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After reading Utopia

Utopian model essays after reading (selected 5)

After reading a famous book, we must have a lot of feelings about life or things. It is very important to record them. Let's write a review. Do you know how to write after reading? The following is a small collection of Utopian reading experience model articles (selected 5), you are welcome to learn from and reference, I hope to help you.

 Utopian model essays after reading (selected 5)

After reading Utopia 1

I heard the word Utopia when I was a child. It is used to refer to unrealistic fantasies. I have known that this book has existed for a long time. Until recently, I have only seen this book. The language of Utopia is beautiful and fluent. All the lines reveal Mr. Moore's compassion. It is like drinking sweet dew and spring breeze, which leaves a deep impression on me, For the first time in my life, I had a desire to write about my impressions after reading. I was distracted by trivial matters and lazy. Although I was still lingering in my mind after many days, the influence of this book on me was general.

Just as Nietzsche learns from zarathula, Thomas Moore tells his ideal kingdom through Raphael. I really appreciate Rafael's personality. He is knowledgeable and has a lot of experience traveling around the world. As Moore and others have suggested, he can seek high position by offering advice to the king and enjoy the glory and wealth. Since Raphael traveled to Utopia, he felt that he was the most ideal state system in the world. He was well aware that this system would be difficult to obtain the approval of other kings. This reminds me of Shang Yang in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. He first suggested that Qin Xiaogong should carry out the principle of emperor. Qin Xiaogong's reaction is very cold, even if it is reduced to the king's way, he has not been able to move him. Finally, he had to put forward that the spirit of "following suit" came to him. The reality is so helpless. In the dilemma between ideal and practice, Shang Yang chose to lower the ideal in order to implement, Raphael chose not to lower the ideal to cater to the king even if he could not implement it. He was willing to be plain for freedom.

Thomas Moore came from a wealthy family. He was fond of philosophy, but forced by his father's pressure, he changed to law and became a lawyer, and later became a judge minister. Moore was full of deep sympathy for the working masses at the bottom of society. Even criminals show tolerance. He did not criticize the criminal's moral conduct like other lawyers and judges. Most people are forced to make a living. From the perspective of social system, we should look at crime. Moore thinks that poverty is the origin of all evils. Poverty is caused by social injustice, while social injustice is caused by private ownership. He severely criticized the greed, cruelty and extravagance of the kings and nobles. He deeply sympathized with the suffering of the working masses. In order to save these social diseases, Moore put forward a prescription to eliminate private ownership and implement public ownership. Workers and peasants propose to eliminate private ownership and implement public ownership. For example, they can realize social justice by "fighting local tyrants and dividing fields". I don't think they are so noble. They stand on their own interests and insist that this is justice, which is the patent of winners; However, this idea comes from the rich and important Minister of the country. It is very precious to put the noble halo on him. I don't think many people will oppose it. Moore died rather than surrender because of his opposition to King Henry VIII's divorce and tyranny, and was sent to prison to die. For his ideal, he did not hesitate to violate his own interests or even sacrifice his life. Only by this, Moore's character is worthy of respect.

Utopia is an island country surrounded by the sea on all sides, with fertile land, favorable weather and abundant gold and jewelry. Like Plato's Republic, Utopia implements the rule of elite political philosophers; On the island, everyone has to take part in labor, and officials can be exempted from this obligation, but many officials will give up this privilege, because labor is a kind of entertainment for them, and each person only needs to work seven hours a day to have enough food and clothing. In other countries, the reason why they work all day is to feed a lot of people who don't work, such as nobles, rich people and their servants, And people who provide entertainment for them. Utopia is a communist country. It has no currency or even trade. It needs things to go to the warehouse directly. People despise gold and silver. Only slaves and criminals wear gold and silver (their shackles are made of gold). Jewelry is children's toys. Adults will be ridiculed if they wear jewelry. However, it is worth mentioning that they protect the private property of merchants in other countries, Because they know that money doesn't mean anything to them, but it means everything to businessmen in other countries. It's a big difference from communism in the Soviet Union. Dress is very simple, not so much fancy, this is the same as China before the 1980s. If you want to cook by yourself, you can go to the warehouse to get the food and make it yourself. Most people don't do it because you can't make it more delicious than the canteen, which is quite different from the canteen in the era of Chinese commune. Utopia has a good medical insurance system. Doctors are skilled and enthusiastic, and patients will be well cared for. If they can't cure them, Utopia advocates euthanasia because they think that what patients give up is pain rather than enjoyment. Death is God's call to living people. Fear and unwillingness to disobey God's will are not acceptable to God, Of course, unless I agree, they will not carry out euthanasia on patients, and they will try their best to take care of the patients until they die. However, they do not advocate suicide. If suicide is not approved by the Parliament and the clergy, they will not get a decent burial. In addition, they think that religious belief is a powerful guarantee of civic morality. Can a man who has no fear of God still fear morality? Utopians like to study after work. Their only entertainment is to tidy up their gardens. Utopia attaches great importance to the education of children, strictly reviews the teaching materials, and never allows the contents of corrupting morality and distorting the outlook on life and values to appear in the textbooks. For example, Homer's epic preaches that God's fraud is prohibited. Therefore, they are relatively simple and easy to be satisfied, unlike today's media full of fraud, violence and degeneration. Utopians are opposed to war, especially for the expansion of territory. But they are not afraid of war for the sake of freedom and justice. Once a war begins, they will encourage other countries to join the war or offer a large reward to the head of the king of the enemy country with a large sum of money. If they can't, they will hire mercenaries. Compared with the life and money of their own people, money is meaningless, The meaning of attacking the city below.

