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Forest in Norway

Thoughts on Norwegian forests (7 articles in general)

After reading a famous book carefully, what summary do you have? You can't just read it. Write a review. Do you want to know how to write after reading? The following is a small editor to help you sort out the forest of Norway (general 7 articles), welcome to share.

 Thoughts on Norwegian forests (7 articles in general)

Forest in Norway 1

Before I started writing, "Norwegian forest" was on my desk. In the beginning, I wanted to read it because of its popularity. Masterpieces and masterpieces can stand the baptism and test of time. I'm not sure "Norwegian forest" is such a work. It varies from person to person. Before, I have never read a foreign work carefully. For Haruki Murakami, this book is also the first.

What kind of book is Norwegian forest? It has no vivid plot and is so fascinating that you can't wait to see it through. There is no big piece of philosophy, so you can't help but want to extract it. This is a simple memoir.

As a common saying: in a certain place and a certain time, you think of someone once because of a song or a familiar figure of passers-by. It lives in your memory, maybe not disappear, but in the time pushed by life, you hide it intentionally or unintentionally. Everyone probably has this experience! That memory, was so unforgettable, at that time you thought, that feeling will always be fresh and unchanging with your later life, but it really can not stand the attrition of years. Only in a moment, a similar scene awakens your memory. For example, after 18 spring and autumn, Watanabe thought of those vague people in his memory because of the music "Norwegian forest".

"I think that the incomplete container of articles can only contain incomplete memories and incomplete ideas. And found that the more vague the memory about Naoko, the more I can understand her¡ª¡ª Watanabe.

Looking back on the past, there is always a new understanding and indifferent relief. Can't guess, found the answer in the memory.

The first three people: Watanabe, muyue and Zhizi. Muyue is a unique friend. He is very lonely, three people get along, he talks freely, very natural. But in addition, he has no other friends, reading books and listening to music alone. There are many such people in real life. Only when they feel safe can they freely experience real freedom and happiness. In addition, there are defenses everywhere for fear of injury. Social relations are not handled well, so are family relations. Only when you get along with Naoko's childhood girlfriend and Watanabe, a good friend, can you live your soul.

Is there a period of time before people die? Last second is still talking about playing billiards, in the twinkling of an eye, they are self-contained in their garage. I didn't leave a last word. Maybe there was his reason, one that made him despair to the cold. Loneliness breeds depression, depression breeds death. Muyue is a fragile person. He repeatedly marched on the two ends of self-confidence and inferiority. Only in front of Naoko can he really show his vulnerability. Repeatedly tired, heart more and more pain, until one day, can not bear, perhaps death is a relief. After Mu Yue died, the three people line became two people line. Watanabe and Naoko naturally walked together. Watanabe loves Naoko very much. Even though Naoko was hit by muyue's death and was admitted to a sanatorium, he still insisted on waiting until she recovered.

Naoko said to Watanabe, "I hope you can remember me and remember that I once existed like this." Maybe in Zhizi's heart, he comforted himself to be with Watanabe. But she could not get rid of the shadow that the moon had passed away. It is unfair to Watanabe to do so on the basis that he is not true love. Naoko also came back before he died. Before she died, she chose to meet Lingzi and burn all the letters that Watanabe wrote to her and all her memories with him. Probably also suffered too much during the treatment. Maybe she couldn't be cured. She and Mu Yue are two people who are incompatible with the world around them. They rely on each other to keep warm. Watanabe is their link to the outside world. They also tried to get out of their own world and into the outside world, but failed. But Zhizi is stronger than muyue, and her efforts are much more than muyue's. she constantly doubts herself and is constantly tangled and unable to get answers. She is the most miserable and pitiful person.

Lingzi acted as another chain between Zhizi and Watanabe. In the cold sanatorium, Lingzi is Zhizi's only rare confidant and her dependence. Lingzi herself has gone through ups and downs, but she is very comfortable because she can put it down. In the face of the stigma of female students, she chose to tolerate, although her heart is also under great pressure. When she couldn't bear it, she chose to divorce her husband. After Naoko died, she went to Watanabe to tell him to cherish the happiness around him, grow up and manage his own future with Lvzi. For music, she is a rare talent. She also said, "I've become a person of the past. What you see is just a fragment of my past. The most precious thing in my heart died a long time ago. I just sit and lie according to the memory of the past. "Some part of the whole person's heart has been killed and no longer exists.

