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Lesson plan for the second class of Martha's grown up

Time: 19:28:30, June 28, 2017 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Lesson plan for the second class of Martha's grown up

Is the text of Martha growing up instrumental and humanistic chinese The basic feature of Chinese language is that it can't be mechanically separated from each other. They depend on each other and complement each other. The following is the second class of Martha growing up Teaching plan , for your browsing only.

 Lesson plan for the second class of Martha's grown up

   1、 Teaching content:

The selected textbook is the Chinese textbook of Beijing Normal University. The content is the second class of "Martha grows up".

This text is an article about "growing up" in the first volume of grade one. Is close to the inner world of children's essays. Childish humor. Students can experience the happiness brought by childhood in the article, which also leads to in-depth thinking. The text contains rich emotions. Let students understand that they can't grow up by changing their appearance, but by being a good and sensible child. Learn to care, understand and help, and communicate with others.

In the past, our teaching focused on the cultivation of students' various abilities, but often ignored the ideological and moral education in emotional goals. The new teaching concept also requires Chinese teachers to fully tap the rich emotions contained in the text itself and arouse students' resonance. Timely conduct ideological and moral education for students. Maintain and guide students' mental health and establish correct outlook on life and values.

   2、 Teaching objectives, teaching key points and difficulties:

(1) knowledge and skills: mobilize students to see, think and speak, and experience the profound connotation of the text. Understand the significance of growing up and the specific measures. And applied to real life.

(2) emotional attitude and values (psychological health penetration point)

1. Feel the profound connotation given by the text, and understand that the true meaning of growing up is not in appearance.

2. Learn to care, love and take care of others, and do it in real life.

(3) process and method: combination of independence, cooperation and exchange. Develop a good habit of independent thinking. Dare to express your ideas. At the same time, enhance the ability to communicate with people in communication. Unite and help each other and learn to share your harvest with others.

Teaching methods: experiential motivation, situational (students help Martha find ways to grow up, and understand that real growth is not about appearance, but in heart)

Point: know how to grow up. Learn to care and help others.

Difficulty: understand the true meaning of growing up.

Analysis of learning situation: due to the actual characteristics of the first grade students. I focus on intuitive feelings and emotional experiences. Let students naturally integrate into Martha's world, make use of some interesting wall charts and practical life experience, so that students who are not very strong in understanding and generalization can easily experience the rich emotions and profound significance contained in the text, and grow together with Martha.

At the same time, combined with life experience and reality, the role of the text is transferred to the students themselves. Make them learn how to care and help others. And in the discussion and exchange, develop the habit and quality of communication with people.

   Teaching ideas and teaching strategies: 1

Because it is the second class, so not focus on the basic training of new words, but into the text has a deep analysis and understanding. My innovation in this class lies in moving people with emotion and educating people with reason. What children lack now is love. Don't know how to care, understand and care for others. So I put the focus of this lesson on emotional experience, from personal experience to conscious thinking and behavior. From the perspective of easy to accept, conduct education for students. Let the text be like a mirror, which can reflect the possible appearance of students' life and take corresponding seats. This is the message of the text. So that students understand the true meaning of growing up. Finally, I let the students talk about their own views and plans, hoping that we can be sensible and good children. Students' emotion is sublimated again. Put it into action. Children can really change and experience.

Teaching resources: interesting pictures and courseware

   Teaching process:

   1、 Import:

Teacher: last class, we learned Martha has grown up. Has she grown up? Let's go into the text again and find a way with Martha Show Martha)

Teacher: now please read the text by yourself. While reading, draw lines in the text. What methods did Martha use to make herself grow up?

Look for it by yourself and draw three sentences: dress up, sweep the floor and pour water

   2、 Independent exploration, cooperation and exchange:

Teacher: just now, the teacher saw that all the students had found many ways. Could you share your little gains with your peers in the group? We'll talk to each group's representatives later.

(group communication, group leader's organization of team members, discussion and report content)

Teacher: the teacher went to several groups and found that the discussion was really wonderful. Now which group would like to share the results of your discussion with you?

S1: our group found the fourth natural paragraph. Please turn to page 96... Teacher's blackboard: sweeping the floor

Teacher: so what was Martha's mood after she did this? What do you say?

(students find it and read it out)

S2: very happy

Who would like to be Martha's mother. Read that happy tone.

Student: read it individually and comment on it

Teacher: are you like your mother? Compare with the teacher

Read and practice with each other at the same table

Student 3: our group found the fifth natural paragraph, "Dad..."

Teacher: what did dad say? Read together

(showing the blackboard) what would dad do if she saw Martha like this?

Student 4: it's amazing and comforting

Teacher: let's read this sentence with happy and surprised tone and expression Read together)

Teacher: observe these two sentences. What's the difference between father and mother?

(blackboard writing: it seems to be... Yes...)

Why don't they say the same thing?

Student: learn to be active

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