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Early childhood education and teaching work plan

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Model texts of early childhood education and teaching plan (selected 7)

Time flies, never wait for someone, and ushered in a new starting point, now let's make a good plan. Many people must be worried about how to write a good teaching plan. The following is a sample text of early childhood education and teaching work plan (selected 7 articles), which is organized by the small editor for you. You are welcome to use for reference and hope to be helpful to you.

 Model texts of early childhood education and teaching plan (selected 7)

Early childhood education teaching work plan 1

1、 Guiding ideology

Guided by the "guiding opinions on the reform and development of early childhood education", we should further implement the spirit of "kindergarten work procedures", "Outline" and "3-6 children's learning and development guide". Around the kindergarten work plan, we should adhere to the work style of seeking truth, pragmatism, refinement and innovation, create a good environment, optimize one-day activities, promote the healthy growth of children and overcome difficulties, Love and dedication, wholeheartedly serve children, parents and society.

2、 Objectives

1. Pay attention to team building and promote the improvement of comprehensive quality

2. Pay attention to characteristic research and promote the reputation of the park

3. Pay attention to class management and improve the quality of nursing and education

3. Main work and safeguard measures

(1) pay attention to team building and promote the improvement of comprehensive quality

1. Strengthen teachers' Moral Cultivation and establish a good image.

Each class shows the class's "service commitment" to parents and children in written form by using the homestead, and consciously accepts the supervision of parents. Do you work hard today? Did you smile today? Did you squat down and have a heart to heart talk with your child today? Did you communicate with your parents today? " To reflect on their own work, to serve parents and children with a good image of teacher ethics.

2. Strengthen theoretical study and improve teachers' quality.

In this academic year, in addition to learning relevant education and teaching theories, teachers will be organized to discuss the problems existing in "early childhood education", express their opinions, write experiences and encourage contributions. In addition, adhere to the "education essay" writing, guide teachers to use the "Outline" concept to analyze education phenomenon, reflect on teaching behavior.

3. Implement hierarchical management of health care and education to improve the quality and efficiency of one-day activities.

(1) according to the principle of training on demand, teachers should be trained in a small menu. Specific training plan shall be formulated.

(2) to carry out the activities of listening and evaluating lessons, and to improve the comprehensive ability of observation, analysis and evaluation of teachers interactively, so as to promote the professional development of teachers. Each teacher has at least two reporting sessions in a semester. Class leaders and key teachers should play an exemplary and leading role. The director of teaching and the director of health care and education continue to strengthen the in class listening and strive to guide every teacher.

(3) the review time of all kinds of materials adopts the method of regular inspection and random inspection, and the combination of self delivery and random inspection, so as to improve the writing quality of all kinds of materials.

(4) strengthen the inspection and supervision of nursing work, strengthen the guidance of the shift, hold regular work meetings of caregivers regularly, learn professional knowledge and health care knowledge, and constantly improve the professional quality of nurses.

(2) pay attention to class management and improve the quality of nursing and education

Strengthen the management of class work. Strengthen the management consciousness of the group leader, improve the management level, decision-making level and coordination level of the group leader, and complete the work tasks excellently with good class image, high-quality service attitude and new working concept.

1. Interaction between teachers and children: be good at discovering the flash point of each child, respecting each child's choice, and being good at finding the nearest development area of each child.

2. Interaction between children and children: be good at cultivating children's language communication ability, and strive to make children "happy, open and enlightened".

3. Interaction between teachers and parents: be good at guiding parents' work such as parenting knowledge, and establish an equal and harmonious relationship with parents. To do a good job of children's growth files with high quality; Parents open day once a semester; Show the kindergarten education teaching content to parents in written form every week; At the end of the semester, a questionnaire was conducted to understand parents' opinions and suggestions, and display activities to parents.

(3) strengthen the routine management of education and teaching, and attach importance to the contact of home.

1. Establish a scientific daily activity routine and refine the management of each link. There are specific and clear requirements for each link from entering the park, morning activities, collective teaching, game activities, meals, naps and leaving the park.

2. Pay attention to the tutoring of individual children, establish contact book of home, close home contact, set up parent committee, hold regular meetings, improve the quality of tutor garden, make timely replacement, rich content and strong guiding value, and make records to form a joint force of home education.

(4) strengthen the training of children's routine habits and attach importance to the cultivation education.

Based on habit formation, develop good habits of study, life and health. We should make clear the key points of moral education every week, infiltrate them into one-day activities, conscientiously implement the routine requirements of children in kindergarten and the assessment requirements of children's behavior habits, and implement the cultivation of children's good habits.

(5) deepen curriculum reform to promote children's all-round development.

1. Continue to use provincial theme activity textbooks. Implement the "3-6 children's learning development guide" and write learning notes. Practice the new curriculum reform and make good use of teaching materials. In the process of curriculum implementation, we should take children's positive experience as the center, organize children to learn from each other, promote the coordinated development of children's intelligence and non intelligence factors, and organically combine the knowledge, interest and activity of the education process.

2. Earnestly study new teaching materials, explore good teaching methods and teaching experience, carry out open teaching activities of watching, listening, discussing and evaluating, and select excellent teaching activities. Through the activities, optimize the organization of teaching activities and do a good job in teaching of various disciplines.

3. Strengthen collective lesson preparation. Organize teachers to study teaching materials, scientifically and reasonably formulate various teaching and activity plans, pay attention to the analysis and grasp of teaching materials and the preparation of teaching activities.

4. Continue to carry out mutual lectures and grade teaching and research activities. Each teacher must listen to one class a week, the director should listen to at least three classes a week, and the head of the teaching kindergarten should listen to at least one lesson a week. After listening to the class, they should make timely comments.

