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Killing a Mockingbird

Killing a Mockingbird

After reading a famous book, I believe you have a lot of things to share. Let's write a good review and record your harvest and feelings. Maybe you don't have a clue now. The following is a sample essay about killing a Mockingbird (selected 10 articles). You are welcome to learn from it and hope it will help you.

 Killing a Mockingbird

Kill a robin

"Kill a Mockingbird" has been on my bookshelf for a long time, but I haven't had time to start reading it. The opportunity to open it lies in watching the variety show "exciting offer". Li Haoyuan's mother used this book as an example to warn him that as a lawyer, he should balance the relationship between good feelings and law. Sean, the protagonist of "good doctor", also read the ending of the book in the play, which further prompted me to finish reading it.

To tell you the truth, it is different from what you think it is philosophical at first. But surprisingly, the story plot and the narration of children's perspective do not make this book dry and hard to understand. It takes more than ten hours to read the book in fragmented time (reading is slow). There are many classic quotations in the book, and the reflected truth is also obvious and easy to understand. We don't evaluate the style and structure of writing, but only talk about the principles that can be used.

There's a saying in the book: "there's no need to say everything you know. People don't like people around them who know more than they do. That would make them very angry. No matter how right you are, you can't change these people. There's nothing they can do about it unless they want to. You either shut your mouth or use their language. " I feel deeply because I like to impose my own ideas on others. When I see some "wrong" behaviors of others, I will not recognize them from the bottom of my heart, so I will try my best to remind them or point them out directly and clearly. What is unknowable is that it is a concept formed by his life for so many years, and even has been deeply rooted. He does not necessarily feel that there is anything wrong with it; On the other hand, I have not experienced the same life, and I am not qualified for arbitrary evaluation. So most of the time, when you meet a different point of view, you don't have to force yourself, just stick to your right self (when the whole world says you are wrong, you still need to have your own standards).

Introspection and introspection, and constantly learn and absorb new knowledge.

Kill a robin

Rereading this book is now two years later, and the doubts brought about by shallow reading have been solved. Although the American translation of the novel is sometimes difficult for me to understand, the general plot is still very attractive.

When I first read the novel, the title "kill a Mockingbird" made me confused, because the content of the book did not point to the title clearly. Until reading the conversation between Atticus and Scutt, Scutt thinks that if you do that, it's like killing a robin. At this point, the subtlety of the title became clear. Killing a Mockingbird seems to be a trivial, even entertaining act, but it is actually a kind of indifference to life and a distorted pursuit of killing.

The author uses "to kill a Mockingbird" to metaphor Tom Robinson's false accusation and confession of Arthur Radley's murder in the book. The two things are very different, which form the two main points of the whole book. The former Robin is killed innocently, and the latter one survives under the protection of morality and justice.

The first half of the novel revolves around the black Tom Robinson being falsely accused, and Atticus defends him. In this incident, the strong unequal relationship between different races forms a huge impact. Although the lawyer Atticus has the key evidence that Tom did not commit a crime, the court still finds him guilty. This Robin died in the national discrimination and moral extinction. Racial discrimination is the deepest thought brought to me by this incident. Just because of the difference of skin color, to be more accurate, it is the difference of blood origin and religious morality buried in the bones. The supreme law of the United States has mercilessly wiped out the possibility of its survival, which is just as ironic and extremely sad as killing a mockingbird.

The second half of the novel is about the strange man's neighbor, because he is different from the ordinary people's eccentricity, people avoid talking about him, and the children impose all kinds of weird and absurd conjectures on him. In the early stage, the alienation and malicious conjecture of the strange man formed a strong contrast with the later period when the strange man critically saved the two children. Scutt felt sorry for the strange man who had given her a gift, but she never appreciated it or returned it. This also indirectly showed the strange man's change in children's heart and the growth of children. It's like the story Scutt and Atticus talked about: strange people are strange, but not bad. For the general public, special groups are often strange and eye-catching, but we have no way to know what causes them to be different. Therefore, there is no reason to criticize their differences, and we can not deny the possibility of good faith and morality. I think that's one of the ideas the author wants to convey from the perspective of 8-year-old girl Scott.