Lvzi is a very personality person, she is very lively and naughty, but also very filial. From a friend to a lover, she walked with Watanabe. She knew that Watanabe always put Naoko in the first place and did not expect anything. But when Watanabe is full of worries about missing Naoko, she will also be naughty and jealous: "you always curl up in your own world, while I keep knocking on the door and calling you. So you lift your eyelids a little, and then you return to your original state immediately What a trick love is! Did not meet earlier, can not become his heart "love", but wholeheartedly, wish him to feel, wish him happy. I wish he would come back one day and say, "I've been here all the time."

Yongze is another special character in the story. He and Watanabe read the same books, which are not understood by outsiders, but they have the same language. But, of course, he is not comparable to muyue's status. Yongze is a natural and cool person, but he is also a very lucky person. There is a never-ending girlfriend Chumei beside him. Knowing how far he Yongze has gone, Chumi is still willing to get married. After calling on Watanabe's celebration banquet, Yongze euphemistically wants Chumei to leave him. Even Watanabe confesses to Chumei later, hoping that she will leave Yongze and find a real person for life. Chumi eventually did, but after two years of marriage, she chose to commit suicide. Because of this, Watanabe never paid attention to Yongze. Perhaps, what a beautiful woman has been hurt, just for her own freedom. It's really terrible to be selfish. How can Watanabe bear such a heavy affection?

Throughout one's life, there are a lot of people coming and going around. How many people can really accompany you all the time? Everyone has his own sick side, suffering that others can't understand. Some people can turn a blind eye, some people are trapped. At the beginning of the novel, when recalling Zhizi, he mentions a well, which is buried in the grass and can't be found. Once people accidentally fall into, it is inevitable to die, deep terrible! The problem is that nobody can find the exact location of that well. Muyue and Zhizi both met the well. Maybe for them, this is also a kind of relief! There will always be people bumping into it. It's inevitable. Only too much helpless, too much regret, turned into a gust of wind.

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Forest in Norway 2

There is a novel called Norwegian forest, there is a language called Haruki Murakami.

When you are lonely, you can see the Norwegian forest when you are sad. When you lose the hope of life, you should see the Norwegian forest even more.

Haruki Murakami, a Norwegian forest writer, is a famous Japanese writer. He has won many works awards in Japan and abroad. Since its publication, the book has sold tens of millions of copies and has been popular in Japan for a while.

Many people read this book because its name is Norwegian forest. They wonder why they have such a name since it is about the loneliness of life and the process of enjoying loneliness. In fact, what he wants to show is that everyone has his own forest. The lost people are lost and the people who meet will meet again. It is also because I heard such a song on the plane that I wrote such a story during my trip.

This book tells about the triangle love relationship between Naoko Watanabe and Lvzi. After Naoko committed suicide due to mental illness, Watanabe recovered Lvzi. Finally, they came together and finally reflected the theme that the people they met would meet again.

The characters involved in the book are not many and complicated, but everyone has his own characteristics. I think everyone is sick. Later I found out that among the eight people, only Greenson is a normal person.

"Norwegian forest" is full of loneliness throughout the book. People are not easy to understand. Therefore, both Watanabe and Yongze feel that it doesn't matter whether they are understood or not.

In fact, it is really difficult for people to understand each other, so loneliness is the norm. We should get used to being alone.

Jiang Xun said: there is only curiosity among people, but no understanding. Even if you are close to your husband, wife, mother and daughter, a person who lives with you every day, you will feel strange when you observe carefully. You will find that there are some places that you don't know at all. I think that people can't understand each other when they get along with each other. Everyone is wandering between understanding and strangeness, and it is impossible to see through absolutely.

Both Murakami and Jiang Xun are accustomed to accompany with loneliness, and they also enjoy the lonely life. People have a lot of contradictions and sadness, because they stubbornly believe that the other party should understand themselves, but the other party does not understand, so the heart has resentment and cracks. In fact, as long as you understand each other is very difficult to understand each other, it is easy to release, not easy to have trouble.

In fact, among Murakami's works, the most moving or resonating with me is a kind of life mode and an attitude towards life, that is, playing with loneliness and playing with helplessness. Most readers read the tone of Murakami's literature is loneliness and helplessness. But compared with loneliness and helplessness itself, he paid more attention to the attitude towards loneliness and helplessness.

In essence, people and life are lonely and helpless. So we need to interact with people in order to understand each other. However, is mutual understanding really possible? No, impossible, fatalistic impossible, our efforts to seek understanding are futile.

