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Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

Time: 15:00:53, December 30, 2020 Blackboard newspaper I want to contribute

Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

March 5 is about to usher in Lei Feng day, the story of learning from Lei Feng has been read again. As a matter of fact, learning from Lei Feng's good example, his spirit will last forever. We need no special day to stay in our hearts. Next, let's share the pictures of Lei Feng blackboard newspaper data Welcome to read!

Learn from Lei Feng blackboard 1

 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

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 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

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 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

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 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

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 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

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 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

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 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

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 Learn from Lei Feng blackboard newspaper

Lei Feng's life

Lei Feng is an ordinary and great communist fighter. He was the head of a transportation company of the engineering corps of Shenyang Army of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. He died on duty on August 15, 1962. Although he had only spent 22 years, his lofty spirit, which was shining with the brilliance of Communist thought, remained in the world for a long time.

On March 5, 1963, the chairman personally wrote an inscription calling on the people of the whole country to "learn from Comrade Lei Feng".

Lei Feng, formerly known as Lei Zhengxing, was born in a poor peasant family in Wangcheng County, Hunan Province in 1940. Lei Feng was the leader of the transportation class of the engineering corps of Shenyang Army of the PLA and a five good soldier. He died on duty on August 15, 1962. His lofty spirit of putting his limited life into infinite service for the people embodies the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the moral quality of communism. After Lei Feng joined the army, he was incorporated into the fourth group of a transportation company of an engineering corps as a motor soldier. In November 1960, he joined the Communist Party of China. After he joined the army, his performance was outstanding. The front-line newspaper opened a column of "learning from Lei Feng". In less than three years, he was awarded the second class merit once and the third class merit twice. He was rated as the saving model, won the "model member of the Communist Youth League", and attended the meeting of the Communist Youth League of Shenyang Army. In 1961, Lei Feng was promoted to monitor and elected as Fushun people's representative. On August 15, 1962, he died in an accident.

Lei Feng, formerly known as Lei Zhengxing. On December 18, 1940, on November 20 of the lunar calendar, Lei Feng was born in a poor farmer's home in jianjiatang, Changsha (Wangcheng) County, Hunan Province. Because this year is the year of "Gengchen" in the lunar calendar, he was given a nickname "Geng Yazi".

Lei Feng is cheerful and active. He can teach singing and run wall newspaper. He joined the soldier's performance team, got up early and greedy for black back Lines ĄŁ However, due to the strong accent in Hunan, which affected the performance effect, he took the initiative to change himself and concentrate on logistics for the performance.

Lei Feng was elected deputy to the Municipal People's Congress before his death. He was a model figure, with photos and photos diary And model deeds often appear in newspapers, radio and other media. He is always modest and prudent in the face of honor. He once wrote in his diary: "everything I have is given by the party. The glory should be attributed to the party and to the comrades who helped me enthusiastically. As for my personal work, it is too little..."

At about 8:00 a.m. on August 15, 1962, Lei Feng and his assistant Qiao Anshan drove back from the construction site to the company's depot. Regardless of the fatigue of long-distance driving, they immediately went to wash the car. At that time, the soldiers planted a row of wood poles about two meters high for drying clothes on the side of the road. The top was pulled by No. 8 iron wire. Lei Feng asked Qiao Anshan to drive, and he got off to guide him to reverse and turn. The front wheel of the car passed by, but the outside of the rear tire crushed the wooden pole from the root. Affected by the iron wire at the top, the wooden pole rebounded and hit Lei Feng's right temple. On the spot, he was bleeding. Lei Feng fainted. His comrades in arms immediately took him to the Western staff hospital of Fushun Mining Bureau for rescue. The deputy company commander drove to Shenyang 202 Hospital to invite medical experts. However, due to skull injury, cerebral hemorrhage, resulting in brain dysfunction, Lei Feng unfortunately died, only 22 years old.

Lei Feng's spirit and love

Today's so-called learning from Lei Feng is not really learning from Lei Feng in the real sense. Every year, the activities of learning from Lei Feng on March 5 are more commemorative, so there is a saying: "Uncle Lei Feng comes in March and leaves in April.".

Lei Feng's spirit is embodied in specific behaviors. Our understanding of Lei Feng's spirit is also from his specific behavior. People's understanding of Lei Feng's spirit is relatively narrow and specific. People's understanding of Lei Feng's spirit is rather narrow and specific. It is certainly misunderstood that supporting the old and the young, helping the micro to help others to do something is misunderstood. Lei Feng's spirit is naturally simple and unadorned, It's not made by people. It embodies Comrade Lei Feng's philosophy of life. Everything Lei Feng does is basically within our ability. The reason why we can't do it like him is that our philosophy of life can't reach the point of forgetting personal affairs like him. We use greatness to describe Comrade Lei Feng, which also shows that not everyone can achieve the spirit of Lei Feng, We can only have part of the behavior to meet the requirements of Lei Feng spirit.

The essence of Lei Feng's spirit is to help others as much as they can when they are in trouble. We can't ask the public to pay as much as Comrade Lei Feng to help others. In this way, Lei Feng's commonness can't be sublimated to greatness.

The times are changing. Our country has entered the era of commodity exchange, and the selfless help has become paid service, which inevitably challenges the traditional Lei Feng spirit. Lei Feng spirit is eternal, but the behavior embodying Lei Feng spirit is not eternal. Lei Feng spirit is the spirit that our society needs, The love that people say today is actually another way of saying Lei Feng's spirit. Lei Feng spirit is a kind of expression of love, but the love expressed by Lei Feng spirit is more specific and real, while the love we are talking about now is very abstract and extensive. Everyone can create ways to express love at will, which is not reflected in the specific behavior of Comrade Lei Feng like Lei Feng spirit.

We must accept that the changes of the times have brought about the denial of the traditional Lei Feng spirit, and admit that it is also a kind of progress to turn selfless help into paid service. Of course, we should not turn everything into paid service. Love itself embodies the Lei Feng spirit of free service in society. Therefore, our society will also have selfless help, Not everything needs paid service.

In my mind, the ideal society is not that everyone has the spirit of selfless dedication like Comrade Lei Feng, but that everyone can help others with a little help. Our little help can help others solve big problems, which can not be measured by value.

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