Killing a Mockingbird looks like a little thing a naughty boy will do, but it reveals the cruelty of human nature and the lack of empathy. Killing a Mockingbird reflects the absurdity of killing a man in the adult world. I think: to save a Mockingbird, to save the pure good and bottom line of human nature, is mostly what this book calls for.

Kill a robin

This book has aroused readers' thinking and Discussion on bravery, prejudice, education and other issues. For me, what I feel most deeply is the precious quality of adix in his life: respect.

He respects the ignorant children like independent adults, the drug addicts in their twilight years like brave and self-esteem warriors, the disabled black people who are weak and weak like their equal companions, Radley's secluded habit, and Alexandra's adherence to family rules, regardless of their identity differences, His respect is always sincere because he can "walk around in other people's shoes", put himself in the shoes of others, understand other people's choices, and feel their emotions. This kind of respect from the heart is one's greatest gentleness to the world and the most subtle kindness.

Nowadays, with the development of the network, the distance between people is getting closer and closer, and friction and collision are increasing. It is particularly important to learn to respect.

Kill a robin

"The father said," it doesn't matter how many bluebirds you shoot, but remember that killing a Mockingbird is a sin. Because they only sing to people and do nothing bad. "

"Scutt, most people are kind, and you'll find out when you finally get to know them."

"Adix is right. Once he told me that you can never really understand a person unless you walk around in his shoes and think from his point of view. It's enough for me to stand on the front porch of the ladley's house. "

From the perspective of a little girl, Scott tells the story of what happened in this small town. Through the eyes of children, she can see through the world.

Adix, a father of noble character, is a real gentleman. His education style is impressive. He talks with his children on an equal basis, and teaches skut and Jim what is respect and what is true love. Adhere to their own values, for the sake of justice in the heart and the old concept of society, as he said, even a small step is progress.

Strange Radley, it is said that he killed his father. No child dares to get close to his yard. However, Radley will prepare small gifts for his neighbor's children and come forward when Scutt and Jim are in danger. The kind ladley is an innocent victim who is verbally hurt by the residents of the small town.

Black Tom, a warm-hearted and gentlemanly black man, was framed by a white woman and eventually shot in prison. He is an innocent Robin. Only children will cry for the injustice he has suffered in the court.

Old earl, falsely accused Tom, retaliated for Tom's lawyer, and finally hurt himself. How to look at old Euell's life, adix explained: "first of all, they are human beings, with their living environment and blind spots. You can't change them, but you must acknowledge their existence and understand their behavior.". We understand that the villain is not for forgiveness, but for compassion and hatred.

There are also many vivid, flesh and soul characters, their family ideas, views, values in the constant collision, interweaving, contest, forming a society.

There's prejudice, pride, hurt and love in this small town.

Kill a robin

In the stories we have seen and heard since childhood, heroes of the world are all dressed in armour and have different behaviors or outstanding talents from ordinary people. At first glance, they are extraordinary people. But in "kill a Mockingbird", the father of adix is more than half of the appearance is mediocre, and even daughter Scott laments that his father is very old and can't do anything. However, such a father who once made his daughter feel ashamed, with the progress of the story, slowly showed his extraordinary.

First of all, his extraordinary lies in his willingness to be ordinary.

One of the best chess players in the town and the sharpshooter in the county never mentioned his "bravery" at that time, unless he needed to come forward in current affairs, so as to solve the problems for everyone.

He never asked his children to achieve some kind of so-called excellence, let alone publicize his "heroic deeds".

That's what it looks like. So his son, Jim, said that adix was a gentleman.

Secondly, his extraordinary is his restraint.

Adix is a man of action and inaction. In order to protect the innocent black Tom, he committed danger alone; Even if you have excellent shooting ability, you don't hold a gun. A newspaper and a light bulb are his weapon for justice.

"A soldier is an ominous weapon, not a gentleman's weapon", which does not show to people.

He also passed on this quality to his children: so his fearless daughter, skut, did not fight when he was insulted by his classmates, but chose to exercise restraint. This also reminds me of the film "green book", when the male main beat a black waiter, the black doctor said to him lightly: "stop, Tony. Its all right。 ̄ Tony, like Scutt, has chosen to put down his fist after some inner struggle.

