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The merchant of Venice read 800 words

Review of merchant of Venice 800 words

After reading a certain work, you must have a lot of feeling in your heart. Why not calm down to write about the feeling after reading it? Do you know how to write after reading? The following is a small compilation of Venice merchants after reading 800 words (general 5 articles), you are welcome to learn from and reference, I hope to help you.

 Review of merchant of Venice 800 words

The merchant of Venice

The merchant of Venice is one of the four comedies written by Shakespeare, a great British dramatist! Let's share my impressions:

The story is like this: there are many merchants with different experiences and different characters living in Venice. The hero of the story is a successful businessman. His name is Antonio. He was intelligent, diligent and generous, and won the trust of everyone. So the business is developing very fast. He was overjoyed that another deal was about to succeed recently. At this time, Antonio's friend Bassanio was coming in a hurry. It turned out that he was deeply in love with Princess Portia and wanted to propose marriage. But he felt that only by wearing his best clothes could he match the princess. But he was very poor now, so he had to borrow money from Antonio. Antonio agreed to his friend's request. But all his property was on the freighter, which had not yet arrived. So I'll have to borrow from Shylock. Shylock was a narrow-minded and greedy man who always envied Antonio's talent. When he learned that Antonio was going to borrow money from himself, he was secretly happy. So, in the treaty, it said, "if you don't pay back the money on time, you'll have to cut off a pound of flesh from you." Antonio risked his life to agree.

Bassanio and Portia are married. But a bad news came to their ears. Antonio's fleet sank and Shylock forced him to pay back the money immediately. But Antonio is now penniless. Shylock took him to court, ready to do as the treaty said. In court, the judge said, "you can only cut off a pound of flesh from him, not a drop of blood, or you will be in breach of contract." But Shylock couldn't do it. Finally, the judge ruled Shylock lost the case, and gave half of his property to Antonio and the other half to the state.

After that, Antonio learned that Portia was the smart judge. In order to save her friend, she came up with this ingenious plan. Soon, we learned a good news: Antonio's fleet did not sink, and now has arrived at the port.

I was moved by every plot in Shakespeare's novels, and I also learned a lot of human truth from it. From Antonio, Bassanio and Portia, I can see that they all have a sincere and friendly heart to their friends. For the happiness of his friends, Antonio risked his life to meet the needs of his friends. In order to make his friends happy, he would rather sacrifice himself.

Portia is both intelligent and kind. She used her wisdom to exchange her friend's life. But when it comes to Shylock, my heart is full of disgust: he is narrow-minded, greedy and vicious. Is there anyone else in the world who is so vicious?

I think reading can make me understand a lot of the truth in the world, distinguish between good and evil, guide my future - to be a kind, intelligent and loving person.

Review of Venice merchants 800 words 2

The first time I read the text, I was deeply attracted by the story. Unknowingly, dozens of pages were turned over in a hurry. Only vivid characters, in pride, anger and helplessness, remain in the mind. Beautiful and fluent language flows through my heart like a stream. Along the stream, I can see sympathy, admiration and contempt. Just lift up this beautiful curtain, suddenly feel the profound thought of a scholar.

In justice, there will inevitably be flaws - racial discrimination and religious prejudice. When new capitalism rises, when people take the banner of humanism, this great philosopher can still objectively point out his own shortcomings. If we read the text carefully, we can find the dawn of benevolence, benevolence and tolerance from the clauses. Isn't this kind of thought free, bold and rational? Teachers tell us that families in western countries must have the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare. It can be seen that the Bible is the pillar of people's spirit, and the complete works of Shakespeare is the pillar of people's thinking! He admonished later generations with his thought that the freedom of thought is inviolable! What is more painful than to bind one's mind?

