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Chinese teaching plan of the field in May

Time: 19:28:21, June 29, 2017 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Chinese teaching plan of the field in May

This text outlines the beautiful scenery of the field, describes the happiness of children in the field, let us understand the childhood life of rural children, and also feel the strong local flavor. Welcome to visit the field in May provided by chinese Teaching plan For reference.

 Chinese teaching plan of the field in May

Close reading of the text:

This text outlines the beautiful scenery of the field, describes the happiness of children in the field, let us understand the childhood life of rural children, and also feel the strong local flavor.

According to the author, the field in May is the embodiment of natural beauty. The yellow wheat, green pods, soft soil, and bright sunshine have become spiritually and poetically full of fragrance of soil. The author described the scenery in the field, but there was emotion in the scene¡° They smile sweetly The word "smile" on the surface says "the happiness of wheat and beans, but actually it shows the happiness of children in the countryside.

According to the author, the fields in May are children's paradise. This kind of "joy" is expressed by describing a series of children's movements: walking barefoot, playing bamboo flute, swinging willow whip, driving ducks, sheep, and running happily. The author also skillfully integrates the praise of the rural children for their understanding and hard work - "driving ducks to the places where the grass and insects are the most abundant", "driving the sheep to the place where the grass is the most tender", and "taking the tender grass home to the rabbit". They can help the family to do some work within their ability and find pleasure in their work. The author briefly describes the "picnics" and describes that the children feel "fragrant" and "delicious" after eating simple meals, which makes us feel the simplicity and love for life of children.

Throughout the full text, the language is beautiful, lively, simple and simple. In this paper, a large number of reduplicated words are used, such as "green", "yellow", "warm" and so on. Many short sentences are used to make the article have a kind of musical beauty.

The writing of this paper has three characteristics: first, under the broad background of the field, children's extremely simple and pure days constitute the unique artistic conception of this paper. The field is full of vitality because of the children, and the children are happy because of the field; Secondly, the author only uses two representative plants "wheat" and "bean pod" in the field to describe a pleasant and free picture of childhood life, with simple lines and concise language; The author loves his hometown and life, so what the pen overflows is the happiness brought by the field.

Knowledge and skills objectives:

1. Know the seven new words of "Lu, Xie" in this lesson, and correctly write 12 new words such as "Shu, Rou, Shuo".

2. Be able to read and recite the text correctly, fluently and emotionally.

3. Read the text and feel the children's happiness in the field.

Process and method objectives:

1. Continue to read independently to improve students' ability to understand the meaning of words along with the text and improve their reading ability.

2. Through reading the text, guide students to imagine while reading, mobilize their life accumulation and arouse emotional resonance.

Emotional attitude and value goal:

Feel the country children's happiness in the field, cultivate students' love of life thoughts and feelings.

Strategies and methods:

Cooperation and exchange, reading comprehension.

Teaching preparation:

Student preparation: pay attention to observe the scenery of the field before class. Preview the text. Write down the words you don't understand.

Teacher's preparation: multimedia courseware and new character cards of may field scenery.

Teaching process:

First, create situations and introduce new courses.

1. Teachers write on the blackboard first. It's may now. What do you think of the fields in May? Guide students to exchange their understanding of nature.

2. Teachers use multimedia courseware to show the natural landscape of the field in May. 3. Teacher: after reading it, what do you want to say? What to do?

(the students speak freely.)

Teacher: how fascinating the beautiful and magical fields are. Today, let's go into the fields in May and experience the children's childhood in the countryside!

5. Reading topics together.

2. Read the text for the first time.

1. Students read the text freely, read the words correctly and read the sentences smoothly.

2. Check the mastery of new words. You can read the new words cards and guide the students to remember the new words by using the familiar literacy methods.

3. Understand the words in the text in various forms.

For example: "ridge", "bamboo tube" and other words can be understood with pictures.

For example: "busy", "fragrant", "fragrant" and other words can be combined with the specific context of the text to understand.

Other words can be solved by teachers and students together.

4. Check the reading situation:

The teacher instructs the students to read the text according to the natural paragraph, and the listener can evaluate it habitually.

5. Students summarize the main content of the article.

Third, reading comprehension, in-depth taste.

1. The teacher guides the students to read the text again and imagine what the picture of the field in May is like? Outline the key words and sentences.

2. Guide students to exchange their feelings and impressions after reading.

3. Guide students to grasp the support point of their own point of view, that is, the key language in the text to taste and understand.

A: in the second paragraph, the students will understand the sentence "they smile sweetly in the bright sunshine"¡° Who do they mean? Do they laugh? Why do you write it like this? Who is smiling in your heart? Guide the emotional reading, let the students practice how to read freely to show the vast and beautiful field. Read and comment on each other.

B: the part of "walking barefoot on the ridge" can guide students to compare with their childhood life. Let the students imagine, and then read aloud, grasp the words "soft soil, cold, risk" and other words to experience the fun of barefoot walking.

(2) from the sentence of "driving sheep and ducks", guide students to experience children's happiness and understand their understanding and diligence. You can grasp "where there are the most grass and insects", "where the grass is really tender" to experience the love of children. This part can guide us to imagine what else can be raised in rural areas besides raising sheep and ducks? How do children treat these small animals? Say it according to the text.

There, there;

Yeah, there.

C: the fourth paragraph focuses on "fragrant food is more delicious than anything", and guides students to talk about "what kind of food do you think is fragrant" in connection with their own life reality, and then compares it with "fragrant food" in the article, and guides students to be as good at getting fun from ordinary life as rural children and loving life.

D: the fifth natural paragraph is mainly through reading to understand the artistic conception of "the earth is the bed, the blue sky is the quilt". Especially read the last sentence.

4. Memorize glyphs and guide writing

1. Read the card of new words, group words and say sentences.

2. Discuss in groups how to memorize the font and how to write it well.

3. Guide the writing of key words "Shu", "Shuo" and "Lan".

4. Students write in red independently.

Fifth, expand and extend, accumulate practice

Write about the happy things in your childhood.

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