(6) pay attention to characteristic research and promote the reputation of the park

1. Continue to let the wonderful flower of activity education race to open in kindergarten. One is to enrich the development of outdoor sports game activities, adhere to the daily outdoor sports game exercise. The second is to carry out a variety of children's competition selection activities, festival celebration activities, etc., to create opportunities for children to provide a stage for display. The third is to enrich and innovate the routine activities such as June 1 celebration and preschool graduation ceremony, so that children can bravely show themselves and exercise their growth. In the various activities carried out, parents can further understand the concept of early childhood education, so as to enlighten themselves on how to educate their children. By showing children's activities to parents and the society, the kindergarten's good image is further shaped; At the same time, the kindergarten will show the results of children's learning in the kindergarten to parents, so that parents can see all aspects of the improvement and growth of children in the kindergarten, so as to better promote the smooth progress of our work.

2. It is the requirement of the times and the implementation of comprehensive quality education to continue to carry out the course of civilized etiquette. The implementation of etiquette education in kindergartens and the search for effective methods of etiquette education will effectively promote the quality cultivation that has a lifelong impact on children, and lay a good foundation for children's follow-up learning, life and future social work. Therefore, kindergartens strive to carry out the course of civilized etiquette education. Make all the teachers and students in kindergarten understand, know and do etiquette. The flowers of civilization and etiquette are competing in kindergarten.

7. Do a good job in education and scientific research and promote the reform of education and teaching

This year, our kindergarten will continue to deepen the research of scientific research projects, relying on scientific research projects, taking improving the quality of education and teaching as the core, improving the professional quality of teachers and enhancing the scientific research ability of teachers as the purpose, step by step and focus on the scientific research work of Education and teaching, and promote the reform of early childhood education in a down-to-earth manner.

Early childhood education teaching plan 2

1、 Review of last semester's work

1. Achievements

(1) by actively doing a good job in cleaning, disinfection, ventilation and other health work, strengthening children's outdoor exercise, improving immunity, adhering to the daily reporting system and other effective measures, our kindergarten has implemented the work of fighting against SARS by the Education Bureau, which has been recognized by parents and the society, and has been praised by the Education Bureau as "a kindergarten with good preventive measures and beautiful environment".

(2) actively carry out teacher training through pre job training, expert lectures and professional training, so as to improve the professional ability and professional level of teachers and improve the overall quality of kindergartens. Take children's mental health as a key work, and pay attention to promote the harmonious development of children's physical and mental health in daily life.

(3) more than 50 art works have been selected from the exhibition of children's flower festival; At the same time, he participated in the children's art exhibition and won more than 80 art works.

(4) the children's dance "journey to the prairie", fashion show "beauty of health" and "look at the girl opposite" created by our kindergarten teachers participated in the activities of children's birthday party of 1-3 years old held by Wyeth Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd.

(5) strengthen the research and practice of bilingual teaching, children are more interested in participating in English activities, have a good command of spoken English and songs they have learned, can understand and be willing to talk in English, and basically develop the habit of speaking English boldly. English pronunciation is accurate; Be able to understand and be willing to communicate with others in simple English, and complete several consecutive simple English instructions.

2. Areas to be strengthened

(1) strengthen the cultivation of children's independent narration and performance ability, pay attention to the development of children's creativity, especially the ability to create beauty, enhance self-confidence and comprehensively improve children's comprehensive quality.

(2) adhere to the application and penetration of English in daily life to improve children's English listening, speaking and singing ability.

(3) introduce Orff music education to improve the brand of Art Park.

2、 Focus of this semester

We should deepen the curriculum reform of kindergartens, comprehensively improve the level of education and teaching, and promote the common growth of teachers and students.

1. Carry out the research of high-quality Kindergarten Based Curriculum deeply, summarize experience, sort out data, and form a project summary report.

(1) according to the actual situation of children, carry out theme inquiry activities in depth, and improve children's growth files; Carefully observe and record the process of children's activities, analyze and evaluate them, pay attention to children's progress, and timely feedback to parents.

(2) organize the project plan, stage summary, special articles, teachers' essays, activity design (photos, VCD), teaching toy photos and other materials, write the project summary report, and participate in the "Tenth Five Year" project conclusion results exhibition of the provincial Preschool Education Association.

2. Infiltrate English education into daily life

(1) through the high frequency use of English, proficient in oral life.

(2) strengthen situational teaching to make children learn in games.

(3) use more ballads and nursery rhymes to make English learning more interesting.

(4) using intuitive and visual education to arouse children's enthusiasm for learning English.

3、 Monthly work plan

(1) September:

1. Do a good job in the work related to the beginning of the school

1) general visit before school

2) activity room layout

3) organize activities such as "big with small" and concert to stabilize children's mood

4) establish the daily routine of children

5) carry out theme exploration activities

6) establish children's growth files

2. Carry out teacher skills competition (dance, vocal music, musical instruments, painting, English, music excellent lesson evaluation) to improve teachers' professional quality; And selected excellent programs and works to participate in Pengcheng Jinqiu community culture and art festival activities (painting, calligraphy and dance).

3. Organize autumn tour -- visit mangrove.

(2) October:

1. Carry out "long live the motherland" theme inquiry activities to cultivate children's love for the motherland.

2. Organize half day activity assessment, open to parents (including English activities taught by teachers in this class).

3. Participate in the exchange and observation activities of Great Wall films.

4. Participate in Jinqiu community culture and Art Festival (Music) in Pengcheng city.

(3) November:

1. Celebrate the 18th anniversary of the kindergarten with art festival activities, and show parents the art and bilingual talents of teachers and students in Kindergarten (form: Children's English singing and dancing, English short play, teachers' parents' singing and dancing, teachers' and students' parents' calligraphy and painting exhibition).

