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Primary school physical education section group teaching work plan

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Teaching work plan of primary school physical education group (5 general chapters)

The pace of time is silent, it is inadvertently passing, we have new learning content, do a good teaching plan, let ourselves become more competitive people. What are the characteristics of a good teaching plan? The following is the primary school physical education group teaching work plan (5 general), welcome to share.

 Teaching work plan of primary school physical education group (5 general chapters)

Primary school physical education group teaching work plan 1

1. Guiding ideology:

We should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the national basic education work conference, conscientiously do a good job in teaching research, teaching guidance and teaching management with the guiding ideology of "health first", further deepen the reform of physical education, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", and creatively carry out school physical education teaching with innovative consciousness, innovative ideas and innovative measures around the "six optimizations", It can fully reflect the teaching purpose of physical education, improve students' ability of self-improvement, evaluation and innovation, strengthen students' consciousness of cooperation and lifelong sports, and promote the physical education of our school to a new level.

Second, do a good job in classroom teaching.

By doing a good job in classroom teaching, we can achieve the goal of physical education. It is required to prepare and teach every PE class well, organize study, listen to class and evaluate class regularly, and continuously improve teachers' teaching level in teaching observation. We should organize the study of new curriculum standards, conscientiously implement new measures of teaching reform, and actively explore new ways and methods suitable for the reform direction. We should organize open teaching courses and train young backbone teachers.

3. Basic ideas:

1. Actively cultivate the backbone of physical education, establish the files of backbone teachers, pay attention to training, and gradually establish a dynamic and creative backbone team of physical education teaching.

2. Organize the whole school physical education teachers to continue to study the curriculum standard of physical education and health, and change the teaching concept.

3. Further implement the teaching syllabus of physical education and health education, conscientiously grasp the formulation, implementation and inspection of the school year, semester, unit and class hour plan, and urge all teachers to scientifically formulate various teaching plans and write teaching plans according to the syllabus, so as to ensure the consistency of teaching preparation.

4. Collect excellent P.E. teaching plans, strengthen P.E. Teachers' scientific research consciousness and promote their scientific research level.

5. Strengthen the teaching guidance to the weak physical education teachers.

Fourth, actively carry out classroom activities between classes.

While doing a good job in classroom teaching and various large-scale sports competitions, we should actively carry out classroom activities between classes to enrich students' after-school life. Facing all the students, in the activities, the students' body and mind are fully trained, and the students' physical quality is constantly improved, and the consciousness of lifelong sports is cultivated at the same time.

Fifthly, organize and arrange physical training work at all levels, face all students, and greatly improve their physical quality.

Primary school physical education group teaching work plan 2

In order to implement the spirit of the regulations on school physical education, firmly establish the guiding ideology of "Happy Sports" and "health first", strengthen the construction of school characteristic sports projects, vigorously carry out youth sunshine sports activities, and adhere to the development of students' sports training, Strive to achieve good results in various sports competitions.

The physical education teaching plan for this semester is as follows:

1、 Objectives

1. Conscientiously complete the physical education teaching tasks of grade 1, grade 5 and grade 6, so that students can master the basic knowledge, skills and skills of physical education. Cultivate students' interest in sports. We should conscientiously complete the task of teaching research and teaching reform, and conscientiously complete the teaching task of three grades.

2. Pay attention to the exercises between classes, eye exercises, big recess activities and sunshine sports activities.

3. Strengthen the consciousness of scientific research, be good at summarizing, and teachers can write scientific research papers.

4. Increase the training intensity of sports specialty students, strictly grasp the training quality, and strive for a good place in various competitions.

2、 Specific work measures

(1) deepen the physical education curriculum reform and optimize the teaching process

1. Physical education curriculum standard is the guide for physical education teachers to carry out teaching activities. In order to make physical education teachers establish a new concept of physical education teaching as soon as possible, carry out various forms of training, and promote profound changes in the concept of each teacher.

2. Physical education curriculum is an important part of school curriculum and an indispensable way to implement quality education and cultivate all-round development talents. Therefore, physical education teachers should firmly maintain the seriousness of the physical education curriculum, teach physical education and activity courses according to the class hour plan, and further strengthen the safety education and awareness of prevention.

(2) strengthen the level of routine management and improve the quality of teaching

As always, under the leadership of school administration, PE teachers will continue to strengthen their study, carry forward the team spirit, and strive to do the following work well:

1. Conscientiously implement the pragmatic working attitude and carry out various work in a down-to-earth manner.

2. Advocate the style of studying hard and discussing together among physical education teachers, so as to constantly enrich and improve the theoretical level, education and teaching ability of each teacher.