From this book, we can see the foresight of the author. As far as the 16th century, he can see what kind of defects will appear in the current society and in the future society. Therefore, in his book, he constructed a class free, very equal society in which everyone can obtain the most basic needs of survival. At the same time, he also pointed out that people's pursuit of money is very stupid, especially in the society after the industrial revolution, people blindly pursue material life, the development of science and technology makes people more tired every day, almost no rest for breath, so the lack of spiritual happiness and satisfaction is really a serious problem in modern society. In addition, what is more rare and valuable is that the author saw all kinds of harm caused by the struggle between religions, so he advocated that everyone should have the freedom of religion. In terms of the environment in which the author lived at that time, his idea was very rare and valuable.

Thomas Moore didn't think there was a Utopia in the world. But he would rather believe that Utopia exists in some corner of the world.

This is just like Tao Yuanming's Peach Blossom Land. Although he knew that the Peach Blossom Land did not exist in the world, he placed his hope on itˇ¶ Tao Yuanming's dream in the decadent society is Tao Yuanming's pure land in the dark reality.

There is no exploitation, no war, common labor, simple customs, and everyone lives and works in peace and contentment. This is the author's aspiration. Although the final "no road" in the story of peach blossom garden, Utopia in the ideal always makes us pursue the direction.

And the ideas advocated by the author in the book have always been actively promoted by people. But today, there are many people who have failed. However, why they fail? I think there is a big gap between this ideal and human nature! However, some of the ideas put forward by the author and many other efforts in this field have also been implemented in the social welfare system. For example, European countries have developed very well in this area. It can be seen that their ideas are still feasible and valuable. It is only after a period of exploration and experiment that the achievements can be seen, Now all countries in the world are striving to promote various social welfare. I think this is the time for this idea to blossom and bear fruit!

After reading Utopia 2

Utopia was written by more, a British Utopian socialist, philosopher and statesman. In the book, Moore uses the words of Raphael hisrad, an overseas tourist, to talk about his thinking of reality and his vision of the future. In the book, Moore used "sheep eat man" for the first time to expose the evil "enclosure movement", and put forward the public ownership, and discussed the people-oriented, harmonious coexistence, freedom of marriage, respect for women's rights and other issues closely related to modern life. The book is divided into two parts. The first part reveals the various disadvantages of British society at that time. The second part is a comprehensive description of the image of Utopia new island. He systematically describes the main features of Utopia in terms of politics, economy, science and culture, social life, religion and foreign relations.

In Utopia, people live a healthy and upward life with equality, mutual assistance, harmony and fraternity. Everyone eats in the public canteen, and few people buy food from the market aloneˇ° Utopians do not allow their citizens to engage in slaughtering because they believe that it will gradually eliminate the most precious compassion in human nature. ". It can be seen from this that Utopians are very kind and simple. They do not want their people to become people full of violence and killing. Utopians know how to respect each other. They are ashamed to insult clowns. They think that people can not be perfect, as long as they cherish the natural beauty, at the same time, they think that it is a very disgraceful thing to paint. In today's society, it is the characteristic of many women, either to cover up their own shortcomings, or to leave a good impression on each other, sometimes out of respect for each other. But most people still cherish their natural beauty, but sometimes people can't respect the people who are not very good-looking or play clowns like the utopian people, even show disgust in front of them and give them nicknames secretly.