2. Strengthen the observation and record of children and organize experience exchange meeting.

3. Take part in the early education research and exchange activities of 0-3 years old of great wall film.

(4) December and January:

1. Strengthen winter exercise, improve children's sports quality, and hold the seventh "small sports meeting" to welcome the new year.

2. Art bilingual experiment class will give final report to parents.

3. Organize children's physical and mental development test work and carry out summary and exchange, inventory of property and other work.

This semester, our large class teaching and research group will continue to take the "Outline" as the work guide, take the kindergarten based training content as the basis, fully deepen the kindergarten based curriculum reform, conscientiously implement the spirit and concept of the second phase curriculum reform, improve its own new educational concept, and focus on improving the quality of nursing and teaching staff, seize the opportunity, unite and cooperate, deepen the reform and accelerate the development. In the process of promoting teachers' professional development, children can grow up happily.

4. Continue to cooperate with the health care doctors of our kindergarten to do a good job in the health care of children, especially the prevention of seasonal epidemics. Middle class children's self-care awareness and ability should be strengthened. To provide children with opportunities for self-service, to form good health care habits.

The curriculum arrangement is determined according to the actual situation of the teachers, and takes the advantages of the teachers to carry out teaching according to different subjects. Each teacher is required to know what he or she is and then draw inferences from one instance.

Manage the class property and check whether the doors and windows are closed properly every day; Do not let class property lose; Usually pay attention to save water and electricity, so as to avoid unnecessary waste.

We may all be English college students and passed CET-4 or CET-6. On the one hand, we can't pick up the level of University. On the other hand, we need more new methods and skills to fill our English education, Therefore, we urgently need to grow and improve, so how to improve?

Early childhood education and teaching work plan 3

I. brief analysis of the situation:

At present, there are 30 front-line teachers in our kindergarten. The team is relatively young. The teachers are highly motivated in teaching, research and research. They can work together and help each other. A good atmosphere for scientific research to promote teaching and research and improve the quality of nursing education has been gradually formed. Through self recommendation and other evaluation, there are 1 District discipline leader, 1 District backbone teacher, 3 town backbone and 3 Park backbone, It has become an important resource for the reform and development of kindergarten education.

In the last semester, we carried out a series of teaching discussion and exchange activities closely around the work focus of the district teaching and research section, taking the large teaching and research group and the small teaching and research group as the activity position, and the carrier of hand in hand pairing and apprenticeship pairing. We have a new understanding and understanding of the concept of the second phase of curriculum reform, and reached a lot of consensus. During the summer vacation, three new teachers were recruited, and four of them had just completed their work for one year. They lacked certain teaching experience and basic skills. However, conflicts often occurred in the process of their teachers' recognition of new ideas and the implementation of traditional education models and behaviors. Front line teachers still have a lot of confusion and shortcomings in teaching practice, It is still a long way to go to improve teachers' professional quality and professional level. According to these specific conditions, we work out the work plan for this semester as follows:

2. Guiding ideology:

We should continue to implement the spirit of the outline, strengthen study and research, constantly update educational concepts, change educational behaviors, and improve teachers' professional quality. We should carry out solid and flexible teaching and research activities and teacher training activities to improve teachers' reflective ability in education and teaching, improve educational practice, and improve the quality of kindergarten education, so as to promote the comprehensive and harmonious development of children.

3. Objectives:

1. Strengthen teacher training, implement hierarchical training, and continue to improve teachers' professional quality.

2. Relying on the teaching and research groups, carry out teaching discussion and cultivate teachers' reflective ability.

3. Deepen education and scientific research, excavate the characteristics of kindergarten, and improve the content of kindergarten based curriculum.

4. Make use of various resources to expand educational channels and promote the harmonious development of children.

4. Focus of work:

1. Pay attention to the process management of children's health emotion training and ceramic art education research, promote national culture, continue to make kindergarten teaching characteristics bigger and stronger, and promote children's all-round and harmonious development.

2. Strengthen the work of teaching and scientific research, and do a good job in the practice and research of the project. At the same time, we should strengthen the construction of Kindergarten Based Curriculum and explore the rationality and effectiveness of curriculum arrangement.

3. Strengthen the inter kindergarten contact and interaction with each other by holding hands and pairing with teachers, carry out hierarchical training for teachers in the park, and at the same time, strengthen the training and improvement of the basic skills of education and teaching of teachers in the whole park, and constantly improve the professional level.

4. Take subject research as the breakthrough point, initially form the characteristics of kindergarten, and gradually establish kindergarten based curriculum.

5. Specific measures:

(1) strengthen guidance and management, and improve the quality and efficiency of teaching and research activities

1. Improve the teaching and research system to guarantee the time of kindergarten based research.

Backbone research group activities, once every two weeks (in charge of business director)

Primary teaching and research group activities, once every two weeks (in charge of the grade leader)

Activities of university teaching and research group, once a month (in charge of business director)

2. Carry out hierarchical teaching and research activities to promote the whole park to carry out curriculum reform.

Backbone research group: composed of 8 backbone teachers, mainly studies how to carry out effective learning activities and educational reflection combined with topics and themes. The main purpose is to provide teachers with some concrete and practical educational strategies and methods through the implementation of educational concepts, behaviors and theories.

Primary teaching and research group: teachers of all grades participate in the research, mainly exploring how to use the new teaching materials reasonably, designing the collective activity plan and the content of district corner activities. Main purpose: to continuously improve the teaching level, meet the needs of different children, and promote the overall harmonious development of children.

University teaching and research group: all teachers participate, focusing on the characteristics of kindergarten, carry out new health education research and ceramic art education research under the theme background. The main purpose is to improve the basic skills of teachers, form a new teaching mode with the concept of integration, and accumulate materials and materials for the improvement of kindergarten based curriculum.