3. Carry out teaching activities around the "curriculum standard" and the new teaching material system. In this school year, all physical education teachers take practical courses, which can be refined and sublimated in practice.

4. Do a good job in all kinds of data work meticulously, and constantly enrich and improve the school sports materials.

5. Be fully responsible for the construction of characteristic projects, draw up special plans, carry out various activities, and contribute to the construction of advanced schools with sports characteristics.

6. Carefully organize the development of sports activities between classes, and vigorously carry out sunshine sports activities.

(3) vigorously carry out sunshine sports and create sports culture

1. Pay attention to the "Sunshine Sports" activities in an all-round way, organize the large class activities carefully, and create a lively atmosphere for the activities between classes, so as to make the campus a real paradise for students.

2. Continue to implement quality education, organize campus cultural activities, and let students play and activities in a pleasant atmosphere.

3. Cooperate with the school administration and moral education group to study carefully and draw up various specialized sports plans.

(4) increase the intensity of extracurricular training and improve the level of competition

On the basis of popularization, we should pay attention to the improvement and make the school physical education develop healthily.

2. Readjust the team of students with special sports skills in school, focus on the development of shuttlecock team and rope skipping students, encourage learning and exercise, strive to point to area, and arouse the interest of the whole school students in sports. The responsibility should be assigned to the person and the study plan should be made reasonably. Scientific exercise, strict training, strive to improve the overall appearance of school physical education, to create a distinctive school sports.

3. Pay attention to the all-round development of students with special skills, and do a good job in supervision, communication and coordination, so as to make them develop comprehensively in learning, thinking and behavior.

In a word, all PE teachers will keep pace with the times, blaze new trails and strive to create the glory of the second experimental primary school sports in the spirit of unity and dedication.

Primary school physical education group teaching work plan 3

1、 Introduction to teaching materials

The teaching content of grade three in primary school includes basic gymnastics, running and playing, jumping and playing, throwing and playing, skill and apparatus gymnastics, small ball and game, wrestling game, martial arts, rhythmic activities and dance, sports and health basic knowledge. In this semester, we will learn some simple contents, such as basic gymnastics, walking and running, jumping, throwing, skills and ball games.

2、 Teaching purpose

In the outline, the purpose of primary school physical education is clearly stipulated: "through physical education, we can provide students with physical education and health care education, improve students' health, improve their physique, promote the all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, and lay a foundation for improving the quality of the whole nation."

3、 Teaching objectives

1. Guide students to form the consciousness of active and active participation in sports activities, show their willingness to learn and have a strong interest in sports activities, and show their desire and enthusiasm to show themselves in the activities, and experience the interest, fun and interest of sports activities.

2. Guide students to acquire some basic knowledge of sports and health through various sports activities; Preliminary study and experience sports technology and skills; Learn the methods of scientific physical exercise, self exercise, self-expression, self-protection and self-evaluation; Cultivate the good habit of participating in sports activities and the consciousness of carrying out sports activities safely.

3. Guide students to form correct posture and good body shape gradually through physical education teaching activities, develop physical fitness such as sensitivity, coordination, balance, speed, endurance and strength through various forms of games, so as to promote the overall development of the body and enhance the awareness of paying attention to their own body and health.

4. Guide students to experience the psychological feelings of tension and happiness, excitement and fatigue, success and frustration when participating in different sports in the process of learning and practicing, learn to control their emotions through sports activities, and carry out sports activities under certain difficult conditions, gradually forming the will quality of overcoming difficulties and resisting setbacks.

5. Guide the students to form the spirit of lively, cheerful, positive, friendly, United and cooperative, competitive and enterprising, as well as the will quality of bravery, tenacity, perseverance, respect for others, and compliance with the rules, so as to lay a good foundation for students' future study and life.

4. Teaching progress (weeks, teaching contents)

The above is the third grade primary school physical education teaching work plan, to be a life minded person, to be a study minded person, bit by bit learning, can turn learning into a very interesting thing. When people learn things at will and learn things according to their own interests, learning will become a pleasure.

Primary school physical education group teaching work plan 4

1、 Guiding ideology

With the new curriculum standard as the driving force, we should carry out the research on education and teaching, constantly improve the teaching efficiency, comprehensively improve the quality of students, and make the school's physical education work to a new level. Taking the "Regulations on school physical education" as the basic laws and regulations of physical education work, taking "health first" as the purpose, taking school physical education as the breakthrough of implementing quality education, promoting the comprehensive and healthy development of school physical education with scientific management, establishing and perfecting scientific management system, deepening teaching reform and comprehensively promoting quality education. To implement the health standard for primary school students. Strive to create the school's sports characteristics and cultivate all-round development of students.

