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The latest primary school graduation class teacher's work plan

Time: 2021-03-19 11:57:45 Work plan I want to contribute

The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan (6 general)

Time is just like passing by in a flash. I believe you are looking forward to the coming work and life! What are your plans at this time? It is estimated that many people think a lot, but they can't write it. The following is the latest work plan of the primary school graduating class teacher (general 6 articles) compiled by the editor. Welcome to read and hope you can enjoy it.

 The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan (6 general)

The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan 1

1、 Class situation analysis

There are 45 students in this class, most of them have good learning habits and behavior habits. The class atmosphere is good and the style of study is strong. The students' classroom discipline and sitting posture are particularly prominent. Good daily behavior habits are further developed, but there is a big gap between them and good classes. The main reason is that there are fewer excellent students and more poor students. Some students' learning ability is poor, their learning objectives are not clear, and they are not involved in learning in the classroom. The phenomenon that people are outside the classroom is very serious. Students are close to graduation, and the task of learning is very arduous.

II. Work ideas and main work of this semester

1. Strengthen students' daily behavior habits.

After a relaxed holiday, students seem free and lazy, no sense of discipline. At the beginning of the school, I will open a behavior habit education class, organize the study of school rules and regulations and formulate class rules, and train students' learning habits and behavior habits. And use the following class meeting, evening meeting, one by one to implement the students, let students clear requirements, arrange class cadres to inspect and supervise. For example: standardize the three exercises, let the sports committee to inspect, and the students supervise each other; The health committee should do a good job of morning inspection every day, and the classrooms and public places should be assigned and guided by each person in charge to sweep twice a day; Chinese class represents negative management, good morning reading; Class cadres timely praise good people and good deeds, and summarize the work in charge.

2. Strengthen the large class cadre team.

After a semester of training, class cadres have formed a certain core strength, clear their respective tasks, have a certain ability to work, some class cadres still form a certain prestige among the students. But I found that some class cadres exist in name only, and did not play a certain role, while some of the so-called civilians are very enthusiastic about their work. This semester, I decided to let more students work as cadres to manage the class. On the one hand, it can reduce the work of each class cadre, at the same time, more students can consciously form self-discipline ability. So that more students in the exercise, increase talent at the same time, realize the difficulties of being a small cadre, more consciously abide by the system. Encourage them to give ideas to the class, think of ways, enhance the collective concept, improve the enthusiasm of students. At the same time, regular meetings of class cadres are held to guide and train their management ability.

3. Strive to improve students' academic performance.

In view of the current situation of the students in this class, I will pay close attention to the learning atmosphere, carry out the education of learning purpose and attitude, and guide the students' learning methods, especially to let more students participate in the learning in the classroom, and let their thinking move. Students should focus on learning and grasp the process of learning, which is also the process of education for students. In the class, we should develop a kind of atmosphere of catching up with each other and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students. To create a relaxed and pleasant learning environment for students, stimulate students' thinking spark, make their potential fully play, so as to improve each student's academic performance, lay a solid learning foundation, and make full preparation for the entrance examination in the next semester.

4. Strengthen safety education to prevent accidents in the bud.

Safety work is the premise for all work to be carried out smoothly. Therefore, safety work should be put first in class work. I will use blackboard newspaper, photo exhibition, multimedia and other forms to carry out safety knowledge education. In order to enhance the students' self-protection awareness and ability, evening class, class team class and ideological and moral education class are used to teach students relevant self-protection knowledge.

5. Keep the contact between home and school to promote the smooth progress of class work.

I will carry out this work from the following two aspects:

(1) do a good job of home visit to understand the actual situation of students;

(2) communicate with parents in time to reflect students' learning and living conditions in school.

The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan 2

Through the efforts of one semester, the students' learning and discipline have made great progress. In order to continue the good atmosphere of last semester and make the students better complete the study and life of the last semester of primary school, the following plan is formulated:

I. Introduction to class students

There are 24 students in the class. Most of the students have a positive style of study. They are strict with themselves in discipline, so it is easy to form a good class atmosphere. Through the efforts of one semester, the gap between students with learning difficulties and other students is gradually narrowing; In terms of discipline, the overall situation of the class has improved, but for individual students, we still need to focus on education and transformation.