This moment is like the moment in the movie "the fantasy of youth" in which Pai stands in the bow of a boat in the face of a storm, but the tiger can only be driven by instinct to hide in the stern. At this moment, the watershed between man and animal is clearly revealed. At this moment, both Scott and Tony have taken a step forward in their own life journey. So, little scutter, she really deserves to be proud of herself.

Again, his extraordinary is that he guards the light in the dark.

As adix repeatedly mentioned, he should do things in accordance with his conscience, and should not be afraid to look directly into the eyes of children, even if the voice of opposition does not know whether there is an end to the night.

Perhaps the reality is that "those who know me hope, and those who know me are expensive". But adix has achieved "people don't know but don't get angry".

This is also like the film "Batman: The Dark Knight" in the public opinion and all kinds of strong resistance in the dark to stick to their inner beliefs of loneliness and not easy. This is a kind of sadness from the hero, which makes such a hero.

He guards the light in the dark. He must be an extraordinary man.

Kill a robin

Although this book is a novel, it covers a lot of profound content, including the issues of race, democracy, education and so on. The protagonist of the novel, Mr. Finch, is an excellent lawyer. He and his family are attacked in order to defend the black people. Once, when he bought his children shotguns, he said that they could not kill robins because they did not destroy crops or do any bad things. They just sang for human beings with their hearts. It was a sin to kill robins.

Robins have little to do with the plot of the novel, but they represent the kind and innocent people of the black people who are planted in the novel. They are not bad people. They are just ostracized and injured by others under the circumstances of the time. Mr. finch is a justice and good lawyer who abides by the principles. He makes his two children understand the prejudice and indifference of the adult world through his own actions, and uses his knowledge and ability to fight against racial discrimination and social injustice, setting an example of justice for children.

The novel also has a very incisive explanation of Democracy: democracy means that all people have equal rights and no one enjoys privileges. Both black and white people should be equal. Killing robins deprives this equality. Without equality, justice is impossible.

Kill a robin

What is right? Most people's support or what others say is right or wrong?

From the unique perspective of a six-year-old, this book describes the stories of three small towns in spring, summer, autumn and winter, with which we grew up. The main event in the story is that adix sued for the black people, and the rest of the story revolves around it.

Children's world is simple and simple, and it is because of this easy to be colored. Adix's integrity and kindness eventually won the hearts of the town's residents, and made Jim and Scutt good people. He is a gentleman to the letter, set an example, empathy, empathy, is patient with children. After Jim ruined her garden because of Mrs. Dubos' abuse, adix let the aggrieved Jim accept the punishment of reading to the old lady, which eventually taught Jim that those who looked hateful also had his respectable side.

Most of the residents of the small town revile adix because of the black incident. Adix shows a modest and gentle posture. The world kisses me with pain, but I sing back. The children don't understand why. He just asks them to wait on an equal footing, and time will tell them the truth.

The same is true of the oddball Radley incident. People always tell false stories about things or people they don't know. We always have one or two gossips like Miss Stephanie. Children's imagination and curiosity are infinite, three children can actually make and direct a strange man's play. After being scolded by his father, he could not contain curiosity and intruded into ladley's yard. In the end, it was a kind-hearted weirdo who saved their lives. Respect the habit of others, even if it's weird, don't be dangerous.

But there are also people in the world who are as bad as Joel, and you can't help it. The progress of a family depends on the efforts of the younger generation. The children of the Ewell family live in such an environment and are hard to be guided on the right path. It is hateful.

  When given choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.

Kill a robin

This book talks about several groups of families. Each family has different education methods. This book mainly tells about a family. The owner is adix. He is a lawyer. He has his own experience in educating children. He will not just blame his children like other families, but patiently tell his children a story to let them know their mistakes. But a few blocks away from adix, there lived a family named Radley, who was a freak, because his son never went out of the house and was isolated from the world. No one wanted to get close to their house and was afraid that the weirdo would "eat" them.

In these two families, I am more in favor of adix's education method, so that children can understand their mistakes, understand and correct them. At the same time, it can also help children find more friends, live happily in society, and make them more mature.