3. Implement the responsibility system of key teachers, improve the assessment mechanism of key teachers, and stimulate teachers to learn to study, learn to think, and learn to combine theory and practice through the evaluation of excellent teaching and research groups.

(2) strengthen training and improve the quality of teachers in an all-round way

1. To strengthen teachers' moral education, professional theory study, and change the education concept by using the single Monday and Tuesday study.

2. According to the relevant requirements of kindergarten teachers' professional skills, strengthen the training and improvement of the basic skills of education and teaching of the whole kindergarten teachers, encourage teachers to self-study and practice, and hold some basic teaching skills competitions accordingly, so as to improve the corresponding ability. During the normal time, the class will listen to each other and evaluate the class. At the beginning of the term, the teacher formulates the topic of special research, observes and explores carefully during the period, and writes a quality topic summary at the end of the term, and carries on the exchange. And as far as possible to provide opportunities for teachers to go out to observe, listen to lectures, borrow classes, etc., to enrich experience and improve the ability of education and teaching.

3. To enhance the effectiveness of teaching and research activities, teaching and research activities should closely focus on the generation of problems - how to solve problems - reflect on the process of teaching and research activities, and form thematic and serial contents; In the form, we should promote the system of full participation and rotation of all staff. Once every two weeks, there is a topic at a time to discuss. This semester, the excellent teaching and research group will be evaluated.

4. When learning, absorbing and practicing the new "Outline", we often reflect on our own educational behaviors, such as preparing lessons, attending classes, listening to lessons, and reflect on the unreasonable factors contained in some of our habitual practices, and timely improve education and teaching methods, all from the perspective of children.

5. Carry out the professional guidance and training of young teachers in a planned way, follow-up and listen to the new teachers within three years, do a good job in the guidance of routine teaching work, and train young teachers of more than five years in different levels.

6. Pay attention to routine teaching management, often go deep into the class, understand the development and performance of children, watch and listen to the organization and guidance of teachers' activity groups, and give timely suggestions to teachers to help them grow professionally.

(3) carry out project research and do a good job in scientific research

Combined with the development of kindergarten research, we should strengthen the study, organize teachers to study the hot issues of the current preschool education reform. At the same time, we will also carry out the exchange activities of reading experience and educational essays in combination with the in-depth implementation of learning activities, so as to lay a theoretical foundation for the in-depth development of scientific research.

This semester, our kindergarten will do a good job in the research of new health education project according to the actual situation of the park, and focus on the implementation stage of the project. Organize teachers to visit and study outside to ensure the standardization and scientificity of the project operation. Based on the teaching and research activities, the teachers should do a good job in the research project, adjust the research plan and plan in time, and summarize the experience continuously. They should read more than four aspects: read magazines and activities, obtain information, analyze the success and failure, gain and loss; Say more: talk about the lesson, comment on the class, talk about the idea, talk about the experience - exchange information experience; Write more: write learning experience, extract articles, write observation records - accumulate materials, summarize experience; Thinking more: thinking about success or failure, thinking about ways to improve the level of scientific research.

The whole kindergarten teachers should continue to conscientiously study the theory of educational scientific research, actively carry out teaching and scientific research work, continue to do a good job in the case study of children in class, and do a good job in tracking and studying children's cases. Teachers should clarify the specific research objects and objectives, and implement purposeful follow-up observation and recording, so as to make the research work more effective.

(4) establish the awareness of serving parents wholeheartedly and do a good job in parents' work.

The new "Outline" clearly points out that "family is the cooperative partner of kindergarten. We should strive for parents' understanding, support and active participation in accordance with the principles of respect, equality and cooperation." In the work, teachers should awaken parents' sense of ownership with an equal attitude, stimulate parents' enthusiasm for active participation and cooperation, offer suggestions for kindergartens, and integrate kindergartens and families.

1. At the beginning of the school, each class carefully designed the layout of the parents' garden to make it beautiful and novel with various themes. According to the actual situation of children in this class, timely fill in the "home contact manual". This semester, we will continue to hold parent schools and hold parent symposiums; Open half day activities to parents to show children's activities in the kindergarten; Set up "parents' mailbox" and actively adopt parents' good suggestions; Communicate with parents by telephone, home visit and Internet; Each class publishes a good parent garden to enhance parents' mastery of their children's situation and their understanding of the work in the kindergarten.

2. Continue to create a suitable environment for children to learn and live in a good environment of care, acceptance, care and support, combined with the organization and development of theme activities and the practical research of the subject; Continue to mobilize parents to make enough sports toys for children, carry out colorful sports activities, encourage children to actively participate in sports activities, and cultivate children's interest in sports activities; Pay close attention to observe the safety of children in the activities, and pay attention to cultivate children's lively and cheerful character in the children's one-day activities.

3. Through various forms of home cooperation and contact, we can communicate the educational information of home, so as to achieve the educational effect of home force. At the end of this semester, we will continue to carry out parent questionnaire survey to find out the shortcomings and advantages of our work and better serve our children.

Under the guidance and help of the superior leaders, we are willing to unite all the staff and make concerted efforts to improve the quality of education and teaching, focus on strengthening the construction of teaching staff, take deepening the reform of the internal system of kindergartens as the driving force, and take the opportunity of comprehensively implementing the educational concept of the new curriculum reform to make continuous efforts for the future of the kindergarten.

6. Monthly work arrangement:


1. Each class carries on the theme wall environment layout renewal, creates the good teaching environment.

2. Teachers make class work plan, project research stage plan and special project plan, and carry out project practice activities.