2、 Class objectives

This semester, we will still take "where there is a will, there is a way" as the class motto, strive to form a good style of study and class atmosphere in the class, and continue to achieve the following class goals:

1. Build a warm, harmonious and upward class.

2. Adhere to the two fine traditions of "beautiful environment and strong style of study".

3. Strive to achieve "orderly class discipline, serious and efficient learning, safety and long-term memory".

3. Measures to continue to be implemented

Continue to complete the measures formulated in the last semester to ensure the realization of various objectives:

(1) teaching

1. Do a good job in teaching

This semester's mathematics teaching mainly starts from three aspects: classroom listening, speaking, homework and review to cultivate students' positive and serious learning attitude, form good learning methods and expect the best learning effect.

Students' learning is like building a high building. The more solid the foundation is, the higher the building can be built. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the students' study and solve the problems in their daily study. To achieve this goal, we should pay attention to listening, speaking and homework in class.

Pay attention to the cultivation of three habits:

(1) cultivate the habit of listening carefully in class.

(2) cultivate students' habit of expressing their ideas in class.

(3) cultivate the students' habit of serious homework (mainly refers to the neat writing and high accuracy).

Three measures are put forward to improve the quality of operation

(1) arrangement of layered operation.

(2) the arrangement of individual homework.

(3) everyone should pass the exercises in the textbook.

When reviewing, the main thing is to be concise. Make good use of the error resources of students, and find out and make up for the mistakes; In view of the typical exercises in the learning process, improve the problem-solving skills.

2. Cooperate with subject teachers to do a good job in teaching

Mainly from the solution of students' ideological problems in learning, to assist teachers to do a good job in teaching.

3. Teachers insist on doing a good job of reflection after class and reading and learning activities at ordinary times.

(2) moral education

If the class discipline wants to be orderly, moral education should be carried out unremittingly, and in line with the principle of "prevention is better than rehabilitation", moral education should be carried out.

1. Do a good job in routine moral education

The routine moral education work is various and small, which should be all-round, but with emphasis. This semester, we should focus on three aspects: the discipline of recess activities, the discipline of duty activities, and the discipline on the way to and from school.

Students are required to master one stylistic skill every month. If we only ask the students what they can't do, but not guide them to do, the effect will be greatly reduced. Let the students through kicking shuttlecock, skipping rope, jumping rubber band, playing Gobang, chess, checkers and other activities, to delight students' body and mind, and to stay away from uncivilized behavior. The class regularly holds various activities and competitions to praise outstanding students and encourage other students.

Each group has a division of labor in the duty activities. The members of the group not only have a clear division of labor, but also help each other to complete the duty task of the group successfully. Then, an inspection group composed of each group leader and head teacher conducts regular inspection and grading every day, and evaluates the excellent team on duty every week. It praises the whole class and encourages other groups to have discipline on the way to and from school. Many problems among students occur during this period. So I plan to:

(1) make clear the time to go to school and leave home and go home after school, so as not to arrive at school early or go home late.

(2) make clear the activity place of students at noon and afternoon (their own home or grandfather's home, etc.) and strive for the students to have parental care at home.

(3) the head teacher should know the situation from parents regularly and solve the problems in time.

2. Carry out rich and colorful activities in education and activities

Class moral education activities mainly rely on the activities planned by the school's moral education department.

(3) safety

The goal of this semester's safety education is to "remember the safety for a long time". In addition to the safety work required by the school, the main purpose is to educate the students about safety knowledge, mainly including: traffic safety knowledge education, safety knowledge education in game activities, diet health and safety knowledge education, safety knowledge education in case of emergency, etc.

Class to do a good job in the emergency plan, design a good class escape route.

Safety common sense education should have education and feedback, so that students can master safety knowledge and necessary safety skills, so as to lay a good foundation for students' healthy study and life.

4、 Additional work measures

Through the practice of last semester, I feel that to do a good job in class education and teaching, we can't relax the ideological education of students. Only when students have a correct mind, can we achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, this semester, I will increase the work of personal heart to heart talk with students, understand more about the ideological trends of students, timely guide, especially the heart to heart work of key students.

In the class, we should establish the model incentive mechanism, select the excellent students around the students from various class activities, and use these students as examples to encourage the progress of other students.

Establish mutual help groups. In order to solve a certain problem, we can establish a mutual help group in the class. The members of the group should take two people as appropriate, learn from each other and make progress together.

The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan 3

Another semester started, but it is different from other semesters because we are graduating class. This is my last semester with the children, which makes me feel the burden on my shoulders. Of course, I always put the school work in my heart, put the children in my heart, and worked sincerely. Whether standing on the platform or sitting in the office, I feel much more secure. To be a good teacher and a good teacher in charge of a class, after all, it can't be practiced overnight. It is not only a technology, but also an art - it's beyond our reach! Performance begins with a plan. Therefore, according to the general direction of the school and the small details of the class, a preliminary plan is made to make the future work more standardized and efficient.