But there are also advantages to Radley's approach to educating children: keeping them at home keeps them safe from danger. But this makes them more and more away from society, which makes them feel strange to the world.

Therefore, we should protect the children to a certain extent, but we can't keep the children in the house like Radley and keep them away from anything. Like adix, we should let the children think about the quality and consequences of things themselves. At the same time, we should encourage our children to become good children who are willing to help others. When children make mistakes, we should patiently educate them, help them understand and correct them.

Kill a robin

There is a saying in the south of the United States: "it is a sin to kill a mockingbird." This sentence comes from this book.

"Robins never destroy other people's gardens, they don't make nests in corn barns. They only sing to us."

This book is a classic literary work spread in more than 30 countries. It is about the severe racial discrimination and the destruction of human nature in the context of the great depression. If there is darkness, there will be light. The protagonist adix is a man of light and justice. He is an ordinary lawyer. In order to defend an innocent black man in the court, a man blocked all the voices of the outside world, endured the abuse of "helping niggers" and strived for fair rights for black people in that era when black people had no status at all.

"The real bravery is that you know the result clearly and keep going. You seldom win, but sometimes you do," he said At the end of the day, the black man died. He did not awaken people's conscience, and his son was avenged. But he has set the greatest example for his children to be just and kind as a father.

After reading this book, I thought deeply. In real life, do we have enough courage to stand up when it is unfair, whether we are persistent and unswerving in doing a right thing, and whether we are willing to try a difficult thing.

We may not be as great as adix, but we can start with the little things in life. In the bus to pregnant women and the elderly seat, for the street hard cleaning Auntie handed a cup of tea. Kindness and justice are transmitted. The world we want is a world full of love.

I think, if everyone gives some love, how can there be so many unfair things in the world?

Kill a robin

Millions of years ago, in order to survive better, our ancestors learned how to domesticate animals and how to fence. So far, poultry and wild animals are both animals, but there are differences. People are just animals with ideas and higher wisdom. There is no exception. Compared with poultry and wild animals, human beings have made their own distinction: ordinary people and strange people, black people and white people

Weirdo!! All the unknowns and strangers are the targets of suspicion

However, after 15 years of not appearing in the life of small town people, Radley became a "freak". There is no lack of rumors and rumors about him, as well as "I" and his partners about "weirdo" directing and acting. It's not just houses and wooden doors that make Radley a "weirdo," because "there are ways to turn a man into a ghost.".

But there is a difference between "Mona Lisa's smile" and "Mona Lisa's smile". "I" who had never seen the real face of "weirdo" was saved by him, which was also the first time "I" met with him. It seems that he is just an ordinary person, not as the drama plays. If there's really any difference, it's "sick hands that haven't been bathed in the sun" and how they don't talk.

"I" and his four eyes, his face tension slowly dissipated, showing a shy smile. Mu ran, "I" eyes filled with tears, the neighbor's face in "my" eyes become a blur.

"Hello, weirdo."

Black people^ "All men are created equal" is just a few black words on the white paper. What on earth made the Jews of that era a "inferior race". What is it that makes the black man be the slave only, because Tom is black, so he can be stigmatized? Just because Tom is black, he doesn't deserve a lawyer? Just because Tom is black, he should still be convicted when the truth is clear?

"Tom's jury members are twelve reasonable people, but you can see that there is a layer between them and reason."

"In our courts, when the opposition is a white and a black, the White always wins."

It's the first time to be a man. Why is equality and justice used to be chosen? I'm not used to saying that "we can't have prejudice and discrimination towards others", because "it's very simple to love human beings, but it's very difficult to love a person.".

Just like "all men are born equal" - the black words on white paper, we look forward to and shout, but we don't know how to realize it. Most of the time, prejudice and discrimination come from others, but whether we accept ourselves before we accept others. Because there is one thing that can not follow the principle of conformity, that is the conscience of people.

The world is complicated. The purpose of pursuing our original intention is not to change the world, but to prevent the world from changing us. Prejudice and discrimination have always been eliminated in the treatment of people, so, to "love a person", to experience the hardships, in the process of inadvertently drawing circles, we should always remind and reflect on ourselves.

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