In the eyes of Utopians, family ethics is of great significance. Respecting and loving the young is an unchangeable tradition. The number of each family is limited to 16 people and managed by their father. The wife serves the husband, the children serve the parents, and the young serve the elderly. In Utopia, polygamy and divorce are not allowed. Unless adultery or intolerable abnormal phenomena occur, the state can contact the engagement and allow the victim to marry separately. But people who commit crimes are not allowed to remarry. This is also a limitation of their system. In Utopia, women and men equally participate in various social activities and play an important role in the development of society. All of these are similar to the system of our country today. They all support equality between men and women.

The basic feature of Utopian political system is democracy, that is, all Utopians except slaves are masters of the country. Utopia has a complete system of officials, and senior administrative officials must be selected from knowledgeable scholars. There is no lawyer in Utopia. Everyone can protect his own interests and democratic rights by law.

Utopians pay attention to improving people's scientific and cultural level, stipulating that both men and women must read regularly, and as a lifelong habit. This is similar to the lifelong learning that we advocate now. At the same time, they also pay attention to the study of foreign culture.

In the eyes of Utopians, money is like dung, the State implements public ownership of property, and agriculture is the foundation of economic structure. They believe that "if money is abolished, the crimes related to money, such as cheating, theft, robbery, riots and rebellion, will not happen... Once money is abolished, poverty will immediately decrease and even disappear." But today, no money is considered absolutely impossible. Moreover, without money and commodity circulation, the country cannot develop.

In short, the Utopia described by Moore is a peaceful and beautiful country. Perhaps some places are not reasonable, but this is the peach blossom land that Moore and even many people yearn for. With the development and progress of society, many beautiful systems in Utopia have been realized in reality, which is a very happy thing. I hope that the world will become a big Utopia in a reasonable development one day.

After reading Utopia 3

"Utopia" is a new word formed from the combination of ou (no) and topos (local) in Greek, which means "Utopia". After reading Utopia, this book is deeply shocked by the perfect country of Utopia. If Utopia exists as a country in the novel, it is a perfect country. However, from the perspective of building a future society, its system is not feasible, and many problems Moore has not solved in essence. In fact, although the utopian picture is beautiful, it is only Thomas Moore's wish after all. Utopia is a utopia after all.

The first part of the book is about a dialogue between the author and Raphael, who discussed many practical problems in British society at that time. We can understand that this is the author in guiding the reader to reflect on the reality, thus leading to the second part of the description of the ideal society. Combining the first part and the second part of the book, we can see that Utopia was invented by the author to solve various social problems at that time. Thomas Moore hopes to attract the attention of the ruling class through his own views and assumptions of society, so as to improve the dark and chaotic society. However, the Utopia built by Moore to change the current social situation is only his own imagination. Its existence lacks the guidance of scientific theory, and many systems are not feasible. There are still many problems that have not been solved in essence.

Utopia is beautiful and unreal. There are many things in such a society where people are rich in food and clothing, everyone is happy by labor, and all property is completely owned by the public. If you think about it carefully, Mr. Moore did not explain to us the reasons for these phenomena. It is very Utopian. Utopia is a society of extreme collectivism, in which the individual is almost dissolved in the collective, which in fact will attack the individual's initiative and enthusiasm, and can not achieve the maximum rationalization of the system, thus blocking the achievement of the real national happiness and social harmony in fact. And because only under the premise of good human nature can people devote themselves to society completely. However, human nature can be said to be the most complex thing in the world. The absolute pure goodness of human nature is really difficult to realize in real life. In the book, Moore does not explain how this noble spiritual inspiration meets people's secular needs. Therefore, in reality, people always have to meet their own material needs first, which makes it difficult to ensure that people can always maintain their good nature.

However, for the whole human beings, Utopia shows the infinite imagination potential of human beings. It is the dissatisfaction and criticism to the real political life, the yearning for a series of beautiful things such as justice, freedom and virtue, and the pursuit of a better life.

After reading Utopia 4

Because the reality can't teach me to have any feelings, I made up a world. In this fictional world, I saw love, hope, lost goodness, and light. I knew that I didn't belong to this real world. I lived in an ideal country, and this utopia was not made up by me alone, It represents a beautiful vision for the world.