So why do you have to work hard? Since no matter how hard you try to win understanding, you will probably live better if you stop trying. In other words, it is better to go back and play with loneliness and helplessness than to eliminate loneliness and resolve helplessness through communication with people.

There is an interesting place in Murakami's novels, but readers can quickly indulge in any page, and none of them is boring. His novels are like a grand view garden without walls. You can enter it from any corner, or you can find a small bridge, winding water, or lush woods and bamboo trees, and the courtyard is deep. Nowhere is not a bright spot. Any place is both an exit and an entrance.

Why is there such a writing and reading method? Maybe this is the highlight of Murakami's novels. His novels are a superb management of sentiment, charm and atmosphere. He is not good at the seamless plot design, not to mention the profound and important theme excavation. His works are not only stained with the tone of European literature, but also interpret the connotation of Oriental Literature and the ancient Zen.

Murakami's novels show that he has a very outstanding ability of deduction, play and extension. Therefore, the scenes he wrote are full of poetic and symbolic flavor. The brushwork has European traces, but the emotion contained in it is very classical and romantic.

I have summed up the following conclusions about this book

1. Loneliness and narcissism are the characteristics of all the characters in the book.

At the beginning, I only felt that Yongze was a narcissistic person. Because he didn't agree with him, he wore colored glasses at the beginning. Later, I felt that he was just living in his way. Although he was lonely and disappointed with the reality, he kept an optimistic attitude in a way of playing life. This is a reflection of reality. I think this is one of the reasons why there are descriptions of sex in many places throughout the book. Everyone is looking for warmth and no longer lonely.

2. When you believe a person unconditionally, your faith will collapse after he leaves and needs warmth.

This is the book about death gives me the most profound feeling. Zhizi's sister's death and muyue's death all make Zhizi's belief collapse. Lvzi is the person who gives Zhizi warmth and is also the most normal person in the whole book.

3. People can't be bound by something

In real life, many people are not satisfied with their life, but they can't change it. This situation comes from their own internal constraints and internal contradictions. They don't want to be content with the status quo, but it is difficult to make a change.

4. It's hard for people who are too good to survive?

Many people find that those who are too good are depressed, sentimental, and have mental illness. The more things they get, they are more likely to be upset and even choose to die, such as Naoko's death.

In fact, there is a language called Haruki Murakami. There is a novel called Norwegian forest. We should read it while we are still in love and want to love more. In our love, memories of love, occasionally think of it.

This is the real feeling of this book. To read it, you will find that loneliness is a pleasure, an encounter, an encounter. You will find that the world is beautiful and loneliness is common. Enjoying solitude and playing solitude are the attitudes we should have towards life.

Forest in Norway 3

In the introduction to the translator of Norwegian forest, it is written that most of Murakami's works are related to loneliness and loneliness. He does not pay attention to the description of loneliness and the creation of a lonely atmosphere. He is more of a kind of play and appreciation of loneliness. In a way of personal experience, he makes readers feel lonely about life and feelings. In addition to experiencing the helplessness of life and the transmission of life and death, the relationship between men and women in a book, I have some new experiences.

The king Watanabe in the article is a very tangled figure, in the third party of muyue and Zhizi, is their good friend. Muyue and Zhizi are childhood sweethearts. Muyue committed suicide when she was 17 years old. The impact of muyue's death on Mr. Watanabe was too great, so was Naoko. Two years after muyue's death, Zhizi and Watanabe met in University in Tokyo and fell in love with each other. Then, on her 20th birthday, all kinds of experiences over the years finally made Naoko unable to bear it. She returned to the sanatorium in her hometown. During this period, Watanabe Jun met many girls. Among them, Kobayashi had the greatest influence on him. One side was Zhizi and the other was Lvzi. Watanabe Jun was extremely tangled. During this period, Mr. Watanabe went to sanatorium to see Zhizi twice and got to know her best friend Lingzi in sanatorium.

Finally, Naoko ended his life at the time of his 21st birthday. Under the attack of this news, Mr. Watanabe became tired of the world and complained about the unfairness of heaven. Lvzi finally left Naoko because he was so obsessed with Naoko. The story ends with Watanabe alone. Yongze, his college classmate, abandoned his girlfriend Chumei (abnormal temperament, not to say beautiful, but it always gives people a warm feeling) with Yongze as a diplomat and went to Germany. Chumei married someone else (two years later, she committed suicide in her own bathroom by cutting her wrists). Yongze just said: what important things have I lost. Because of this, Watanabe and Yongze broke up. Yongze is very hard hearted and stubborn.