First, do a good job in ideological education and strengthen moral education

1. Class and team meeting as the guide and moral education as the basis.

2. Grasp the cultivation education and standardize the etiquette.

3. Carry out colorful class activities.

2. In depth reform:

Improve the quality of teaching.

3. Strengthen physical and health work and improve students' physical quality

1. Actively participate in school sports and health activities.

2. Adhere to the second classroom activities.

3. Carry out health education and popularize health knowledge by class newspaper.

4. Improve health inspection and evaluation.

4. Time and content arrangement:

2、 March

1. Competition and election of class cadres.

2. On March 8th women's day, we should educate students on respecting the elderly.

3. New semester and new plan theme class meeting.

4. Regular education for students.

5. Carry out a series of mobilization and planning activities to strive for a civilized class.

6. Home visit.

7. Reading contest.

8. Memory training.

9. Diary competition.

10. Dictionary competition.

11. Class cadre training.


1. Carry out patriotism education for students.

2. Hand copy competition and blackboard competition.

3. Class excellent diary selection and evaluation.

4. Carry out class meeting with the theme of "gratitude, life, honor and Disgrace".

5. Student Forum.

6. Evaluation of class cadres.

7. Speech.

8. Accumulation of words (idioms).

9. Ancient poetry accumulation competition.


1. Labor competition to celebrate International Labor Day.

2. Carry out the theme activity of my contribution to the class.

3. Carry out "I want to take off" theme class meeting.

4. Carry out class homework evaluation activities.

5. Carry out hands-on skills competition.

6. Carry out students' pairing activities.

7. Home visit before the examination.


1. Organize the preparation of speech and story contest.

2. Summarize the students' pairing activities.

3. Final review mobilization meeting.

4. Student Symposium.

5. Bid farewell to alma mater -- offering gifts to alma mater.

In a word, in the new school year, I will continue to work hard to make class work to a new level.

The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan 4

In this semester, I continue to work as a class teacher in grade six. Under the guidance of the overall thinking of the school, teachers and students must make joint efforts to form a good class atmosphere and study atmosphere. The students are united and friendly, study hard, help each other and abide by discipline.

First, deeply understand students and enliven classroom teaching.

This semester, I will get to know the students very well. I will go deep into the class, observe and understand carefully. At the same time, I will understand the performance of students in all aspects through teachers and parents. Within a week after the beginning of school, I must have a more detailed understanding of the learning ability and learning situation of the whole class. In the long-term contact, I understand and aim at the students' personality characteristics, I make some contingency measures in the teaching process, try to improve the classroom atmosphere, add some interesting topics in the teaching content, try to cultivate students' interest in learning, and let them concentrate on listening to the class.

Second, learn from the work experience of excellent class teachers and do a good job in class management.

It is not easy to do a good job in the work of the head teacher, because there are many complicated and trivial things in the work of the head teacher. If you do not master the method well, you will do a lot of repetitive work. Mr. Wei Shusheng once said that there are 100 ways to do something. Therefore, in my spare time, I must seriously study Wei Shusheng's class management experience, actively carry out practice, and at the same time consult experienced teachers with an open mind, and strive to deal with everything well. At the beginning of school, at the same time, I would like to study with students the code of primary school students, the code of daily behavior of primary school students, the duty of weekly shift monitor and the relevant school rules, school rules and class rules, set up a good class cadre group, establish the shift order of the weekly shift monitor, and use the theme class meeting of "how to be a good class cadre" to teach students clear work methods and formulate reward and punishment measures. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students and cultivate their abilities in all aspects, I will let each student on duty choose a job to focus on during the working period, and let class cadres assist in the work. In this way, we can not only mobilize the enthusiasm of students' work, cultivate their sense of responsibility, but also tap the potential of students and cultivate more excellent small cadres.

Third, teach by example, cultivate students' sense of ownership.

Nowadays, almost all the students are only children. At home, parents are reluctant to let their children work, so in school and classroom, they see paper on the ground, even if they step on it, they don't pick it up. If this happens, I must emphasize that students pick up the paper on the ground and put it in the basket. Only in this way can we make students care about the class and talk about hygiene. Let students see dirty things on the ground, take the initiative to clean up, no longer need the teacher to assign, to these students I will give timely praise, praise them have developed a love of clean, clean good conduct, I think gradually the whole class will develop a good habit, no one will throw a piece of paper scraps on the ground. To let students really develop good habits, we should use the correct method to guide. I will organize the theme class meeting "what can I do for the class". The whole class took active action to make the blackboard of our class be cleaned, and the sanitation of the ground should be done by someone. As soon as people enter our class, people will feel comfortable.