However, the thought is produced in the collision, which makes people unavoidably associate with the frightening life at that time. Just before the Renaissance, there were still a large number of feudal lords, who not only exploited the people cruelly, but also squeezed their rich souls. Before earth shaking changes, the world seems to be moving towards numbness. It was divine comedy that gradually awakened people, and the Renaissance began. A huge but silent emancipation of the mind began. In one of Shakespeare's works, humanism is embodied everywhere, which just promotes another process in world history. In Antonio's great friendship, we realized the positive expression of humanism; In Portia's clever strategy, we also experienced the positive influence of humanism. Humanism advocates the pursuit of happiness, so why is it not happiness that the dark society has today's great prosperity? Throughout history, this humanism has been promoted by literature - books.

Close your eyes and caress the book with your hand, a strong vitality seems to be moving. The creation of literature is not only about how beautiful the language is, but also what the content covers - the gallop of ideas. Open a book, when the vitality of ideas into the text, jump characters, leading people to stay in the ideological trend and the mainstay of society.

A book, why is not a trend of thought, always reflects the society and promotes the society? Life or death, success or failure, it has its own gallop more stem wireless glory!

The merchant of Venice

The merchant of Venice is a masterpiece of Shakespeare. The theme of the play is to eulogize benevolence, friendship and love, and at the same time, it also expresses the author's main views on money, law and religion in the society at that time.

The main plot of the merchant of Venice is based on ancient legends. In this book, through all kinds of characters with different personalities, I read about pleasure, sadness, friendship, love, conspiracy and intrigue... What impresses me most in the plot is the scene of "cutting a pound of flesh" caused by Antonio, a Venetian merchant, who borrowed 3000 gold coins from Jewish Shylock in order to help Bassanio get married.

Portia, I like her very much. She is elegant and noble, gentle and affectionate, has a high degree of wisdom, and dares to fight against Shylock tactfully and decisively. Finally, she won the victory for Antonio with her own intelligence and got her own love. In the fourth act of the play, Shylock sued Antonio to the court according to the contract, demanding that the agreement of "cutting a pound of flesh" be enforced. Although the judge also knows that the content of the contract is absurd and unfair, since both parties have explicitly agreed in the contract, the court can only make a judgment according to the content of the contract. Fortunately, Portia, the fiancee of Antonio's friend, disguised herself as a legal scholar, came to the court and declared that "the punishment signed in this contract does not conflict with the meaning of the legal provisions". Shylock has the right to take a pound of meat from Antonio's chest; However, since only one pound of meat was written in the contract, if a drop of Christian blood was shed or more than a pound or less than a pound was cut, it would be murder, and all property should be confiscated according to the laws of Venice. Portia wisely defended the rights of her friends and justice. What does she depend on? law! Although we are still students, the most important task is to study, we do not know what the law is, but each of us should at least know what the rules are. As the saying goes, "no rules, no square circle". If a person does not have a little sense of rules and rules, no matter how capable he is in the future, he may become a person harmful to others, society and country. Such a person is nothing more than a high IQ criminal!

As a matter of fact, even as primary school students, rules are everywhere: primary school rules, primary school students' daily behavior standards, class rules, school rules... Only when we are young, from the small things around us, can we develop the habit of abiding by the rules and disciplines, and grow up to be a qualified citizen who knows and abides by the law, and will become a person beneficial to others, Will become a beneficial person to the society. By Zhao Wendu

The merchant of Venice

Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice is mainly about a typical lover Bassanio who falls in love with the beautiful Portia. In order to win her heart, he not only needs to have a fortune, but also needs to solve the problem set by Portia's father for suitors.

Bassanio wanted to marry Portia, but he had nothing to do, so he had to ask Antonio for help. Antonio was a successful Venetian merchant, with a fleet of ships, but lacked liquidity. In order to help his old friend achieve his wish, Antonio borrowed money from his rival Shylock. Shylock was a Jew who made a living on high interest on loans, which was very unpopular in the city.

Antonio was not used to Shylock, he severely condemned the bad behavior of the borrowers. Shylock has always held a grudge against Antonio. He simply agreed to Antonio's loan and asked to sign a contract. If Antonio can't repay as scheduled, he must cut off a pound of flesh from his body.

