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Graphic illustration of window cut steps

Time: 13:04:07, November 14, 2017 paper-cut I want to contribute

Illustration of window pattern paper cutting steps

Paper cutting is a traditional Chinese art, and when it comes to window cutting, it is only a small branch. So, how to cut the window decorations. Today, I'd like to tell you how to cut four corner window decorations.

Here's to remind you, because the window cut method is more casual, and also, the folding method is not the same, cut out the window cut is not the same. Generally, there will be four angle symmetry, eight angle symmetry, twelve angle symmetry and so on. For the convenience of basic narration, we use the four corner symmetrical window pattern to demonstrate.


Choose a piece of paper and cut it into a square. Then fold it diagonally in half.


After folding in half, fold it in half again, as shown in the picture.


Turn it over and fold one leaf to the center edge once, and the other leaf, too.


Start cutting at the short side. Window decorations are mainly based on the shape of flowers, but they have great autonomy, so you can cut them according to your nature. We cut a petal.


Then cut several petals in turn.


Cut the short side of the basic shape, began to cut the long side.


Well, the shape of the long side is designed by ourselves. It depends on the nature. There is no big regulation. After the two sides are cut, they are the upper ones. The upper ones are usually decorated with multiple petals.


Cut it, open it and have a look. This is a pair of dialogue after opening.


This is two pairs of dialogue after opening.


OK, here is the finished drawing.


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