3. Listen to the class in class.

4. Hold a kindergarten teaching and Research Conference and a pair meeting with teachers.


1. Theme environment creation and regional material delivery evaluation activities.

2. The project undertakers carry out research activities around the stage plan.

3. Listen to the class in class.

4. Reflection on teaching cases.

8. Teachers and apprentices work in pairs, and teachers listen to each other and evaluate lessons.


1. Routine spot check of teaching.

2. Teachers' basic skills competition.

3. Parents' open day activities.

4. Special lectures for key teachers.

5. Interactive discussion with hand in hand garden.


1. Excellent teaching and research group evaluation activities.

2. Evaluation of parent garden and information platform construction.


1. Assessment of children's overall development level.

2. Backbone teachers show and report activities.

3. Complete the summary of kindergarten.

4. Sort out research materials and teaching materials.

Early childhood education and teaching work plan 4

I. Analysis of class situation:

Our class of children, they are about 2 years old children, they are the first time to leave the family, began to collective life. At home, they developed free, willful, domineering personality and bad living habits. I have a lot of attachment to my family, so I can't adapt to kindergarten. Therefore, we should give them more care and enough love. From the stable mood, to cultivate good living habits, so that they can adapt to kindergarten life as soon as possible, for the future life, learning to lay a good foundation.

2. Education and teaching objectives of this semester

This semester, our work should embody the principle of "attaching equal importance to both education and education". In particular, we should strengthen the work of child care, take care of every child carefully, start with emotional education, give children spiritual comfort, and focus on nursing care. In daily life, we should strengthen the care of children, take the care of children as the top priority, pay attention to the cultivation of good living habits, so that children can get used to collective life by left click. Teachers should treat each child equally, arouse children's happy emotional reaction, and make children transfer their attachment to their parents to teachers as soon as possible.

1. Life routine

It is a turning point for the freshmen to enter the collective life, and it is also a critical period for the regular education. Therefore, we put routine education into the focus of our work. We should be sincere, kind, patient, step-by-step, and persevere in guiding each child, especially to cultivate children's ability of self-care, washing hands, going to the toilet, eating, etc. We should give them more time to practice repeatedly, praise and encourage them to form good living habits gradually.


(1) happily go to the kindergarten, ask the teacher morning, say hello, and say goodbye when you leave the kindergarten.

(2) gradually develop to wash hands before and after meals, take the initiative to show the teacher to urinate, learn to go to the toilet.

(3) learn to eat with a spoon, and show that you want to drink water on your own initiative.

(4) they can take small chairs and take the initiative to clean up the toys after playing.

(5) with the help of teachers, they can have a quiet nap.

(6) under the guidance of the teacher, hold the handle up and down the stairs step by step.

2. Education and teaching

This semester, we will develop children's intelligence through five areas, teaching content close to children's life. Using the form of games, let children under the guidance of teachers, actively explore learning, so that children are willing to participate in collective activities.


(1) health: healthy, stable and happy in collective life; Good living and hygiene habits, basic self-care ability; Like to participate in sports activities, action coordination, sensitive.

(2) language field: willing to talk with people and speak politely; Pay attention to listen to each other and understand daily language; Be able to say what you want to say clearly; Like listening to stories and reading books; Can understand and speak Mandarin.

(3) social field: love parents, elders, teachers and peers, love the collective, love hometown and love the motherland; Can take the initiative to participate in various activities, have self-confidence; Willing to communicate with others, learn to help each other, cooperate and share, have compassion; Willing to communicate with others, learn to help each other, cooperate and share, have compassion; Be able to do what we can, not afraid of difficulties, and have a preliminary sense of responsibility.

(4) in the field of science, they are interested in things and phenomena around them, and have curiosity and thirst for knowledge; Can use all kinds of organs, hands and brain, explore problems; Be able to express and communicate the process and results of exploration in an appropriate way; Can feel the quantitative relationship of things from life and games, and experience the importance and fun of mathematics; Take good care of animals and plants, care about the surrounding environment, get close to nature, cherish natural resources, and have a preliminary environmental awareness.

(5) art field: can initially feel and love the beauty of environment, life and art; Like to participate in art activities, and can boldly express their feelings and experience; Can use their own way of artistic expression activities.

3、 Parent work

Teachers take advantage of the early delivery and late pick-up time to actively strengthen communication with parents, timely exchange of children's health status, sleep status, drinking water and diet. Hold a parents' meeting, announce the class work plan to parents, solicit parents' opinions and suggestions, and obtain parents' cooperation and support: ask parents to help children adjust their work and rest time, so that children can form the habit of getting up on time to go to kindergarten, and not being late. Cultivate children's habit of washing hands before and after meals, develop the eating habits of sitting upright, using tableware correctly, chewing slowly, and defecating regularly every day. Parents are requested to cut their nails regularly, teach them how to put on and take off their coats and shoes, and tidy up toys, so as to gradually cultivate their self-care ability. Teach children to go to kindergarten without snacks and toys.

Remind parents to watch the home column at the door every day, so as to understand the children's situation, learning content, and matters needing the cooperation of parents. After returning home, they should take the initiative to talk to the children about the kindergarten affairs, and guide the children to use complex sentences to express them completely. Provide opportunities for children to interact, care about their new friends, and encourage them to solve problems independently. Take children to participate in some social activities, give children some independent space, protect their autonomy. Parents are reminded to take their children to outing on weekends, and pay attention to ensure that children drink enough water, reasonably match food, and change clothes in time, so as to ensure normal life and study.

Early childhood education and teaching work plan 5

1、 Guiding ideology

This semester, our kindergarten will, according to the work arrangement of the teaching and research section of the primary school and the actual situation of the kindergarten, take the guiding outline of kindergarten education as the basis, improve the professional level of teachers, promote the development of children as the main line, promote the harmonious and healthy development of children as the core, and strive to implement the spirit of the guiding outline of kindergarten education as the focus, Promote children's physical and mental harmony and healthy development.

