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Teaching plan design of Oriental Pearl in primary school Chinese

Time: 20:20:57, June 26, 2017 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Teaching plan design of Oriental Pearl in primary school Chinese

The article "Oriental Pearl" introduces the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower on the Bank of Huangpu River in Shanghai chinese Oriental Pearl Teaching plan Design, for your reference only.

 Teaching plan design of Oriental Pearl in primary school Chinese

¡¡¡¡ Teaching objectives and requirements:

1. Strengthen literacy teaching, learn 8 new words, understand 8 new words, and understand the words composed of new words.

2. Through the vivid language and vivid pictures of the text, students can understand the magnificent scene of Shanghai radio and TV Tower, and cultivate their interest in observing the things around them.

3. Activate students' experience, make them expand their imaginative wings, learn to understand the meaning of sentences in repeated reading, and cultivate students' comprehension ability, reading ability and recitation ability.

4. Understand the content of the text and understand the great achievements of the socialist modernization of the motherland.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching process:

Reading teaching in lower grades is the initial stage of learning to read. Facing the six or seven year old Mongolian children, we must start from the most basic things to lay a good foundation for students' future study. The first requirement of reading teaching in the initial stage is to be able to read the text and feel the interest in reading.

¡¡¡¡ 1¡¢ The introduction is interesting and bold

Before reading, in order to create suspense, the teacher guides the students to guess boldly, and with the help of the stickers, the students are brought into the topic situation with concise and vivid introduction. Students, guess where the largest city in China is? And put up a panorama of Shanghai, point out the population of 140000, what is the tallest tower in the world? What is the tallest tower in Asia? The radio and television tower was posted and explained to be the third tallest tower in the world, and then the topic "Oriental Pearl" was introduced.

[the purpose of this introduction is to create an atmosphere for students to understand their feelings when entering the country]

¡¡¡¡ 2¡¢ Try to read by yourself and find interest in the text

In the whole reading process, students should always maintain the role consciousness of active participation, and focus their attention on "like" and "can read", rather than how much they understand.

¡¡¡¡ 1. First read the text, read through the text, overall perception

(1) try to read the text in a low voice with the help of Pinyin, and ask to read the text correctly without losing or adding words. In addition, they should know the sentences and natural paragraphs in the text, and what contents are written in each paragraph, and understand why the topic is called "Oriental pearl".

(2) read the full text through several free readings, circle the new words, and read the new words several times.

(3) check the students' mastery of the pronunciation of new words in time. In the reading stage, what the students perceive is an outline bird's-eye view of the text.

[junior students have little experience and little knowledge, so teachers' guidance to students' self reading attempt should not be ignored]

¡¡¡¡ 2. Read the text carefully, highlight the key points, understand the words and sentences, use the context, combined with their own life experience, observe the object, look at the wall chart, projection, demonstration and other methods to understand some key words and sentences.

(1) observe the "Pearl" and stimulate interest

¡¡¡¡ £¨1£© Learn the first paragraph

How many sentences do you have£¨ Two sentences)

(2) read the first sentence by name, observe the wall chart of "Oriental Pearl", know that it is composed of 11 ball beads and 6 legs, and think about it. What does this sentence tell us?

Read the second sentence by name, understand "beautiful name", think about what you eat and play with. Do you have a good name£¨ For example, we eat hamburgers, Wahaha, yogurt, Xizhilang jelly, QQ sugar, ShaQima, etc., and we play Yo Yo, bumper car, slide, etc.) where is the beauty of the name of "Oriental Pearl"?

How can we read such a nice name? Read the second sentence

¢İ Read the first paragraph together

¢Ş Try to recite

Summary: this passage tells us the location and beautiful name of Shanghai radio and TV Tower

(2) the performance of "Pearl" is a great pleasure

¡¡¡¡ £¨2£© Learn the second paragraph

What do you understand by reading aloud? What else don't you understand? Read the key words and sentences under the guidance of the teacher.

Understanding "like a giant", where does it look like a man¡° What does "giant" mean? Where can we see that it is tall and big£¨ And then read out the magnificence of the tower.

(2) understand "colorful" and "colorful", and look at the "Oriental Pearl" tower lighting colors? What word can I use£¨ These lights not only have many colors, but also flash colorful things£¨ Fireworks, rainbows, Christmas trees, stage lights...) closing our eyes and thinking about the colorful Oriental Pearl, the teacher described that at night, when we came to the Huangpu River, we saw thousands of lights on the tower, which were like a small sun, colorful and changeable. At one time, they were like floating clouds, some were like flying spray, and the other were like twinkling stars, It's beautiful. Students open their eyes and read this sentence beautifully.

¢Û Try to recite

(3) praise the "Pearl" and add new interest

¡¡¡¡ £¨3£© Learn the third paragraph

Read together and imagine

(2) teacher tells us that Shanghai radio and TV Tower is tall and beautiful. She stands tall in the east of the world. She is really a beautiful "Pearl of the Orient".

When you see this beautiful scene, how do you praise it? What would you ask if you were standing under the tower£¨ Who built this tower? When was it built? How long has it been built? What's the total investment? What's the role of...) let students deeply feel the infinite interest in life.

¢Ü Try to recite the passage

[according to the dominant characteristics of children's image thinking, from the specific perceptible observation of objects, viewing images, demonstrations, etc., to guide understanding, according to the dominant characteristics of unintentional attention, work hard on "fun" and "fun"]

¡¡¡¡ 3¡¢ Skillful understanding of glyphs, fun

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