood in a family full of cruelty and hatred: he lost his father at the age of four, followed his grief stricken mother and kind grandmother to the grandfathers' house of the tyrannical and bankrupted little Dyer, but he was often beaten by his violent grandfather. But the kind grandmother was there to protect him. As a young man, he realized the pain and ugliness of the world too early, and his little soul suffered a lot of blows. And grandma and those like her protected and supported Gorky. The story vividly shows a suffocating life full of cruelty, barbarism, ignorance and filth. We deeply realize the corruption and ugliness of the Czar's autocratic system, the servility and numbness of the common people in the dark, as well as the suffering course of the young generation resisting the darkness and slavery and pursuing freedom and light.

Compared with Gorky, our childhood is brilliant and colorful; There is no worry and pain, but also carefree. We have never experienced being beaten or whipped. Of course, in addition, in our life, there are very few family infighting, fighting for property and other greedy, vicious things. There will be no cruel torture of an innocent person to death, such as this kind of "event" that never thought about.

I couldn't help thinking about myself. Gorky had already embarked on the road of making a living independently, but now I can't even do simple laundry well. I've tried washing clothes, but I can't. First of all, you have to wipe the soap, then rub this side, rub there, and then... After washing, the clothes still don't look like they are, the dirty places are still dirty, and they can only be thrown into the washing machine. The gap between us and Gorky is too big.

After reading the book "childhood", not only let me understand that this perfect childhood needs me to cherish, but also let me know that at this moment, I should be prepared before departure, and strive hard to realize my great dream. Reading can always make me feel incomparably free like Xiao Hong in grandfather's garden; It always makes me feel comfortable with my free imagination; Always let me feel the happiness and satisfaction of life

Reflections on childhood 15

I read the book "childhood", which tells the story of the author Gorky in his childhood.

Gorky lost his father when he was 3 years old and lived with his mother in his grandfather's house. Later, his mother died early, and his grandfather's hard-working family business went bankrupt because of a fire. He was forced to go out to make a living before he finished primary school. He had been struggling at the bottom of the society. However, he never gave up learning because of his strong desire for knowledge and tenacious spirit. Finally, at the age of 24, he published his first short story, and then he broke down all the way, He became famous at one stroke! In this book, I met my violent and severe grandfather, kind grandmother, two uncles who always drink and make trouble, beautiful and melancholy mother, and "little Zigang", who can dance; There are stepfathers who always kick their mothers with long legs, the so-called "Granny" who is known as "green old lady", lonely and persistent tenants "good things", Uncle Peter, a thief who committed suicide, and a group of children who play straw sandals and steal wooden boards on the ice and snow Island... Especially the grandmother who is good at telling stories and is optimistic and cheerful, It is one of the most poetic images of loving mother in Russian literature.

But the author lives in this group with a fragile and sensitive childlike innocence, experiencing the ups and downs of life. Among them, suffering makes him full of strong strength to deal with the difficult life; Tenacious will makes him grow up in adversity! He never gets discouraged because of his own conditions. He seizes every opportunity, makes constant progress, and enters the literary world with an attitude that others can't imagine. Maybe many people think that celebrities must be famous families, they must all step up to the sky, maybe many celebrities are like this, But he, Gorky, was a "common citizen". Through little efforts and accumulation, he gradually became a man of culture and finally achieved great success!

Reflections on childhood 16

Everyone has a childhood, and everyone's childhood is different. During the summer vacation, I read Gorky's autobiographical novel "childhood", which gave me a deep feeling.

The book vividly depicts the tragic childhood of the hero aliosa. Aliosa lost his father when he was young. He followed his mother and grandmother to his grandfather's house. It's like hell in my grandfather's house. The men in the family regard money as their life, and women have no status. All these left a shadow in aliosa's heart. The only grandmother who loved him passed away. So did his mother and his best friend, little Zigang. Aliosa left home, relying on his own 'strong, unyielding faith has always survived.

Gently closed the last page of the book, my eyes moist, I was moved by Gorky's situation, life, situation. We are very lucky, very happy, very lucky, every day sitting in the spacious classroom, listening to the teacher's lectures, back home there are big fish and meat waiting for us, every day is the "apple of the eye" of our parents.

