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Chinese teaching plan of tadpole looking for mother

Time: June 28, 2017 19:05:58 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Chinese teaching plan of tadpole looking for mother

"Little Tadpole Looking for mother" is a vivid and interesting text with dialogue as its main content. It is a good material for reading training. The following by Ruiwen net small make up for you "Little Tadpole Looking for mother" of chinese Teaching plan Welcome to browse.

¡¡¡¡ 1¡¢ Interesting introduction

1. Today, the teacher brings you two riddles. Do you want to guess them? Riddles

Small black fish, smooth, round head, long tail, swimming in the pond£¨ Tadpole)

The little hero in green catches pests in the fields. He takes a rest in winter and catches insects in summer£¨ Frog)

2. Introduction of conversation

Students, do you think they are a family? But their looks are so different. No wonder little tadpoles don't even know their mother. Today, let's go with the tadpoles to find mom£¨ Show the project map)

3. Please extend your right index finger to write the topic with the teacher£¨ Read the topic together

¡¡¡¡ 2¡¢ Holistic perception

1. Please turn the book to page 142, look at the illustrations in the text and listen to the story carefully. Where the story goes, point to the corresponding illustrations.

Students, have tadpoles found their mother? Do you like tadpoles?

¡¡¡¡ 3¡¢ Study the text

(1) understand the shape characteristics of tadpoles

1. Show the tadpole illustration: look, how many tadpoles are there in the pond?

Who can tell me what these tadpoles look like?

2. Now let's see how it is written in the text? Read the first section by name£¨ After reading the teacher's map)

3. The first natural paragraph is displayed on the screen to recognize "gray" (what color is this word? Show the card and group the words

4. Little tadpoles swim around happily, which means how are their lives£¨ Who can read it happily

5, children think, we can also say who is doing what happily, who can say a word?

6. Look carefully, there is... (show and fill in the blank) Qi said.

Transition: Although tadpoles live a happy life, but no mother, always feel that life is missing something. How they wish they could live with their mothers! Look, they're talking about finding mom together. They looked and looked, and finally found their mother, which turned out to be a cute big frog.

(2) understand the appearance characteristics of frogs

1. Show the picture and ask: who will tell us what mother frog looks like?

2. How does the text describe the frog's appearance? Let's find out the paragraph and read it by name.

3. Show the sentence, recognize "Pi" and "drum", read the polyphonic word "Lu". In addition to these three words, there is a word for action in this sentence: "squat".

4. Find out two words about the color of frogs£¨ Point out: green, snow-white)

5. Write the big frog alive with these four actions and two color words. Let's try to read the frog's loveliness. Boys read, girls read, teacher evaluation.

(3) understand the process of tadpoles growing into frogs

Teacher: in the text, the frog mother said: children, you have grown into frogs, jump up quickly. Students, do you know how many changes have taken place in the body of a tadpole when it grows into a frog?

Show requirements: please read the natural paragraphs 2 ~ 6 of the text freely, find out the sentences of the body changes of tadpoles, and draw them out with "~ ~ ~".

2. Exchange and complement each other at the same table

3. Group report and map. Show these sentences and pictures and read them together.

4. Give a performance: if you are a tadpole, can you tell me how you grew up? Look at the screen and try to talk about it first.

(4) learn the text 2 ~ 5

Transition: who did the tadpole meet in the process of looking for his mother£¨ Carp and tortoise)

(1) learn the second paragraph

1. Introduction: Little Tadpoles swim and swim. When they see the mother carp teaching their children to catch food, (show the picture) who will the tadpoles think of at this time£¨ Think of your mother.) Who can say a word to express tadpole's feeling of missing his mother?

Who is my mother? What's my mother like? Where is our mother?

2. So they go up, ask questions, show the whole picture, and know the words and words of "Ying"

3. How do they "welcome up"? Look at the courseware and understand it,

Teacher: so, face to face together is "welcome". Who wants to go on stage and do the "welcome" action with the teacher.

4. They "welcome up" and ask questions

Know "Auntie" to communicate literacy methods, what are the characters next to the female characters you have learned?

What a polite little tadpole! Who will read it politely?

5. How does mother carp answer£¨ What are the characteristics of tadpoles hearing their mother's appearance£¨ Blackboard writing: four legs, wide mouth)

Transition: so, the tadpole said goodbye to the carp mother and the little carp, and continued to look for his mother.

(2) study paragraph 3

What do they think of when they see a turtle£¨ Carp mother said his mother's appearance), ah, they took the tortoise as their mother, so they rushed to catch up£¨ Show me the picture of catching up quickly),

2. How to catch up? Find two people to play, then look at the courseware,

Teacher summary: catch up from behind can be said "catch up.".

3. From "hurry up and catch up", we can see how the tadpoles feel£¨ So they call out in a hurry... (points out mother's words) who can read them in a hurry?

4. When the tortoise saw the tadpole calling his mother, he was very amused. He said earnestly -- (show the turtle's words) learn "Ding" and let the students point out where the top of the head is. Let's read it carefully together. The tortoise said with a smile.

5. What does the little tadpole know from the tortoise what his mother looks like£¨ Blackboard writing: big eyes on the head and green clothes)

6. Cooperate in the group to perform the scene when the tadpole meets the carp mother and the tortoise. Pay attention to all the actions. Please put on your headdress and give your comments.

This time, the tadpole may have mistaken his mother. However, they were not discouraged because they learned from the tortoise that there were more characteristics of mother's appearance, besides "four legs, wide mouth", and

So, they are full of confidence, continue to look for their mother!

(3) study paragraph 4

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