Most of the friends who meet with Watanabe in the book do not leave quietly, or commit suicide, or seek their own dreams, abandon everything, or have all kinds of misfortunes. This book let me understand that there is indeed a pure friendship between men and women. Maybe when two people know each other very well, and the outside world even think that each other is a person of self-respect, there is less emotional impulse in the moment of determining the relationship. If such love can not be loved, it can not be called love. The love produced by sex is incomplete and not lasting. A man may give up his feelings for a promise to a woman, but the woman still dare not understand it. In this way, two people will spend their whole life. The second is that people will meet many people in their life, or passers-by, or confidants, or bole, but there is no guarantee that one day he or she will not leave you quietly, which does not refer to space, but may also be time. But these people have a great influence on themselves, from habit to character. People always live in accommodation. For life and death, death must need courage, but to live needs greater courage, there is: death is not the end of life, but another continuation of life. The living need to live for the dead. Everyone in the book has their own story, but they always get along very normally. This is what I call "the nest of the soul" in modern society. Everyone is wrapped up in lies or other things, and will never reveal his true feelings to anyone. In other words, everyone has his own story.

Finally, the result of Mr. Watanabe reminds me of Fang Zijun in the love story of Chengdu and Mo Dou in my peach blossom robbery. I deeply regret the characters in the novel.

Forest in Norway 4

On the seventh day, after turning 359 pages, the whole book has reached a full stop. However, what I have left is a question mark, a series of question marks. Why did muyue die? Where have the death squads gone? Why does Naoko commit suicide? Is it seeking liberation? Where does this liberation come from? From the suicide of Mu Yue or suicide sister? can make nothing of it. Looking at the books in my hands from thick to thin, I almost thought that I was about to see the result of the event. I would soon be able to know the secret of muyue's suicide, so as to understand the whole story and tell it to others. However, it did not. Close the last page and think about it carefully. From the 17-year-old when muyue died to the 21-year-old when Naoko committed suicide, he talked a lot, but seemed to say nothing. The more he looked, the more confused he became. But since I read it, I still write it.

The first touch is sex. Sex can be seen everywhere, sex is not taboo, and it is never covered up. In this way, the island culture is indeed open. What puzzles me in the book is the relationship between Naoko and Watanabe? friend? of course. lover? It looks like it. However, at the moment when he and Lvzi confessed to each other, I suddenly felt that he and Naoko might not have love. Although they had done all the things that should and shouldn't have done, and both sides enjoyed it very much. At least Watanabe was like this. According to Lingzi, Naoko was the same. In our opinion, Watanabe's life can be regarded as a bit of erosion. It may be related to the culture of this country and has no cover up on sex. But it can be seen that Watanabe is a person with a sense of responsibility. When Naoko is facing difficulties, he still accepts Lvzi. Can it show that he loves Lvzi partly because of responsibility? I'm not sure, but now he is already. But one thing to put aside is that there can be no love in Japanese sex, and it can't be seen as a distortion.

So let's talk about Naoko. Does Naoko love Watanabe? As Watanabe said a few years later, no, Naoko never loved him. So, there are two possibilities left. One is to repay Watanabe. After muyue's death, Watanabe is his only friend, even better than muyue to himself; Second, Watanabe has been playing the role of wooden moon, and Naoko has been living in that shadow.

Always want to read the whole book can't wait to finish is to want to know why Mu Yue died? What secret is hidden in him? But very disappointed, the author did not say anything, at least did not say clearly, so can only slightly guess one or two. A long time together makes Zhizi and muyue seem to be a self-sufficient system. They have been inseparable since they were three years old. They have experienced the common good things early. Muyue may want to leave such a life, but she doesn't know how to face Zhizi who has been together for more than ten years, so she chooses to be liberated by death. Two muyue fell in love with Watanabe, yes, the so-called homosexuality. Zhizi once said that Watanabe was the medium for them to communicate with the outside world. Muyue always wanted to show the best side to Watanabe, which was close to pleasing. It was difficult to understand as a general basic feeling. However, he realized that Watanabe also liked Naoko and did not know how to deal with it. At the same time, Lingzi's experience is due to homosexuality, is it a coincidence? Or the author's suggestion? I don't know, but it doesn't matter.