2、 Focus of work

1. Improve teachers' education and teaching level by building a platform for teachers' professional development.

2. Through the work of parents, help parents establish correct family education concept and master scientific and child rearing methods, so as to achieve the goal of home co education and promote the healthy growth of children.

3. Standardize education and teaching routine, and promote teachers and children to develop good teaching classroom routine.

3、 Main work and measures

(1) to build a platform for teachers' professional development and promote the improvement of teachers' professional level

1. Subscribe to various pre-school education magazines to provide conditions for teachers' theoretical learning

Correct and advanced education theory is the foundation of teachers' professional development. Only by mastering advanced educational ideas and learning correct teaching methods in continuous learning, can teachers make continuous progress and growth in the practice of education and teaching. Therefore, this semester, according to the actual situation of our kindergarten: teachers have few reference materials for education and teaching, and teachers are lack of books and materials for theoretical study. We have applied to school leaders to subscribe to a pre-school education magazine for each class, providing convenience for teachers' theoretical learning and solving the situation that teachers have no place to learn. In the teacher's learning, the principal should give the teacher proper guidance, let the teacher know how to learn, what to learn, how to apply what he has learned, and turn the knowledge and skills learned into his own teaching practice. First of all, the instructor should change the habit of reading magazines only focusing on teaching skills. Instead, he proposed to open the magazine and read the first three articles, trying to absorb the most cutting-edge theories. After learning, teachers were required to write reading notes and write their own views and feelings on articles or events, so as to facilitate teachers to compare their own education and teaching practice, Under the guidance of advanced theory, we should reflect on our teaching process and write teaching reflection; And record the growth and change of children, and gradually improve their theoretical level and teaching skills. The teacher should present the reading notes, teaching reflection and education notes in the form of work diary, and hand in the work diary on the 25th of each month. The head of the kindergarten will give inspection and guidance, and take it as the content of performance appraisal to cash the performance salary.

2. Take the lesson as the carrier, actively carry out teaching and research activities, and strive to improve teachers' education and teaching skills

This semester, based on the teaching and research activities of last semester, we will continue to focus on "mathematics education and teaching in kindergartens" as a teaching and research activity topic to carry out a deeper level of teaching and discussion. With the class examples as the carrier, teachers can learn to teach, evaluate and learn the teaching methods and basic skills of mathematics education in the practice of mathematics education and teaching, So that teachers can really improve the level of education and teaching in teaching and research activities, and learn the basic methods and skills of mathematics education and teaching. How to teach mathematics and how to teach mathematics well. At the same time, actively participate in scientific research activities, do not be absent in the activities of the research group, study modestly in the seminar activities, actively speak, and gain personal growth in the activities of the research group.

3. Hold high-quality course evaluation activities to form a mutual learning atmosphere

According to the teaching and research plan and arrangement of the teaching and research section of the kindergarten, and in combination with the actual situation of the kindergarten, we will carry out the evaluation of language and music quality courses in the middle of March, so that teachers can learn the advantages and strengths of others in the process of listening to and evaluating lessons, and learn from each other through mutual help. According to the arrangement of the teaching and research section, the winners will participate in the exhibition activities of effective teaching week in the whole district.

4. Actively carry out professional training activities, and do a good job of teachers' basic teaching skills

At present, the basic skills of kindergarten teachers are generally weak, and the kindergarten teachers are no exception. Therefore, from last semester, our kindergarten organized teachers to carry out Putonghua professional training activities according to the actual situation of our kindergarten. Through the narration and recitation of each person's story, a modern poem and an ancient poem, the teacher's Putonghua level has been improved, We have learned storytelling skills, enriched teachers' literary knowledge and cultivated their sentiment, which is very helpful to improve teachers' literary accomplishment. Teachers also like this kind of activity very much. Therefore, in this semester, we will continue to carry out professional training activities. According to the arrangement of the teaching and Research Office, we will carry out pen writing and simple stroke training in this semester, Each teacher is provided with a special teaching material of simple strokes. Teachers are required to write a picture every day and write a square every day. The teacher's homework is checked once a week to ensure that they can pass the basic skill examination smoothly.

(2) organize children's spring sports meeting and "June 1" garden activities to promote children's physical and mental health development

This semester, in order to cultivate children's awareness of the Olympic Games, exercise their bodies and enhance their physique, we will organize a spring children's games in late April; When the children's day comes, teachers and children in each class will design activity projects, arrange venues, break the boundaries of the class, and parents and children can independently choose activity projects or areas for garden activities. The joy is really returned to the children, so that the children can enjoy their own festival happily and truly achieve "I am the master of my festival", Promote children's physical and mental health and harmonious development.

5. Strengthen the management of education and teaching and standardize the teaching behavior of teachers

Due to the young teachers in our kindergarten, there are some problems, such as lack of education experience and random education behavior. In this semester, we will focus on strengthening the management of education and teaching. The kindergarten director will go deep into the front line to understand the actual situation of teachers' education and teaching, timely discover the problems existing in teachers, and gradually standardize teachers' educational behavior. Not only will the teacher's lesson preparation and teaching plan be followed up, but also the classroom teaching be followed up Guide and standardize. In this semester, targeted training and strict requirements will be adopted for teachers. For teachers who have been on duty for one year, their teaching plans will be inspected and guided by the principal. Teachers are required not to copy the activity suggestions of "teacher's book", and the activity design should be comprehensive without missing items and detailed plans; The teaching plan of teachers who have been on duty for more than two years shall be inspected and guided by the teaching and research team leader, focusing on whether the number of teachers preparing lessons is sufficient and whether they are prepared according to the teaching plan, so as to standardize the teaching behavior. Moreover, it is necessary to summarize, refine and standardize children's classroom routine, so as to promote the standardization of teachers' teaching behavior and the cultivation of children's routine, so as to lay a good foundation for the development of children's life.