2. Objectives:

1. Continue to deepen education and scientific research, strengthen discipline discussion and improve teaching quality.

2. Pay close attention to traditional sports, strengthen amateur training and improve the quality of sports.

III. key work points and main measures

1. Pay close attention to classroom routine and improve classroom quality

This semester, the physical education group will pay close attention to the sports routine, improve the class quality, actively organize the PE Teachers' understanding and application ability of the new teaching materials according to the syllabus and new teaching materials, so that the physical education teachers can understand the spiritual essence of the new curriculum standards, formulate Teaching plans according to the new textbooks and the specific situation of students, and prepare indoor and outdoor lesson plans. Strengthen theoretical study, improve teachers' moral level, theoretical level, teaching and scientific research ability. Strict requirements in all aspects of their own, to be a teacher, strictly abide by the school work and rest system, not late, do not leave early. Uniform sportswear in class and treat students patiently and meticulously. Set up a good sports research group, carry out teaching and scientific research step by step in a planned way, and collect more statistical data in the form of papers. In order to improve students' physical quality, we should practice and talk more in class.

2. Standardize the implementation of "student physical health standards"

Strict implementation of the curriculum plan, according to the table, good physical education, seriously implement the "two exercises", spare time to let students really move, to ensure that students have an hour of total activity every day. This semester, we should strengthen the training of students' indoor broadcast exercises and hold competitions of broadcast exercises and eye exercises.

3. Actively carry out teaching and scientific research activities

According to the requirements of the teaching office and the school on carrying out teaching and research activities, the focus of physical education teaching in this semester is to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching and teachers' understanding and application ability of the new curriculum standard, and better grasp the training of sports teams, and constantly improve and improve the existing training experience. In the process of summing up, we should pay attention to the practicality and scientificity of training. We should carry out normal teaching and research activities, deepen the reform of classroom teaching, optimize the teaching structure and effectively improve the efficiency of classroom teaching. We should study the theoretical knowledge and teaching methods of physical education, pay attention to the accumulation and summary of work experience, and write teaching papers to promote the improvement of physical education teaching level and amateur training level. In order to improve the level of physical education teaching, teachers in charge of physical education should pay more attention to class and give feedback in time.

4、 Specific arrangements


1. Draw up the main points of 20XX autumn sports work.

2. Hold school work meeting and arrange school physical education work.

3. Formulate and improve the school's various tables and books about two courses and two exercises

4. The testing work of "national student physical health standard" requires every student to test and the data is true.

5. From the data of "national student physical health standard", the data of students in the age group who meet the "student physical health monitoring" are selected. And make statistics and summary of the data.

6. Select the outstanding students from the data of the national student physical health standard and organize training to prepare for the county competition. Each village school reports sports specialty student.

7. Select athletes with basketball potential for collective training and prepare to participate in the county basketball match.

8. Select athletes and submit athletes' materials.

9. Set up Aerobics Team.


1. Students' extracurricular activities and rural children's palace activities.

2. Check the popularization and promotion of broadcast exercises and eye health exercises. And held two exercises competition

3. Teacher basketball match.

4. Complete the statistics, summary and report of the data of "student physical health standard".

5. Participate in the county track and field games and primary school basketball games.


1. Complete the data reporting of "student physical health monitoring"

2. Organize winter sports meeting.

Primary school physical education group teaching work plan 5

1、 Analysis

Physical education teaching materials have changed the writing method of taking sports technology system as the goal from the beginning, and each teaching material has laid a foundation for the development of sports technology. Instead, it is student-oriented and chooses exercise activities and games based on the development of basic activity skills. The teaching materials emphasize students' interest and can effectively implement the goal of primary school physical education. In the basic activities, there are some simple technical actions, and most of them are taught by means of games. Including: basic activities: queuing activities, basic gymnastics, walking, running, jumping, throwing, rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, rollover, self-expression activities, etc. These materials emphasize "activities", and all teaching materials are mainly illustrative. Teachers can choose and combine them by themselves to teach creatively.

2、 Semester teaching objectives

1. Master the basic knowledge of physical education, clarify the role of physical exercise, and apply the knowledge learned in exercise. And continue to consolidate and improve.

2. Each class should have the necessary time queue practice to educate the students about the organization and discipline.

3. Further strengthen the physique. The abnormality is flexibility and strength.

4. Through physical training, cultivate the spirit of collectivism, carry out patriotism education, enhance self-confidence, and lay a solid foundation for lifelong sports.

3、 Teaching measures

In the process of teaching, teachers should guide students and give full play to the main role of students. Let the students study and explore actively in the process of playing, and cultivate their ability of self-study, self practice and self-evaluation. Situational Method and theme method are often used in teaching to make students enjoy it.

4. Semester teaching schedule


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