I didn't expect that such a great writer would have such a miserable childhood. All this is because he has a heart with clear distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, and love. It is because he has a hard-working, hardworking, strong willed and dream Spirit. It is because of his desire for knowledge and his vision for the future. I think Gorky wrote this book in expectation of his kind Spirit and character!

After reading this book, I now understand how happy our childhood is. We should study hard and create a better life generation after generation with our knowledge and wisdom!

Reflections on childhood 17

Gorky was born in a poor carpenter's family. During the brutal Tsar's rule, he suffered a lot - he lost his father at a young age, but was abused by his grandfather. The people around him were so selfish and greedy

With the unfolding of the story, the young aleosha suffered from the loss of his father. He was brought home by his mother. However, due to the decline of his family at that time, his grandfather involved his relatives to be beaten and abused. All this made him learn to fight very early. Fortunately, in this large family, grandparents are two very different personalities. Aliosa grew up under the protection of her grandmother and learned to treat any misfortune around her with an optimistic attitude.

As for the people and things in aliosa's childhood memories, the author must have a heavy heart when he narrates them. Therefore, the novel is serious on the whole. However, the novel is described in the eyes of a child, which gives a layer of innocent color to the tragedies. Therefore, it makes people see the light in the dark, the goodness in the evil, the light of human nature in the ruthless, and the great power of people to overcome the tragic fate in the tragic atmosphere.

I like "childhood", it not only let me understand a different life, different stories, more importantly, it let me re-examine my life, learn to be content, grateful for the present life.

Reflections on childhood 18

Everyone has his own childhood, and Gorky's childhood left me a deep memory.

Childhood is the first of Gorky's three autobiographical novels. It tells the story of aliosha's growth, narrates the protagonist's growth and life, examines the whole society and life from the unique perspective of a child, and describes the suffocating and terrifying world.

After reading the book, a child who grew up from suffering floats in front of me. My grandfather regarded money as his life, and the hero was often beaten up for his mistakes; The two uncles quarreled and often fought in order to separate the family, which left a shadow on Alio's mind.

Compared with aliosa, our childhood is much better. We have parents' pain. We don't have to work hard to survive. Instead, we live a life of clothes and food. However, aleosha only ignored and humiliated him. But he was strong to live on, not yield to survive, and eventually became a generation of literary masters.

We have been spoiled since childhood, will there be any future? After reading, I have such a question. We are like animals in captivity. Our claws have been smoothed and our will has been roasted by the "sun". Where can we still know how to fight? Can we still live alone in this reinforced concrete forest? I can't. I'll just be a beggar on the street. However, aliosha stepped into society alone, but he survived because he had a fighting spirit and a strong belief.

Now, should we give up dependence and try to be independent? Should we give up weakness and say "no" to difficulties? Should we give up what others give us and try to open up our own space? Students, let's become an independent and strong people together.

The times are improving, we can't regress. A perfect life must have something to pay, it will last for a long time, and we can get something if we strive for it.

Reflections on childhood 19

I read the famous Soviet writer Gorky's childhood. It is the first of Gorky's autobiographical trilogy, which tells the childhood story of a child named aliosa. This book inspired me a lot, it let me know a typical Russian family.

This book is a portrayal of the author's real life. According to his own experience, Gorky reproduces the suffering process of children under the rule of darkness from awakening to growing up. Aliosa is a miserable and poor child. His childhood was spent in his grandfather's house. His life is not as happy as we are now, full of sunshine and love. His grandfather was irascible, greedy and selfish; The two uncles were also selfish and rude, which left a deep mark on the young aleosha's heart.

Aliosa is a good child who is good at observation and very sensitive. He can distinguish right from wrong and has firm and indomitable will. Although he lives in a bad living environment, it makes him grow into a strong, upright, brave and confident man. Aliosa is also a kind-hearted child. He sympathizes with the poor and often helps them.

This book let me understand the difficult life of the Czar at that time, and let me understand the hard work of the perfect life at the moment. We should cherish the happy life at this moment, love life, study hard, and build the world more perfect with our own ability and wisdom.