(3) do a good job in guiding family education

The level of children's family education and parents' family education concept seriously affect the growth of children and the effect of kindergarten education; Because the park is located near the wholesale market of small commodities and in the south of the city, most of the students are from foreign businessmen and some children from the suburban areas. The parents' overall cultural level and family education level show many deficiencies. Therefore, it is particularly important to guide parents to establish correct education concepts and master correct family education methods. In this semester, we will hold two parent meetings in March and June. We will use the form of parent meetings to convey scientific and correct family education concepts to parents, introduce and recommend correct family education methods to parents, and gradually change their incorrect educational concepts and methods; At the same time, we should make full use of the home bulletin board to convey scientific and correct family education concepts to the parents of children, so that kindergarten education and family education can promote each other and make up for each other, so that children can grow up healthily.

4、 Specific activity arrangement

March: 1. Convey the education and teaching work plan of this semester.

2. Evaluation of high quality courses of teachers in the whole kindergarten.

3. Parents' meeting.

4. Each class designs and prepares the children's spring sports meeting.

April: 1. Check the teacher's practice of simple strokes and pen characters.

2. Hold children's spring sports meeting.

May: 1. Actively participate in the assessment of teachers' basic skills organized by the district teaching and research office.

2. Prepare for the June 1 garden tour.

June: 1.

2. Parents' meeting

July: summary of education and teaching work.

Early childhood education teaching plan 6

1、 Guiding ideology

The key point is to change the concept, build up the image outside and grasp the quality inside; With the implementation of the two "outlines" as the core, strengthen the management of kindergartens, focus on improving the management level of preschool education and the construction of teaching and scientific research team, strengthen the construction of standardized and demonstrative kindergartens, and implement Montessori plus specialty education; Build our kindergarten into a quality kindergarten.

2、 Situation analysis

Last year, at the beginning of each semester, we carried out great efforts to publicize and recruit students. Under the correct leadership of the school leaders and the joint efforts of the whole kindergarten teachers, we enrolled more than 300 children. At present, there are 50 teachers and staff, and the kindergarten has a good development situation. However, in the last year, the situation of teachers in our kindergarten was rather tense. Finally, we recruited four teachers and one logistics personnel for the research conducted by the school leaders and the kindergarten leaders. In the teaching process, we have always regarded the training of new teachers as the top priority of kindergarten work, and carried out teaching professional training for teachers in various forms. Last year, we actively participated in various activities held by higher authorities; We have also carried out "classic reading" activities in the green park area and the national scientific research project "early childhood reading"; In the new semester, we will strive to carry out various education and teaching activities.

3、 Objectives

1. Insist on guiding teachers and students with correct thinking, edify teachers and students with noble sentiment, standardize teachers and students with scientific system, and drive teachers and students with practical spirit. Focus on the construction of teaching staff; Pay attention to teacher training; Provide a variety of platforms for learning and training; Strengthen the routine management of education and teaching; Improve teachers' ability and level of education.

2. Strive to create a new type of teachers who are good at learning, absorbing, thinking and have a certain theoretical height and appreciation ability; To create a new type of teachers with elegant interest, healthy mentality, unity and music, and can play a positive role in the team; We should create a new type of teachers who are brave in practice, bold in innovation, pursue progress and have strong professional ability.

3. Optimize classroom teaching, strive to make every class an excellent class, and make every lesson preparation full and orderly. Teachers can listen to the class at will, so that teachers can become self transcendent in practice teaching, and carry out scientific research projects and urban work well. We should do a good job in the routine, pay close attention to the details and the process.

4. Do a good job in Teachers' Ideological and moral education, teaching quality and characteristics; Strive to achieve "teacher development, children's development, kindergarten development", and strive to build a kindergarten satisfying parents and society.

4、 Main work

1. Strengthen teachers' moral education

If you want to be a good teacher, you must first become a teacher with good ethics, especially in kindergartens. It requires teachers to be full of love, patience and care. Therefore, teacher's ethics education is the foundation of teachers' growth.

(1) carry out education on Teachers' etiquette and ethics, carry out reading activities, and create a good atmosphere of comparison and help.

(2) carry out "five loves" education, namely: patriotism, love of post, love of garden, love of life and love of oneself.

(3) carry forward the spirit of "dedication, dedication, truth-seeking and innovation".

(4) adhere to the work style of "serious, fast, stick to the promise, never give up".

2. Improve the quantitative assessment and evaluation rules of kindergarten education and teaching.

The detailed rules of quantitative evaluation should be adjusted to make it easier to operate. Through quantitative evaluation, teachers' working enthusiasm can be really improved.

3. Strengthen professional training

(1) to organize teachers to study and discuss the "guidelines for kindergarten education" and constantly update their educational concepts.

Carry out reading activities, encourage teachers to learn independently according to their own needs, read more books, read good books, and use the time of business learning to exchange learning experience and make good reading notes. Write the teacher's notes and hand them over to the teaching director for inspection at the end of the month.

(2) strengthen the routine management of teaching and improve the quality of education

The preparation of lessons is a prerequisite for a good lesson. Teachers should base their lesson preparation on the basis of children's development oriented teaching ideas. It is necessary to think from the perspective of children, so as to do the work before class, benefit in class, think in class, and optimize the teaching process. Teachers are required to prepare lessons one week in advance, and concentrate on communication and discussion during business study.

4. Pay attention to the development of Montessori teaching and the development of special courses, so that teachers can develop into professional teachers with special skills.