4. Pay attention to the education of underachievers

According to the foundation and characteristics of each student, we should give correct guidance and necessary help so that every student can get a good and full development., Some students should not only be good at management, but also study hard. They should use the break time to talk to them, do their ideological work in depth and meticulously, let them build up the confidence and courage of learning, and help them make "study plan, divide learning groups", etc. Help improve their academic performance.

Fifth, pay attention to the study of the work of the head teacher

Often learn from experienced class teachers and books. In the work, we should constantly consult the experienced class teacher, summarize the work experience of the class teacher, and guide the class work with scientific, reasonable and effective methods, so as to make the class work continuously radiate new vitality and new improvement.

6. Constantly update the concept of education and strive to improve their professional level

The country has carried out a new round of curriculum reform, the use of curriculum standards, teaching must have new ideas, the use of new teaching methods, in order to meet the needs of training innovative talents, to be responsible for the lifelong development of students. Pay attention to students' self-training and personality development, so that all students' potential can get the best play, so that every student can get due development. Only excellent professional ability, in front of students can have prestige, is conducive to class management. Therefore, we should set up the idea of lifelong learning, understand the latest educational trends at home and abroad, and strive to improve our professional level, so as to create more favorable conditions for class management.

This semester, I will continue to improve my work in the future to improve my class management level. Make my class teacher work have a good beginning and result.

Work deployment:


1. Registration

2. Clean the campus environment

3. Summary of winter vacation

4. Carry out initial practice standard education and safety education

5. Report the list of students who have lunch at noon and the list of students who take the bus, and do a good job of management

6. Implement the transformation list of "three difficulties students"

7. The school newspaper and class newspaper were published

8. Update office platform data


1. "Learning from Leifeng, building new style" theme education activities

2. Celebrate Women's Day

3. Establish the transformation files of underachievers

4. Monthly evaluation of writing teaching (1)

5. Teaching quality test and feedback

6. Tree planting day

7. Publication of class newspaper


1. Mid term teaching quality test and feedback

2. Monthly evaluation of writing teaching (2)

3. The class newspaper was published


1. Monthly evaluation of writing teaching (3)

2. Evaluation of junior doctors of mathematics in Grade 6

Third, sixth grade Chinese knowledge accumulation competition


1. Celebrate children's Day

2. The school newspaper and class newspaper were published

3. Monthly evaluation of writing teaching (4)

4. Graduation examination

5. All kinds of evaluation

6. Suspension of business

The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan 5

1、 Guiding ideology

To promote quality education in an all-round way and improve the quality of education and teaching as the guiding ideology, we should establish the spirit of "cultivating students and making progress actively"; The habit of active learning; The sense of unity and cooperation; "The quality of thrift and diligence". Put forward "no best, only better!" The slogan of the class; We should actively create a class atmosphere of "unity, upward, and enterprising", and strive to create a style of study characterized by "comparison, catching up, and endless learning". We should take care of every student, so that students can make certain progress on their original basis, learn to learn to be a good primary school graduate. I have worked out the following work plan:

Class profile:

There are 53 Students in my class, including 22 girls and 31 boys. Has entered the second semester of grade six, most students have realized the importance of learning, have a certain sense of urgency, study more seriously. A small number of students have developed the habit of autonomous learning. They are interested in learning, have a serious attitude, clean and serious homework, active thinking in class, and steady development. They have become the leading geese in the class, and also become the students who teachers and parents can rest assured of. There are also some students with poor learning habits. They are absent-minded and don't listen carefully in class, which affects the class discipline. Teachers and parents have conducted education and guidance for many times in the past few years, but the children's performance is sometimes good or bad, which has become the key object of help in the class, and is also the top priority of the class teacher's work.

3. Objectives:

1. Study and implement the code for primary school students, combine with the guiding spirit of "strengthening the ideological and moral construction of minor students", and cultivate students' moral style of "self-respect, self love, self-confidence, self-improvement, self-discipline and autonomy". Strive to be an excellent graduate.

2. Educate students to have a correct attitude towards learning and make clear the purpose of learning. Improve the interest in learning, so that students take the initiative to learn, improve academic performance. Some students in the class should be visited at home. According to each individual's personality, timely education should be carried out according to the students' performance. We should continue to do a good job in daily behavior education and actively carry out activities of appraising and competing for excellence, so as to promote students to form good habits.