How happy we are, spoiled by our parents. Every day, I sit in the spacious and bright classroom and listen to the teacher; There are big fish and meat waiting for you to taste at home; Give you whatever you want; If someone bullies you, adults will not hesitate to teach that person a lesson. What about Gorky? Gorky had few peaceful days, and almost every day someone hurt him, abused him and bullied him. I don't understand why those people do such things that are harmful to others and not beneficial to themselves? Are these meaningless things worth doing?

Therefore, we should cherish today's happy and happy life. We should grasp the tail of childhood and study hard. We must not be ignorant of our happiness. Such an excellent learning environment, such a perfect childhood life, we do not study hard, it is too sorry for parents.

Today, childhood is about to leave, ushering in a vibrant youth. Let's cherish the last moment of childhood. If we don't pay attention, childhood will be far away from us. Seize the final time of childhood and leave us the most perfect impression of childhood.

Reflections on childhood 20

"The strongest person in the world is the loneliest person," he said. Only the greatest can accomplish its mission in solitude. " If you become a strong man, you will inevitably be lonely. Only those who are strong enough to face loneliness will have the power to prevent his talent from being swallowed up by loneliness. On the contrary, he who can accomplish his mission in loneliness is great. Gorky was great, so he made his childhood popular.

Childhood truly describes the suffering childhood of the protagonist aliosa. In his grandfather's house, he saw everything around him: greed and violence. His grandfather, who was devoid of human nature, often beat up his grandmother. When he was old and depressed, he used his reputation to get money; The two uncles were even better than the blue and killed their wives; Even the son is involved in the struggle for power... In this family, it is the beautiful and kind-hearted grandmother who lights up the life lamp of the hero aliosa. The grandmother is Liao Sha's property The spiritual pillar also taught him to be a man who did not bow to ugly phenomena; And his only friend, Zigang, gave aleissa the warmth of true friendship. Aliosa understood the truth from some "strange" actions of his family, but he still maintained the courage and confidence in life, and gradually grew into a strong, brave, upright and full of love. Gorky didn't bow to fate in the hard environment. In the unfortunate struggle with fate, he was the bottom of Russian society, contacted with various classes and various tasks, experienced the hardships of life, and constantly enriched his social knowledge and life experience, and became a world-famous literary master!

After reading this book, I buried my reverie: what made aliosa thrive in the difficult life, "out of the mud but not stained"? Looking back on this book again, I find that although aleissa was full of anger, disgust and worry about his dark life, he was not affected by the difficulties and misfortunes brought about by various evil forces, relying on his strong and brave courage Spirit, tempered in purgatory, overcame all kinds of difficulties, and finally achieved a myth.

Today's teenagers are bubble in the honey pot to grow up, suffering for us, is simply a simple and remote term. We have not endured the history of hunger, do not know the value of a grain of rice; No cold test, not clear about the meaning of warmth; Have not tasted injustice as the taste, can not imagine the terrible pain. So - when suffering falls on our head, it is often knocked down by fate.

Compared with aliosa, our childhood is brilliant, colorful, without tears and grievances.

Aleissa's childhood is like this, but our childhood is different. We should repent of our luxury -- plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold.

Reflections on childhood 21

In the past two weeks, I watched childhood.

There is such a story: I feel that life is not easy, I experience a feeling of near disappointment, but somehow, I want to hide it, I don't care, always mischievous. My mother taught me more and more lessons, more and more difficult to understand. I learned arithmetic easily, but I didn't like writing very much and didn't know grammar at all.

The protagonist in this book is Gorky. This book tells the story of his childhood. His father died very soon. He went to his grandfather's house with his mother and grandmother. Gorky's grandfather read books, so Gorky learned from his grandfather. His grandfather was very bad to Gorky and always beat him... The hero Gorky was a man who liked reading books. Although his grandfather always beat him, he learned all his skills. When he grew up, he was better at learning and always read books.

In real life, I'm far from Gorky. Once again, our teacher Shen said, "we read a book for two weeks, and then write a review. After class, you stay in the classroom and read books! " We nodded. However, after class, we rushed out of the classroom, some jump rope, some have to play games, and some jump rubber band, did not pay attention to the teacher's words. Two weeks are almost over. Some people have not finished reading their books and are still playing outside. The teacher called them into the classroom, let them read books, and then they took out the books.

I will learn from Gorky in the future! read more books.

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