The meaning of the book is to write loneliness and understanding, so who is the most lonely? Is it Naoko or muyue? Is Yongze or Chumi? Is it a death squadron or a green boy? Or Watanabe, the protagonist of the novel? They are very lonely. Everyone in the book is like a freak, living in their own world, but there are some differences. Zhizi and muyue live in their own small circle. They want to break free, but they are cowardly and helpless; Yongze radiates light all over his body. He doesn't need to understand that this kind of man comes to conquer the world, but he doesn't want anything else, including love, including the first beauty that is tolerated repeatedly in love. But this poor, lovely, respectable and pitiful woman sought relief in this kind of idea, and ended up fruitless, somewhat desolate; The death squads live like a joke, and they are all people's jokes, but they are not their own; What about Watanabe? Watanabe is the loneliest, but it is the least lonely. Because he is often alone, but there is no lack of friends, like him, only for their own friends. At the same time, he is different from others. It should be said that he is more popular. He has the same temperament as a living person. He is special and worldly. Sometimes he is lonely. The key is that he likes loneliness and is good at resolving loneliness. This is what Naoko lacks. Green son in the last, because she is really a talent, dare to love and hate, after suffering that kind of free and easy, more tenacious.

Watanabe: in my impression, all the people in the world are working hard and busy. Am I wrong?

Yongze: it's not hard work, it's just labor. What I'm talking about is quite different from this. The so-called effort refers to active and purposeful activities. Don't feel sorry for yourself. It's the weak.

I wrote a lot, but it doesn't seem to be what I want to say. Some things can only linger in my brain. Even I don't know what it is. I think it's gone, but it should still be there.

Forest in Norway 5

Today, the villagers went to the campus of the city. When walking alone, they gazed at the historic road and found that the reflection of the sun followed the potholes on the road, as if to trip time. Reading nothing seems contrary to such a fine weather and ice cream black tea in hand, so I finished the Norwegian forest.

When I just finished reading, I was only breathed by the ending and had no obvious experience. Many sentences and paragraphs are excerpted, which are humorous and meaningful, but I always feel that there is no summary experience. After reading many other people's feelings, the understanding from various angles is numerous and diverse, and the situation that different people hold opposite views often occurs.

Around this book, the themes often discussed are loneliness, adolescent confusion, and life and death. Someone summed up the whole story of the book is to let people who want to live and those who want to die die die. Loneliness and confusion run through it, including each character's family, personality and experience, tearing them to make a choice between life and death. Muyue, a good friend of "I" (Watanabe), who died at the beginning of the story, is a character who is obviously sliding in the direction of "death" (or his struggle about "life" is not disclosed in the book). But his childhood sweetheart Naoko, although facing "death", but because of the appearance of Watanabe, temporarily nostalgic for "life". Lu Zi, the girl most likely to spend the rest of her life with Watanabe in the future, and Yongze, a good friend of his college days, always have the "life" tendency to prevail. The protagonist Watanabe, in the hesitation of "life" and "death", connects a series of different characters.

At least judging from the comments I read and my own feelings, the comments on muyue and Naoko, who are facing death, are similar, either by analyzing their incompatibility with real life, or by guessing that death is their mutual pursuit, and so on. As for "life", the mainstream view is to appreciate the optimistic and strong attitude, and to move towards "life" firmly is a sign of maturity and growth. There is a Book Review: "people used to live in the shell of the past and self weaving. When we grow up, we feel pain. We should throw away all kinds of fears and barriers in the past and in our hearts like cicadas molting their skins. We should not be willful or self closing, not afraid to love, not afraid to be loved, feel other people's hearts, feel their own hearts, and no longer make others suffer, No more pain. " There are also book reviews excerpts from other writers: "man lives because he is willing to live. This is the meaning of life, or no need to pursue any meaning. "

Even so, I always can't appreciate and sympathize with people like Lvzi. On the one hand, over positive words always seem to be self deception; On the other hand, I always can't understand the view that "living is meaning" and firmly moving towards "life". Although this kind of helplessness does not mean that he is going to "die", he is born to struggle on the balance of life and death, and can not choose. To feel life wholeheartedly is certainly a good thing recognized by the society; However, sometimes coveting death, sometimes yearning for life, in such a swing until deprived of the right to life, always feel that it can not be regarded as treacherous.

At the end of the article, I would like to make an excerpt (which is very positive)

"And I have to adapt myself to this situation. Of course, it's not that I can be strong enough to solve everything, which I know in my heart. But anyway, all I can do now is to improve my morale and wait patiently for her to recover.