5. Carry out the celebration activities of various festivals, pay attention to the website construction of each class, and update it daily. The content of "parents' garden" should be adjusted carefully to be informative, interesting and educational.

6. Do a good job in the weekly selection of excellent classes, and do a good job in the weekly selection of children's "star of civilization" and "star of etiquette".

7. Carry out teaching and research activities to promote teaching and scientific research

(1) carry out teaching and research activities extensively. We should actively promote the work of teaching and scientific research, promote research with teaching, and promote teaching with research.

(2) teachers should learn from each other and improve together. They should listen to no less than 16 classes per semester.

(3) each open class requires standardization. That is to say, there are teaching plans, listening records, evaluation records, and required to have a lecture draft, so that "everyone can speak, class someone said".

(4) continue to carry out the five basic skills competition for teachers.

5、 Specific arrangements


1. Hold the parents' meeting at the beginning of school.

2. Formulate the education and teaching work plan of various disciplines.

3. Curriculum arrangement of various disciplines and interest classes.

4. Enrollment of the curriculum and interest classes

5. Unified learning and training of vocal etudes of different ages.

6. Teaching material learning and teacher training for Yitong.

7. Creation of the whole park environment.

8. Excellent class and children star selection activity.


1. Guide the teachers in each class.

2. Prepare lessons collectively, listen and evaluate lessons; Excellent course selection.

3. Open the teaching of Mongolian class.

4. Children carry out "I can..." activities once a month with different themes.

5. Strengthen safety routine education and civilized Discipline Cultivation Education to form good behavior habits of children.

6. On May 1 International Labor Day, children learn relevant knowledge and make propaganda boards.


1. Children carry out "I can..." activities.

2. Theme activities of mother's day.

3. Teachers' five skills painting competition.

4. Children's morning exercises competition.

5. Preparations for the June 1 cultural performance.


1. Carry out double festival activities in combination with the Dragon Boat Festival and father's day.

2. Half day open activities and opening and exhibition of interest classes.

3. Literature and art performances.

4. Training of topic exchange.

5. Children carry out "I can..." activities


1. Hold parent meeting.

2. Select excellent teachers.

3. Summary of various activities.

4. Holiday work arrangement.


1. Formulate the education and teaching work plan of various disciplines.

2. Organize children's daily activities and pay attention to the regular education at the beginning of school.

3. Each class should carry out the theme education activities of celebrating teacher's day for children in combination with teacher's day

4. Give guidance to teachers.

5. Patriotism education for children; Carry out activities on the theme of "I love my motherland".

6. Children carry out "I can..." activities.


1. Children carry out "I can..." activities.

2. Half day open activities.

3. Excellent course selection.

4. Assessment of children's learning in various subjects.


1. Check the teacher's lesson preparation.

2. Organize teachers to carry out "five skills competition for teachers".

3. Carry out "Thanksgiving Day" activities.

4. Strengthen the physical exercise of children in winter and carry out outdoor sports activities.


1. Connection between kindergarten and primary school (visiting primary school)

2. Christmas and new year's theme activities.

3. Subject exchange training

4. Teachers' term evaluation and selection of excellent teachers.

Early childhood education and teaching work plan 7

The new semester is about to start. In order to better carry out the work in all aspects of this semester, the class management plan is formulated according to the actual situation of the class as follows:

1、 Class situation analysis

(1) children's situation

There are 12 children in this class. There are 6 new students in this semester and 1 old student left in the next semester. There are 19 children in total, including 11 males and 8 females. The oldest is 4.5 years old and the youngest is 3.5 years old. The average age is about 4 years old. According to the teaching activities carried out in the last semester, most of the children have made great progress and improvement in their self-care ability, but there are still several children such as Chen Huanxi and Shi Xiaobo who are more dependent on adults in dining; In terms of routine, most children's living and learning habits are good, but a small number of children still have aggressive behavior, and discipline is relatively loose in collective activities. It is still a key point to do a good job in routine work this semester.

(2) division and cooperation of Teachers

Li is responsible for the development of mathematical logic intelligence, computational logic training games, music education.

Teacher Zhou is responsible for carrying out the teaching contents, such as paying attention to children's language intelligence, English games, language stories, and some integrated courses.

2、 Education and teaching

1. Prepare lessons carefully, attend classes and reflect after class.

2. Cultivate teaching objectives in various fields.

3. Do a good job in various theme activities (I like, sensual mobilization, umbrella world, a letter to you and Dong Dong Long Dong Qiang). And choose "umbrella world" as the focus of this semester's theme exhibition.

4. According to the children's interests and the characteristics of the kindergarten, we should focus on the cultivation of children's early reading ability. These activities include reading the abstract of the Analects of Confucius, and monthly thematic reading activities, such as "collect the East, collect the west", "what is in the garden"

3. Parents' work:

1. Establish a home contact column at the beginning of school to introduce the one week plan, monthly care and education key points and notices to parents.

2. Hold a parents' meeting to introduce the age characteristics of children in the middle class and the teaching contents of this period and the cooperation with parents.

3. Actively communicate with parents about children's performance in kindergarten and at home, and discuss good methods of educating children.

4. Invite some parents to participate in the management of children's autumn outing, so that parents can understand the work of teachers and ensure the safety of children's activities. In addition, some parents were invited to attend the new year's Day celebration.

4、 Health care

1. Do a good job in class hygiene, disinfect and clean regularly.

2. Remind children to cut their nails, and require them to brush their teeth sooner or later, wash hands before and after meals, and keep their clothes and hands clean.

3. Help children develop the habit of washing hands correctly and wash hands before and after meals. Eat meals, take naps and activities on time under the guidance of adults.

4. Initially establish the safety awareness of self-protection.

5. Help children form the awareness of caring for public health and do things in an orderly way. Be able to clean up and tidy up after the activity.

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