Antonio firmly believed that the old friends would return it on time and signed the contract. So Bassanio, with a large sum of money, went to Belmont and proposed to Portia. However, Bassanio didn't expect that there was another rival narissa around Portia. He was not only famous, but also rich. He could solve the problem at any time.

Meanwhile, Antonio's fleet returned empty handed. Shylock's daughter Jessica, also with a lot of money, eloped with Bassanio's friend Roland Zoe. Shylock became angry and pressed Antonio step by step. Hearing that his old friend was in a critical situation, Bassanio left Belmondo and returned home to seek a solution.

Just before Bassanio came back, Antonio's contract had expired. Shylock asked him to keep his promise and cut off a pound of meat. The two men went to court for this. In court, Shylock demanded that his contract with Antonio be fulfilled. As a lawyer, Portia agreed that Shylock cut off a pound of Antonio's flesh in accordance with the contract, but it must be strictly carried out in accordance with the contract, that is, neither more nor less, nor a drop of blood, nor any harm to his life. Shylock can't do it. In this way, Portia cleverly saved Antonio's life. Finally, the truth came to light and Antonio regained his property.

In fact, the reason of this book is very simple. It reflects not only people's views on money, but also their views on everything. In real life, we can't look at things and evaluate people only by their appearance. As the saying goes, real people don't need to be packaged so well¡° As long as it is gold, it will shine. ". This requires us to sharpen our eyes and distinguish between inner gold and outer gold.

The merchant of Venice tells us how to look at the world, how to do things, and to be realistic and pragmatic are the principles we adhere to.

Review of Venice merchants 800 words 5

Shylock, a money lender who makes a living by putting high profits, gets a chance to be shamed by an unreasonable contract; A Jewish oppressed in European society, the holy robe was spitted with disdain; A tragedy created by a society.

"Don't Jews have eyes? Do Jews have no limbs, no senses, no feelings, no blood? " This is Shylock's painful cry, but not many people understand the bitterness of it - he has been keeping his duty to maintain his own livelihood, but he has suffered countless spitting; He wholeheartedly supported his own nation, but repeatedly attracted discrimination and exclusion from his followers; However, he was denounced as a "heretic". However, as he said, the Jews are also conscious, emotional and bloody. Those sarcasm have already pierced his heart with countless holes like sharp knives; Like salt, sprinkled on his flesh and blood wound. In the end, the extreme society implanted the seeds of "money as life, cruelty and ruthlessness, extreme selfishness" into Shylock's heart; The painful experience burned into the desire for revenge and spread in his mind.

Finally, the opportunity for revenge came. A disgusting Contract became Shylock's vent: Antonio's insult, "his flesh and blood" ran away, the loss of money... All of which made him seize the pound of meat. He doesn't want twice, three times or ten times compensation; He only wanted a pound of Antonio's chest. There's no reason, just "he's happy about it.". Maybe he just wants to use this pound of meat to vent his anger; Perhaps he will use this pound of flesh to maintain his dignity, which has been humiliated countless times; Perhaps he would like to use this pound of meat to commemorate the long oppressed and insulted national soul... No one can really know what he is going to do with this pound of meat, we only know that this practice is cruel and merciless. But to the understanding of this cruelty - "you have taught me the means of cruelty, and I will follow your teaching, and I will be more respectful."¡ª¡ª Perhaps it is the Jews who "follow the example" and "double respect" them.

In the end, Shylock fell as an evil force: half of his property was confiscated and half was transferred to his daughter and son-in-law; He changed his letter. In the ending of the merchant of Venice, Shylock stands in front of the Synagogue in rags, watching the Jewish people close the door with his own eyes, and his eyes are dim

The merchant of Venice is known as one of Shakespeare's four comedies. After reading the complete book, I am out of the tragic atmosphere - a tragedy created by society.

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