Hello, muyue! Unlike you, I am determined to live and live as well as I can. You must also be very painful, but I am not easy, do not cheat you. This is also caused by the death of Naoko! But I will never abandon her, because I like her, I am more tenacious than her, and will become more stubborn, mature, become an adult - besides, I have no choice. I used to think that if I could always be 17 or 18, but now I don't think so Hello Mu Yue, I'm no longer who I was when I was with you. I'm 20 years old! I must pay a price for my continued existence! "

This inner statement has a very special power for me. The inner monologue of "I" to Mu Yue in the novel is because the other party can never reply. It is like throwing stones into the abyss. The more placid and traceless the surface is, the more able it is to stimulate the shocking echo in the black hole of the soul.

"Becoming an adult" is a common topic of youth with confusion and loneliness. No matter how different the definition of "adult" is, "besides, I have no choice" is always the most real situation. Maybe some people will struggle for a lifetime between adults and children, or they will be caught with their hands tied, but in the end, "I must pay the corresponding price for my continued survival".

Forest in Norway 6

After reading the Norwegian forest, the mood is very complex, reading this book has a very long time span and is not serious.

As the first book I read in 20XX, my feelings for it are very complex. On the one hand, it is one of the books she gave me on my birthday. On the other hand, the content of this book is very touching.

This book I read is very real, I think the real youth is like this. Maybe some people are not, but most people must be.

Desire, depravity, sex, anxiety, torture, innocence.

In my opinion, if you hide his experience and only look at his talent and character, no matter who he is, he will be infatuated with his good quality. Of course, he must be a good man.

In fact, people are complex. The good and bad people in books only exist in books. There must be good and bad for each of us.

Muyue chooses suicide, Naoko chooses to die, Lingzi leaves ameliao, and Watanabe chooses Lvzi. As Zhihu said, they may all be saving themselves.

But I suspect that I have the suspicion of taking the right seat. At least from the experience, I would like to make the behavior of taking the right seat. This book is very abstruse. I can't understand it all now. I always think that I can understand it only after experience.

After thinking about it, there is nothing to write about. Mr. Murakami's writing is very good and worth learning. I also hope that I can keep my heart and spend my youth. I believe I also realize that people are very complicated. Human nature can not stand the temptation, but the human heart is extremely fragile.

Forest in Norway 7

Watanabe, Zhizi and muyue are friends in high school. They always play together. However, muyue and Zhizi are both young and lovers. They are isolated from the outside world and only play with Watanabe. Watanabe is their bridge to connect with the world. Muyue committed suicide late at night after playing with Watanabe, and lived forever at the age of 17. Zhizi and Watanabe left each other, met again as freshmen, and later fell in love, Zhizi is not in good spirits. After entering the sanatorium, Watanabe has been accompanying, encouraging and waiting... Zhizi is pure and perfect in Watanabe.

Lu Zi and Watanabe met in an elective course of literary history. Lu Zi is humorous and energetic. He seems to be dishonest and has a clean mind. Unconsciously, they fall in love. Even if Watanabe is unwilling to admit it, he should keep his loyalty to Naoko.

One day, Naoko came back full of energy, chatting and laughing with everyone. It seemed that the treatment was effective. Late at night, she took a rope and a flashlight and went to the depth of the forest to end her life and live forever at the age of 20

With everyone's death, it's despair. However, Lvzi brings hope and vitality

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of people who choose to commit suicide. The world is uncompromising and people are uncompromising. In this case, what is the meaning of living

During this period of time, I often feel that life is very boring, I can't make any effort to do anything, and I have no expectation for the future, but the world is full of kindness to me, isn't it? What do you want to do... So much, so much, so calm down, clear your mind, do it slowly, don't be anxious, don't be nervous, who cares about your little embarrassment except yourself, What about small mistakes

Let me take your heart off and try to melt it slowly to see if I am still perfect in your heart... How much of the content of this song is related to the book. Now when I sing this song, I think of Watanabe

But I don't really like the ending of the story. For Lingzi, how can pure friendship lead to sexual love? Is it just for aftertaste? Or did Zhizi have expectations when she told her story, with curiosity about Watanabe, some confused people, some confused me

"It's just a game. Why take it so seriously..." "life is also a game. Should I take it seriously?"¡¶ The memory point in the last story of Tang street is like a dream.

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