3. To grasp discipline and learning, the key is to grasp the underachievers. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the underachievers, give them more sunshine and rain to nourish their growth. For residential students, they need more encouragement and care from teachers, and teachers should pay more attention to their study and life. To treat them, we should not remember the past, treat them with a development perspective, encourage them to put down their burdens and move forward lightly, actively obtain the cooperation of their families, mobilize all forces, and use various means and methods to gradually change their bad habits.

4. Pay attention to students' mental health education. Understand and master the information of students' psychological problems, and help them solve the psychological obstacles in time. Mental health education is often carried out in the form of blackboard newspaper, lecture and heart to heart talk.

4. Specific measures:

1. In terms of code of conduct, we should cooperate with the brigade department in the evaluation of discipline, hygiene and civilized habits, so as to make students become good students who are polite, civilized, disciplined and hygienic. Always carry out safety education for students to keep away from danger.

2. Actively respond to the moral education plan of the brigade and actively participate in various activities organized by the school, so that students can be educated in the activities. Make full use of the theme class meeting every Thursday to carry out ideological education for students. Strive to be outstanding in the flag raising, "two exercises" and various large-scale activities of the school.

3. Improve the class committee, clarify the division of labor, and improve the management ability of students. Regular meetings of class cadres shall be held to clearly implement the division of labor among small cadres and train the management ability of students.

4. Pay close attention to the classroom discipline, standardize the discipline of early reading, lunch break and self-study class, so that students can develop good learning habits. In the aspect of health, we should arrange the working posts reasonably and establish the duty system.

5. Walk into the students and make friends with every student. Let them respect me, like me and understand me.

6. Actively hold the parents' meeting of the graduation class, cooperate with the school and family, work together to achieve win-win cooperation, and strive to make every child make great progress in the last semester.

The latest primary school graduation class teacher work plan 6

In this beautiful season of recovery and prosperity, we set sail again and usher in a new semester. After a semester of contact with the students, I have a deep understanding of the class students, let me have a clear idea of work, I hope in the new semester can do a good job in class work, our class into a harmonious family! According to the characteristics of the students in our class who are not mature enough and the learning purpose is not too clear, the following work plan is formulated:

First, do a good job in entrance education and carry out theme class meetings in the new semester

Educate students to study and live in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the school and class, strictly carry out the daily routine, and strictly require themselves from the aspects of study, health and discipline, so as to adapt to the new learning and living environment as soon as possible.

The class cadres should actively cooperate with teachers to do a good job in class work and manage class discipline. The reward and punishment system is clear.

Second, do a good job in students' ideological work

In my opinion, to do a good job in student work, the key is to pay attention to students' psychology. They can't be regarded as children. Their inner world can be said to be rich and colorful. At this time, we should not only pay attention to the cultivation of ideology and morality, the formation of the concept of discipline, and the cultivation of the ideological quality of helping others. As a class teacher, we have to bow down to make friends with students, Students will open their hearts to you, expose their inner world, tell you frankly, offer suggestions for class management and provide basis for doing a good job in class work.

Third, educate students to have self-respect, self-respect and self-confidence

No one is perfect. Only by self-respect can we respect ourselves. If we don't have self-respect, we can't get other people's respect. See that students have a strong point, there is a flash point to praise, let them establish confidence, make them have a sense of success, rather than sarcasm. When others have done good deeds or achieved gratifying results, they should be envious rather than envious. Respecting others is actually respecting themselves. In this way, the relationship between classmates will become more and more harmonious. Only in this way can the unity among students be like a person, and everyone will not care about gain and loss. Truly achieve "I for everyone, everyone for me".

Fourth, educate students to study hard and improve their performance

We come to school to study. What the society needs now is a new generation with culture, discipline and innovation. Only by fighting hard and making progress actively, can we adapt to the society in the future, and will not be eliminated and become useful to the society. However, some students do not pay attention to progress and dislike learning. We should always educate them that if we want to achieve good results, we must pay, Have a strong fighting spirit. Some students' achievements are always unsatisfactory, which is directly related to their lack of effort and perseverance. Educate them not only to see other people's achievements, but also to know the pay behind their achievements.

Class activity arrangement:

1. Continue to carry out activities such as blackboard newspaper and wall newspaper to enrich the learning atmosphere after class.

2. On the occasion of June 1, strive to hold an art performance to let students feel the warmth and happiness of the last children's day.

3. Selection of civilized small pacesetters, small calligraphers, small inventors, little poets, and book lovers. In these activities, let every child dare to face everyone, show themselves, fully exercise themselves, and improve students' self-confidence.

The above is my second semester class teacher plan for grade six. I hope to give full play to the teacher's educational role and guide the healthy growth of students!

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