In reality, there is always a lack of things close to the ideal. In the real world, we can't draw the outline of the ideal. Because of the accumulated experience for a long time, everyone is yearning for light, peace and justice. However, it is too difficult to realize this kind of light, peace and justice which are deeply hidden in people's hearts. Under the pressure of reality, people are eager for light, peace and justice, It is helpless to place hope on the God in religion, because he is complete, pure and represents all the integrity, fairness and kindness in the world. However, people have been looking forward to thousands of years and yearning for thousands of years, the country of benevolence, justice and justice can not be fully realized.

The book of prophecy says that an ideal country should be established in this world, but who has the complete wisdom to build a complete Utopia of benevolence, integrity, peace and justice in this realistic world? I'm afraid such wisdom will be hard to find for thousands of years.

However, people can never be sure what direction the future things will follow. They can not see that the present situation seems to be a kind of disappointment. They think that the future is hopeless. As long as the blueprint is constructed in the heart and you think it belongs to justice, then you should spare no effort to implement it, pay full enthusiasm and put it into practice with a complete love.

Even if the blueprint of true justice fails due to the repulsion of the environment, it will not lead to failure in practice. Future generations will follow your passion and go all out to continue to complete the unfinished achievements until the day when it is finally realized.

At that time, you will watch from the window of another world that the blueprint of the original construction idea has been implemented in this world, your ideals have been arranged, and the things you have carefully constructed have been implemented. At that time, the light flashing on your face will illuminate the whole world, and your wisdom will be praised by all, but you do not regard it as a pet, You are deeply certain that you are merely accepting the eternal call from the deep heart to give your life to achieve a just mission.

Ah, today I was moved to write about you, as if I were a prophet, but who am I really? I am just one of thousands of people yearning for an ideal country.

After reading Utopia 5

Before watching the youth inspirational TV drama "struggle", the heroines called their place a heartbroken Utopia. At that time, their understanding of the word Utopia was limited to knowing this level, and their understanding of the meaning of Utopia was a utopian Utopia. Words like Shangri La. It is only after reading Thomas More's utopia that we can really understand the origin of this word and its profound connotation.

Thomas More's Utopia is divided into two parts. The first part reveals the social reality at that time through Raphael's dialogue with heathrad, a traveler, and profoundly exposes the great suffering of the British people in that period. In the preface of Utopia, it is said that "the reason why Moore surpasses his peers and enjoys great reputation today is that his works have not lost their practical significance because he is highly concerned about the people's lives." He put forward such social problems in the first part of the book, while the Utopia described in the second part is to solve these problems. Such a utopia can free people from suffering. Such a utopia state is Moore's ideal, but in other people's eyes, it has become a fantasy.

The limitations of the times inevitably lead to the limitations of science, and therefore the limitations of ideas. Moore's thought was progressive at that time. But he ignored the importance of productivity, so he became the representative of utopianism, or, this is not what Moore wanted. He is said to be a utopian, but he is undoubtedly the first greatest idealist in the history of Western Europe. In the article of the historical significance of Utopia, verbivolkin said: "in his thoughts, all contradictions of that era were reflected intensively, and a unique and unified ideological system was formed. This is an era when capitalism is being born. At this time, capitalism is breaking through the encirclement of feudal relations and growing up by leaps and bounds, and sprouts with the new social antagonism peculiar to capitalism. "

Under the autocratic monarchy of England at that time, the king of England used cruel punishment and killed people like hempˇ° I lived there for a few months, and shortly after the people's uprising in the west of England failed miserably against the king, the uprising was suppressed and the killing was heavy. " "Your sheep have always been so tame, so easy to feed, are said to have become greedy and savage. To cannibalize and destroy your fields, homes and cities The advantage of this statement is that it is the first time that someone criticizes the enclosure movement with the metaphor of sheep eating man. This passage has also been quoted twice by Marx in the capital theory on primitive accumulation.

In the second part of Utopia, we begin to describe Utopia, the ideal flourishing age in Moore's mind. There, the public property, people farming for a living, the population is not large and many, the wife to serve their husbands, children to serve their parents, young people to take care of the elderly, happy. Citizens who want to visit friends or travel in another city can easily get permission. wait. The life of Utopian people is undoubtedly beautiful. To the oppressed people of that time infinite yearning. However, the social system and mode of production of Utopia do not seem to be scientific, and there is no way to develop and circulate. Therefore, Utopia can only be doomed to be the representative of utopianism, but can not be realized. But its historical significance can not be lost. It plays an important role in the period of utopianism and even in the whole history of development.

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