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English teaching design of grade four in primary school

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English teaching design of grade four in primary school

The following is to provide you with the fourth grade of primary school English teaching design Volume II Unit1 our school, welcome to browse.

 English teaching design of grade four in primary school

1. Name of instructional design discipline

Unit1 our school

2. Analysis of class situation and students' characteristics

There are 31 students in this class, 17 boys, all aged about 10 years old. Students are active and not easy to concentrate. Under the influence of traditional ideas, students do not pay much attention to English learning, and at the same time, they have the phenomenon of "crowding out" in English. Students have a psychological resistance to the rigid book teaching, play the knowledge in the textbook, get rid of the resistance psychology of English, and have great interest in English.

3. Analysis of teaching content

This unit focuses on the name, distribution and different functions of school classrooms and function rooms. This is the teacher's office, that is my classroom, is this the library? Is that the TV room? A. Let's talk in part B permeates these new sentence patterns, which is the teaching difficulty of this unit. The school is a place where students study and live every day. Students can be guided to visit their own school and learn or consolidate words and sentence patterns in real situations.

4. Teaching objectives

1. Capability target

(1) be able to briefly introduce the distribution of school buildings, such as this is the teacher's office, that is my classroom

(2) be able to briefly describe the different functions of each classroom, such as go to the library, read a story book

(3) be able to understand and answer some questions, such as: is this the library? Is that the TV room?

(4) can sing the song "our school".

2. Knowledge goal

(1) master the words and sentences in part a and part b read and write, and be able to listen, speak, read and write.

(2) read the words and sentences in part a and part B of let's learn and let's talk.

(3) understand the contents of let's do and let's Chang.

(4) understand story time and good to know.

3. Emotion, strategy, culture, etc

(1) emotional attitude: be able to introduce your school to guests in a proper way.

(2) learning strategy: pay attention to cooperative learning, encourage students to imagine boldly, and conceive the blueprint of the future school.

(3) cultural objectives: to understand the public morality that should be observed in different occasions and cultivate students' love for the school.

4. Analysis of teaching difficulties

1. This lesson needs to master five words about school facilities and understand their functions. Use the relevant sentence patterns to discuss various teaching activities in the school.

2. The difficulty of this lesson is the pronunciation of consonants in library; The difference between the ordinal number word first and the cardinal number word one and their correct use. Understand the difference between first, second and one, two.

3. Let students master the usage of "this is... / that is...". The pronunciation of this and that and the usage of the ordinal number first and second in the floor expression are the difficulties in teaching. Be able to use the demonstrative pronouns this, that to ask for information and make corresponding answers.

5. Teaching hours

Four class hours

6. Teaching process

Section B

1、 Warm up and review

1. The teacher greets the students warmly and makes a simple free talk.

  Hello, boys and girls. Nice to meet you.

  This is our school.

  That is the playground.

  Where is our classroom/ canteen/library/garden?´

(design idea: through dialogue between teachers and students, review old knowledge, prepare for students' follow-up learning, enhance students' interest in language learning, cultivate students' ability to speak English, and promote cooperation between teachers and students in class.)

2. Play the English song "our school".

(design idea: through the beautiful music, encourage the students to follow the rhythm, beat and sing, let the students start today's English learning in a happy atmosphere.)

3. Ask two groups of students to perform role play on the dialogue of let's talk in part A.

(design idea: Students' dialogue performance can not only check the students' mastery of the contents in class, review the new sentence patterns they have learned, make sufficient knowledge preparation for the professors of new courses, but also adapt to the strong psychological characteristics of the fourth grade students to arouse their enthusiasm for learning.)

2、 Show

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