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Fire safety blackboard knowledge

Time: 18:22:32, February 22, 2018 Blackboard newspaper I want to contribute

Fire safety blackboard knowledge recommendation

As an enterprise, while seeking economic benefits from the market, it is also necessary to pay attention to safety in production, so as to realize the "win-win" of interests and safety.

1. The unit shall strictly abide by the fire control laws, regulations and rules, implement the fire control work policy of "prevention first, prevention and fire control combination", perform fire safety responsibilities and ensure fire safety. The legal representative of a legal entity or the main person in charge of an unincorporated unit is the person in charge of fire safety of the unit, and is fully responsible for the fire safety work of the unit. The unit shall implement the level by level fire safety responsibility system and post fire safety responsibility system, clarify the level by level and post fire safety responsibilities, and determine the fire safety responsible persons at all levels and posts.

2. Key fire safety units shall set up or determine the centralized management departments of fire control work, and determine full-time or part-time fire management personnel; Other units shall appoint full-time or part-time fire control management personnel, and may determine the centralized management department of fire control work. Centralized management functional departments and full-time and part-time fire management personnel shall carry out fire safety management under the leadership of fire safety responsible person or fire safety manager.

3. The unit shall establish and improve various fire safety systems, including fire safety education and training; Fire inspection and inspection; Safety evacuation facilities management; Fire (control room) on duty; Maintenance and management of fire facilities and equipment; Fire hazard rectification; Fire and electricity safety management; Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and fire and explosion-proof places.

4. Large and medium-sized enterprises, special warehouses and management units of ancient buildings listed as key cultural relics protection of the State shall establish full-time fire brigade in accordance with relevant provisions of the state, and regularly organize fire drills.

5. Organize the preparation of fire fighting and emergency evacuation plans in line with the actual situation of the unit, and organize the employees to carry out self rescue and fire fighting drills at the initial stage every half a year.

6. Regularly maintain the fire-fighting facilities, fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting safety signs of the unit to ensure their integrity and effectiveness. It is necessary to keep the fire door, fire shutter, fire safety evacuation indication sign, emergency lighting, mechanical smoke exhaust and air supply, fire accident broadcasting and other facilities in normal working state.


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